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Quote: Originally Posted by RiPPCLaW For comparison purposes I have : 21264 on 3dmark 01 se. My video is overclocked to 425/1150 MHZ, and its a 6800 GT. how much u think imma get with my specs + modded x800 pro to XT
Quote: Originally Posted by Marvelous1 Ya bud, im in the same boat here. My aqua mark is 62, 3dmark03 score is 12600'ish........but my 3dmark01se score is like 18K. Something is wrong with that program not liking the new cards. Or so i assume to keep myself from exploding. Either way, try the newer benchs like everyones sayin and see how things go. wow ur video score is a lot better than mine on 03 i only got 9700, well the GT...
Quote: Originally Posted by aznchowboy650 Lol yo got a bad video card lol should;ve ask around for wat company lol i would rep u down if i could vincent
anyone know why my x800 has overdrive? i thought only XT's had it. mine is BBATI
Quote: Originally Posted by tom7723 don't use 3dMark 01 as a X800 benchmark...i got between 22,000 and 23,000 with my Geforce 6800 GT but since all the tests are out of date, it won't really test the power of it...Try 3dMark 03 or AquaMark3...Tell me what you get for those. You should see the distance between older and newer cards stretching now... i did 3dmark 03 a while back and i got 9600 i think... somewhere in the 9000's
Quote: Originally Posted by YiffyGriffy It is strange though, I mean I score 21,569 with a 9700 Pro maybe x800 has something '01 doesnt support?
Quote: Originally Posted by YiffyGriffy I've seen alot of people with X800 XT and 6800 ultras and the like that score less on 01. 01 is just older benchmark, 03 should be your only concern with those cards anyway maybe its cuz of my crappy monitor lol, well i got 19033 marks with DNA driver
is it possible to use DNA drivers with ATI control panel?
Quote: Originally Posted by archer_456 Which ATI drivers are you using?? i said latest drivers! >_< ati 4.9 with control center
both stock, but the thing is when i OC mine to 506 mhz it gets 600 marks less lol
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