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So is the power limit bug caused by the latest AMD beta drivers or latest MSI afterburner beta? Might give a shot for those WHQL drivers then if they fix the issue (im not playing BF4 anyway so i dont use Mantle).
I dont understand people who needs to max out their games with taxing MSAA or even more taxing SSAA (SMAA does insanely good job without nearly any FPS hit). Not really worth it buy another GPU just for AA, since SMAA really can do the job nearly as good (or even better if you know how to tweak colors and stuff).
Meh i really want to paint the yellow shroud red on my 290 Tri-X, but i guess warranty is gone instantly (even tho removing the shroud does not require removing the heatsink completely). Btw does Sapphire allow waterblock installation without losing warranty (atleast it seems that there aint any stickers on any of the screws).
With that resolution, enjoy the slideshow on newest games, GTX 870M is comparable to a Nvidia GTX 660/AMD HD 7870 desktop cards
Meh hardly a fix, videos look like crap after that.
Hmm, im getting occasionally black screen + blue screen when changing youtube to fullscreen, any fix for this? Card is sapphire 290 Tri-X.
I heard that you can flash 4870x2 to a 7990 (true story).
Far Cry 3 atleast was ultimate torture test for overclocked GK110 (Titan and 780), stressed more the card than any other game. If Far Cry 3 was stable, everything else was. I usually loop valley to see if card is stable, then i play some games aswell.
Got yesterday Sapphire R9-290 Tri-X, tried briefly overclocking and its stable at 1100 core / 1500 mem with just +13mv voltage increase (gonna try today whats the absolutely maximum overclock). The cooler is great, its even more silent than DCII cooler in GTX 780. Temps are also great @ 50% fan speed around 72c max core. Very happy with my purchase, getting another one later this month for crossfire (since framepacing is now available, was horrible mess with my 7950...
What is the safe voltage for these @ 24/7 usage? Getting Sapphire 290 Tri-X today, and later this month second aswell. VRM seems to be same as on 7970 reference which was very good. Atleast the afterburner max +100mv should be fine?
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