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hey at least you didnt ruin your nice 24"!
thanks duckie thats it EDIT: hey so does that mean (generally speaking) that the smallest size monitor for any given resolution (in this case lets say 24" for 1920x1200) would have the smallest pixel pitch and the largest would have a larger pixel pitch? This is all general and I am in no way implying this for all screens. I check newegg and most 24 inchers have .27 while the 28"s have around .309
Hey i saw this earlier but i forget who posted it. It was a chart showing all the different resolutions available for different screen sizes (ie: 24" being smallest 1920x1200) Also does anyone have comparison shots between how a 24" 1920x1200 would look vs a 28" 1920x1200? I'd assume the pixels would be swollen, but is it easily discernible?
1. BenQ 2. v2400w 3. 24" 4. 2ms GTG/5ms 5. 1920x1200 native 6. DVI/VGA/HDMI (1 of each) and audio jack for HDMI 7. 250cd/m^2 8. 1000:1 9. .27mm **** Awesome color for a TN, pretty decent viewing angles too. Hard to spot any ghosting although there is a bit of inverse ghosting while using AMA against grey backgrounds (not noticeable in games). Brightness is more than enough. Monitor is sleek and very attractive. ...
cnet has a review of it. They said "if you like paying more for less features, sure get the t220" they had another recommendation however. I'm not into the T series at all especially with their digitalversus results
Quote: Originally Posted by msremmert Yeah, you want to use the set up I used on my 360 back when I was using XP. Run a cable to the PC and have it output your PS3's audio over your 5.1 set up. I had to dig up a few images of your Audigy 2 zs online and I can see from the back plate that it has a Line-In, though I cannot remember if that can be converted into a coax input in the control panel. It's been a long time since I've used one of these cards. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by msremmert I think I know what you want... You want to be able to output your PS3 audio via the TOSLINK connection on your PS3 and have it come out of some analogue speakers that you presumably already own? I don't actually own a PS3 but I do have a 360 and this is how I got my 5.1 audio via the PC until Creative was good enough to break the feature under Vista. (Until recently anyway...) If I've done my research correctly,...
Quote: Originally Posted by MasterKromm In my case I recently bought a Benq G2400WD($290 shipped) i sense bias! j/k I'm a v2400w user myself and i do say its great.
man i'm so lazy i guess i'll just trash the research and get me some pricey xi-fi's. anyone got any problems with that?
Hey guys looking for something for my 3.5mm 5.1 surround sound system (3 inputs) and my ps3 via optical input. Optical input would be best for ps3, no? anyway looking for something sub $100 because i honestly cant hear (or am not anal enough to hear) the difference between my current audigy 2 zs and high end cards.
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