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I dunno if anyone has corrected you, but I don't think you're familiar with how Google Photo, Skydrive/Onedrive, and iCloud work.If you take a picture with your iPhone and it's linked to iCloud, iCloud will AUTOMATICALLY back up things unless you tell it not to in settings.That means if you delete it from your phone like you state, it's still in the cloud backed up for you. This is really handy for families and stuff where you might have several YEARS worth of photos...
They barely make any difference on games that are designed properly, my SSD runs pretty much for fast booting and Windows stuff, I store most of my programs on an HDD because they just load into memory anyway.
I guarantee Microsoft wrote Respawn a huge check to make Titanfall a flagship game on the Xbox One / PC and keep it off of the PS4.
Ahh so the non-retarded part of the state.Makes sense, that part of the state is the only part that's even close to the 21st century.If you can get WOW though definitely go for it. Way better than Comcast or ATT in general.
I have WOW's 50/5 connection up here in's pretty great.From what I gather their customer service is really good though although my roommates deal with them more than I do.EDIT: Where in the hell is WOW's territory in South Carolina? I lived in Greenville SC for years and the only thing I had was ATT and Charter.
OK I run a 8320 bone stock, stock cooling and everything, with a 6950 unlocked to a 6970 with 16GB of ram. Windows 8/8.1 has a major issue with BF4 in combination with AMD processors or GPUs... I don't know what it is but if you look around there are people reporting issues with memory leaks. The game runs fantastic for me, however randomly what can happen (I think it's related to battlescreen, only time I've really noticed it happening a lot) is the memory usage on...
They already do this.Pretty much every Linux Distro uses the same frameworks, it's the Window Manager and Desktop Manager that change, and that's where you see most of the appearance differences.They all for the most part use X Windows for the basic window management stuff, from there there's more layered on.
Unity and Gnome 3 both have no traditional start menu, they have launcher panels that you type what you want and it gives it to you.OSX has no start menu counterpart, it has Finder + the dock. The taskbar changes based on the application (Unity works like this as well).
But they haven't, and Windows 8/8.1 isn't a clean cut from previous versions of Windows, so you're throwing out conspiracy theories.They might do that with Windows 9, might not, guess what it doesn't matter until they announce it or something. At that point we can groan.Right now Windows 8 is solid.
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