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SSDs dramatically speed up web browsing.
I almost never do gaming, but it's nice to see the i7-920 and Nehalem family still holding their own in benchmarks. /holding out till Skylake in 2016
I had massive CPU spikes when I switched to Windows 8 -- caused by webpages loading. Turns out the problem was Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. Once I upgraded to Kaspersky 2014, everything was fine. It might not be a hardware issue. Might be a software compatibility issue with something -- anything. I know it's frustrating. Hopefully Win8.1 solves all these bugs. Windows 8 is amazing if you have multiple monitors -- I would stay away if you don't.
I would be shocked if your 2500k is degrading already. I've had to up the voltage of my 4 year old 920 a bit, but I guess each chip is different.
I'm on your side. I don't listen to MP3 -- my music library is entirely lossless FLAC (25% of it is 24bit). My movie library is all lossless BluRay remux. Despite being such a video/audiophile, I'm perfectly happy with my 59inch 1080p plasma, so I can only imagine how apathetic the mainstream is towards 4k.Btw, I only have 8.5TB of storage but if I could afford it, I'd have a couple servers like you.
Since 1080p broadcasts still don't exist in USA, the adoption rate of 4K TVs is going to be sooooooooo slow -- meaning the adoption rate of 4K bluray is also going to be slowwwwww. 15-20 years before this becomes mainstream.
This issue develops with Windows 8 a few months after a fresh OS install (so if I reinstall the OS, it will be fine for several months). But as it is, if I leave my PC to idle, my monitors lose connectivity. Once I move my mouse, the monitors reconnect (once in a blue moon, it won't reconnect--the PC will just crash). Here's the weird thing. I disabled hibernation, I disabled screen saver, power options are for max performance... I don't understand. EDIT: I'm an idiot....
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