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PM sent.
VID.. You are right..
OK, I'm all up in the BIOS but missing something. I need to learn more about this FIVR Efficiency Management section. ASRock Z97 MKiller mobo. The voltage doesn't want to drop down as per CPU downclock. So say the max voltage is 1.248V @ 4.4GHz it only drops to 1.246V @ 0.800GHz (idle). I have enabled (C1E) and other C-States are set to 'Auto'. Checked in Windows the Advanced Power setting to Balanced. I have a stable clock already after a hour of tweaking but this is...
Waiting for GM210 but until then my 780 (even back on OEM BIOS) bangs away..
Folding Editor..... Look at you hot shot..
I'll be officially joining this weekend ladies and gents.. Cheers..
I approve...
M Galloway is here...
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