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My MSI 980Ti Gaming does 1500 core on stock volts and stock bios (1.192V in load), and 1560 core with custom bios and 1.25V. Memory also does +500mhz, personally im waiting 1080Ti or so before i start upgrading, runs everything i throw at it with 3440x1440 nicely.
in what world you guys are living in?, do you really think that Nvidia will release predecessor for 980ti (their best card currently) for much less and is like 50% faster like you speculate. I can tell you a secret, no nvidia will not release card priced like that, prepare for 970 and 980 prices and deal with it, then later on they release Pascal Titan which costs same as the current Titan X, following couple months and then they will release pascal Ti with GTX1080 price...
My GPU was in major stress after putting EK block, the thing weights a ton so there was little sag. Made this ghetto support thingie at work to keep it straight, works nicely and looks pretty nice :>
Jesus what difference in temperatures... Just installed fullcover waterblock to my 980 Ti, GPU is now maxing out at around 53 degrees in Division which is by far the taxing game for CPU and GPU (CPU is around 50c aswell on all cores). Predator 360 is cooling both, very satisfied, also very silent now (6x Fractal Venturi set @ 50% speed and predator pump @ 45%). Before waterblock, my GPU would go to 75C+ at 100% fan speed which is ludicrously noisy, this TF IV cannot cool...
No, you are not going to see with your eyes any difference.
What kind of voltages you run your CPU and GPU?
Finally, ordered backplate + block for my 980ti TF5.
I also added 3x Fractal Venturi to my 360, temperatures dropped in load atleast about 7C in my Evolv ATX case. Did you use 30mm screws in the last 2 holes what are on the pump side, they will hit the pump plastic casing, dunno if it is some design flaw or what.
Instantly browsed to EK shop today when i woke up, since today was supposed to be the day once again when prefilled blocks are available, but it was the day for another over 1 month delay.. Have waited over 2 months now those prefilled waterblocks, what exactly is taking so long?... EK no offence, but dont put any day there when they are supposed to be available, since that day seems to be everytime just new delay.
Found pretty annoying design flaw if you want to put push and pull setup to 360 predator, last 2 screw holes if screwed end of the threads will hit pump and the frame will bend because of this, did not feel at all there was something in the way of those screws :/ (nothing damaged tho). used basic M4x30 screws.
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