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Yes lepa 1600 or if you can hold out a bit the lepa 1700
its the same unit as the silverstone strider 1000 gold non evo its been reccomended by pheadrus as well
silverstone make small psu's and they also sell short cable kits for their psu's 550 watt silverstone gold
they should be delta oem units the same company that makes high end antec units so the dells are okas for a good fully modular unitthe xfx golds are a good deal right now750850if you want overkill this is another good option the ax 850 you mentioned earlier although overkill because 750 would be more then enough for one and the 1kw up there will be enough for 2 690's
OEM is seasonic an older model but not too bad
i hope ther had inception music playing in the background
a few other units were covered by hardwaresecrets some time ago
they been gone bout 3 years now but there are some stock floating around here
didnt know but then the only alternatives is the silencer mk3 mentioned earlierevga nex 750or this if you wanna get splashy
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