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Haskell is one language I love that I'll probably never have an application for in an actual job, unless I eventually want to specialise in functional programming.That said, it completely changes the way you think of algorithms if you're coming from your usual imperative, procedural/OOP languages, and for the better.
It's actually a very good idea to learn Fortran these days.As a language becomes older without being actually phased out or replaced by another language/technology, the number of proficient programmers for it in the industry decreases, meaning lower supply and higher demand, which in turn leads to higher salaries.
Fortran and C with Cuda for work these days. Generally use Java, C++ and Python for uni assignments.
Prolog feels much more natural after you've learned and become reasonably proficient in at least one functional language, like Haskell. That's my experience with it, at least.
No problem.I haven't used Codeblocks but you should be able to provide input in the "console view" or something of the sort.
Are you running this from the terminal, or from some IDE? Try running from the terminal. IDEs generally don't provide a program with any console input upon execution (There will, however, be an option to specify input in an IDE too). Also, your program will continue taking input until you give it a non-integer input. EDIT: Guess I was late to post.
Ok, I'll bite.What do you mean by that?
In, thanks!
Uh, what? The quad-core processor on the S4 is based on a 32 bit architecture - it can't even run a 64 bit OS.
Quite certainly. Let's see what the Android fans have to say about this.
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