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Please don't ever reply to me again on this forum.
So has anyone actually done this and added the 6pin to a card that doesn't have it. also have you flashed it with another bios or done any other mods to get it to use more than 75w?
Whats the deal with these cards? The normal cost for these is in thousands. But there are retailer(s) giving them our for less than 400$ ( In EU ) Intel 910 series SSD 800GB 350€ Intel 910 series SSD 400GB 199€
actually nevermind. where is the delete button?
The X-fi onboard card is a via integrated soundcard with a tiny soundblaster sticker / branding on top of it. Everything works fine in 8.1. I disable the integrated card in anycase since im running a old pci-e soundblaster from 2008.The integrated card is pretty bad, having nice Graphical user interface from creative doesn't make it any better than it is. The network card drivers are build in windows 8.1. You can use the windows 7 drivers on windows 8 and it worked just...
I don't visit these forums so often these days. I set the NB and HT to ~2400 and the cpu is currently on ~4,7. I noticed long time ago that there where issues getting it to run on 2600 HT which was mentioned to be the defaut. I've been running it on ~2,4 with no problems and no overheating I'm using a aircooler with 2 fans, and there is a 3rd exhaut fan. Its a thermaltake silver arrow cooler. For me personally or for this chip getting past 4,7 - 4,9 the temps start to go...
The voltage dropping etc as mentioned before is the APM that you need to disable with a program like AmdMsrTweaker. 5.2Ghz Stable on very cold air cooling. edit: oh you found the post I made. if you want to make it easy to turn off apm on each start up, move your x64 folder to the root of c drive, go to your desktop create a new shortcut, put the text c:\x64\AmdMsrTweaker.exe APM=0 into the shortcut when asked, just next next next, done....
There is no overclock, temps where around 50-60. installing the latest drivers now. edit: installed the latest drivers, the clocks when down to 300Mhz. Restarted the machine and they are now pcie 2.0 and 1097 core, 1502 memory. Seems to be back to normal, why would it do that?
Edit: Solved. Edit: I'm going to update my drivers to 320.18 and hope that solves it. I'll post back if It doesn't. Need some fast help with this. I'm running diablo 3 maxed out, its only working at 40fps. The card has clocked itself down to 500Mhz. GPU-Z reports Bus interface PCI-E 2.0 x16 @ x16 1.1 sensors are 535mhz for gpu core, 405Mhz for memory Gpu load 91% power consumption 30% TDP power is not limited.
its 41'c as it is on 3.8. Overclocked to 4.2 on my formula board. but its on a old msi board, I don't even think the bios has voltage adjustment option, thats why it so low. -- yeah there is no volt adjustment in bios.
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