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Decided to buy Accelero Extreme IV and try out myself if i can install it to a DCII 290 card, yes it works and it works flawlessy (did not use the poop VRM backplate cooling, since it doesnt fit to DCII PCB, used original VRM heatsink and left out mem and VRM 1 without any heatsinks like they are stock in this card, also used stock DCII backplate). Anyway, now some tests what i made in GTA V 1 hour session: DCII stock cooling @ 55% jet engine speed with -38mv and stock...
Yeah i know , but i have seen picture of 780Ti DCII which Accelero Extreme III installed with backplate :/, damn so confusing.
Anyone knows if Accelero Extreme IV can be installed on DCII card with the stock Asus backplate and VRM cooling (just using the mem heatsinks from the package). If not, then im going to pass and probably going to RMA my card, since it gets over 90C in gaming even at stock clocks and @ 60% fan speed, which is like jet engine and toaster combined (should not be this bad?). Case is Arc Mini R2, which has more than enough air flow, all case fans are AF120/AF140 from corsair.
Is it possible to install Accelero Extreme to 290 DCII card with the Asus backplate and with the stock VRM heatsinks?. Jesus christ DCII cooling is loud and hot in this card, absolutely ridiculous. Gonna be my first choice for aftermarket cooling, if not then i will install AIO on this one.
I recently built new system with i7-4790K + Maximus VII Gene, so far i have gotten pretty nice results OCĀ“ing the haswell chip, its been gaming and IBT stable with just 1.2V @ 4.6Ghz. Havent even tried more or lower vcore for the 4,6ghz setting, im sure it will go more, its not even delidded and max temps with Corator DS was little over 80c on some cores in IBT, in gaming its like max 60c. Gonna try push it more when i get my Swiftech H220-X. Using adaptive voltage now to...
Make engine purely with uber PC hardware, do everything as good as they possibly can be done with the uber hardware -> Dumb down for consoles after that = Win. But this seems to be impossible job for developers, all we get is some 8-bit retro games and unoptimized broken PC ports with locked 50 fov and 30fps.
Got yesterday GTX 970 Gaming, seems to be pretty awesome card, installed card, on stock voltages i just slapped +200 core and +400 mem and it has ran everything flawlessy (gonna start search max clocks after work today). Boosts stable 1516-1526 core which is very nice, also card is so silent and maximum of 65C in Heaven loop on Fractal Arc Mini R2 case (have now different system than in sig). stock voltage on my card 1.2-1.225V in load. Insane card, over 13k GPU score in...
I knew that the 6GB VRAM requirement was fishy.
What i have readed reviews, there is "massive" 2-3 celsius degrees difference on DCII Strix and on this defective ACX cooler, noise is different thing tho. In other words, it seems to work just nicely even tho one heatpipe is not touching core at all, but yeah it is still bad job from EVGA.
Yes, but single card is not going to handle 3x1440p surround, its going to be hard even for 2 cards (the amount of pixels that needs to be pushed is insane).
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