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a bit less then that around $500-$600 if you lucky
na not at all i think youd only really start running into a bottle neck with something like a 6990,gtx580,gt590 or higheri used to have a 6970 with a a phenom 955 clocked to 3.8ghz and it was up to the challenge a bit behind the intels but it was good enough
pcie 3 is backwards compatible to pcie 2
yeah sure you can use iti thought of it because that build reminds me of a nebula with the mix of colors you were interested in
I suspected people will start ditching them this year and i think all the symbian users that ditched symbian were responsible for the jump in windows phone sales the first quarter this year the king is dead long live the king i had you first in my 3510i then my 6533 but i moved on since then but thank you symbian for helping me get started on smart phones
i always been a pc+sony gamer i have most of the market covered which i enjoy and i already preordered my ps4 friday
project nebula nova
CWT are pretty good but on whose the best its currently pretty much a 4 way fight and each one of the 4 are ruling different segments they are flextronics,seasonic,super flower and enermax you need to say what power level you want and a very good on from those 4 will most likely be mentioned
im hesitant to suggest the asto units without solid revies at the moment but based on their track record the should be a cut below top class
yes as he said but on a side note shilka what your opinion on the newn high power gold units on the market?
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