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Yes, but single card is not going to handle 3x1440p surround, its going to be hard even for 2 cards (the amount of pixels that needs to be pushed is insane).
Since you all are so sure that this magical GTX 880 will kick 780Ti butt for hundreds of dollars less, i think it would be good time to sell those slow 780ti´s while you can. I can tell you a secret, Nvidia will not make card that will beat current absolutely best gaming card especially if its cheaper. This new Maxxwell is just sneak peek for what is coming, and you all are like its jesus second coming. I might be wrong, but with the price point its very unlikely (unless...
I find it hilarious that people expect it to be faster than 780Ti, its just not possible with low price (this is nvidia not charity). I bet the card is around GTX 780 levels at tops, but with much less power consumption and lower temperatures.
EVGA Precision X: U N W I N D 3 R classified edition
My HTPC results (2500K @ 4,5Ghz + 7870XT @ 1100/1500).
Man these things run @ high voltage on stock settings, 1.256V boost (this is so much). Been testing my Sapphire 7870 XT @ 1100/1500 with forced 1.150V and its been rock solid in gaming, VRM temps are like 20C lower than with stock 1.256V (can go to 100c -.-). Anyway, very nice performance with this card, awesome card to my HTPC
Here we go again, complaints about 50GB HDD space, you guys using 60GB Maxtor drives ? Also this game uses same engine as Rage, so it will definately not gonna need some monster i7 or strong GPU (Rage runs @ 1080p maxed out even on i5-4200U + GT750M laptop ). Ofcourse everything is possible with these days console ports, might be very unoptimized (highly doubt it tho, since now consoles uses same architechture). If it really requires i7, then PC version probably runs...
So is the power limit bug caused by the latest AMD beta drivers or latest MSI afterburner beta? Might give a shot for those WHQL drivers then if they fix the issue (im not playing BF4 anyway so i dont use Mantle).
I dont understand people who needs to max out their games with taxing MSAA or even more taxing SSAA (SMAA does insanely good job without nearly any FPS hit). Not really worth it buy another GPU just for AA, since SMAA really can do the job nearly as good (or even better if you know how to tweak colors and stuff).
Meh i really want to paint the yellow shroud red on my 290 Tri-X, but i guess warranty is gone instantly (even tho removing the shroud does not require removing the heatsink completely). Btw does Sapphire allow waterblock installation without losing warranty (atleast it seems that there aint any stickers on any of the screws).
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