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Hey everyone. So at work, we got a Dell laptop with an Intel centrino on which he wanted Windows 7. Fair enough, upgraded the ram to 4gb and installed windows. Everything works, except that the GPU (Intel 4500) says that it doesnt have enough sources available. (Code 12) When i execute msinfo32.exe, it tells me that the driver is conflicting with the 3GIO driver. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? EDIT: Nevermind, managed to fix it by removing the 3GIO...
Getting it clean will depend on how far you want to go You are lucky that you have a rubber dome keyboard, with those you can usually take it apart, take out the rubber mat, take water and soap and whatever else you can get your hands on. You will also have the plastic keytray which will probably be very sticky aswell, same method. Lastly, the keys might be very sticky aswell, you could look for yourself if the keys are part of the problem. If they are, best way to do...
If possible, i would start testing parts of the pc. So for example take some memory you know that works from home, exhange it with the XPS and see if it improves,meanwhile test the RAM at home. If that doesn't work on to the processor, etc.
Contemplating on buying a few things and then having some company send them to the netherlands.... Would the products just work using a plug adapter or something? Say the 4K screens?
This is amazing! I'll even get a plane ticket over there In please
Always sometimes monsters looks really interesting! Would love a go
You could try the following: It is a technology from intel that enables the onboard and the gpu output at the same time, so you can hook up more monitors to 1 pc, perhaps it will solve your problems
Any news on a release date?
Is it bad that these days, when i read DLC, i immediately think about having to pay money?
Whoops, my fault, thought OP had a dual core. It was quite late Altough with everything considered, the only way that i see is just to upgrade to a phenom...
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