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i have an ocz 128gb pci-e ssd but i was thinking about ordering a Samsung 840 pro 256gb, i also just ordered a 290x and water block for crossfire.
Just ordered my new build, up until now i've been using AMD any suggestions/tips? overclocking/settings or just what ever else you think would be useful. Cpu: I7 4930k mobo: ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition case: Corsair Obsidian Series 750D PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000G2 1000W Ram: Kingston HyperX Beast 8 GB Kit (2x4 GB) 2400MHz DDR3 PC3-19200 Non-ECC CL11 (x4) Cooling: EK H30 360 HFX Advanced Liquid Cooling Kit and i currently have an R9 290x with EK water block i plan to add...
I believe you, ill just have to see if it's available for purchase with btc. I'm on my phone at the moment so I didn't notice the correction.
Well i am buying in bitcoin and for btc I'm pretty sure it's $10 cheaper but if it's not seasonic I don't want to buy it which is why I said thank you
Huh weird this threat said v1 was cwt and v2 was seasonic, guess I won't be buying that, thanks I'll post a link once I get back home, guess some people need to read up before they post lol
I just read.something here on ocn comparing the tx750 v2 with the tx750m and it showed pictures of the inside and all, pretty sure it said the tx750 v2 (not v1) was made by seasonic
thanks ill look at the Seasonic G 750, that's also why i was thinking the corsair TX750 v2 as its made by seasonic. I'll stress out my gpu awhile to double check that its just the PSU make sure i don't have any artifacts or anything then order the new psu
ok what would you recommend? i have a fx-4100 which i might upgrade to a fx-8350 soon, a 7970 and a 6950 i sometimes use in addition. 8 Sata hard drives, 5 are WD greens's, 2 are WD red's 1 is a WD AV-GP, a PCI-E SSD, 7 fans (2 are high performance, 2 are LED) an H60 liquid cooler, a PSU calculator says all of my components at 100% load will use 723w including my CPU overclock, and i run my computer 24x7, about 85-90% of that time mining and at 100% load.
i might go with the Corsair TX750 v2 then, i defiantly want overkill, I'm always getting new components, switching things out, ect and i use my computer for all kinds of things including the bitcoin/litecoin mining which is hard on a computer, i was thinking the AX860i because it would be good to be able to see power use and PSU temp when its under constant load.
ya im not 100% certain that the card is fine but the psu really seems to stand out, if it was the card causing it you would think there would be some other sign. i am thinking about replacing my PSU with the Corsair AX860i
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