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AMD FX-9590 Vishera 4.7GHz Socket AM3+ 220W Eight-Core Desktop Processor - Black Edition FD9590FHHKWOF   $279.99
 win 8 scores are not comparable with win 7 scores so lets keep it all win 7 scores please
this might help
I use DOCP and leave it there and overclock from there 
I like DOCP very much it is a good place to start
I have thought: try AI Overclock Tuner in anything but Manual
try prime95 the weak link could also be in the NB or even the power supply on long test or the software drivers or the operating system
if the errors accrue late in the test then it may be that the inside of the case keeps getting hotter and hotter if so take the side off the case and set house fan to cool it and retest try to circulate air under the motherboard 
the stress test that fails first is the best
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