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I vote for the 650D first, and the runner up would be the 600T, beautiful cases, night and day above the 1200!
I can attest to the beauty of a case and motherboard! Love my FT03
1) Do you prefer to build your own PC’s or buy a branded system? a) Prefer to build my own b) Prefer to buy a branded system 2) How often do you replace or upgrade your PC? a) Every year b) 12 – 18 months c) 18 months – 2 years d) 2 – 3 years e) 3 years or longer 3) How important do you feel an SSD is to system performance? a) Extremely important b) Pretty important c) Not very important d) No impact on performance at all 4) [Canadian residents] What is 120 plus 45...
Would love a link too!
I tend to change my wallpaper a lot, but this is what mine looks like currently, love having a clean desktop. Annoys the hell out of me when friends/family save everything to their desktop and it becomes a huge mess.
Using a fridge to cool a PC does not work, it's been proven over and over again. Your refrigerator only stays cool because the door is almost always cool. If you left the door open 24/7 not only would your fridge not be cool, it would break. Slapping a couple hundred watts of heat on the condenser will kill it even faster.
That there sir, is a contradiction! You do not need to spend anywhere close to $2000 to hear the most out of mp3's. With my HD 598's (which cost $250) I can tell the difference between lossless FLAC/WAV and 320kbps mp3's.
It seems Windows is trying to repeat XP all over again, over a decade old and millions still use it. Windows 7 looks to be heading down this path.
Welcome to OCN, you'll love this site
Would you consider shipping to Canada?
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