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Liked! Always nice to have overclocking & pc news on facebook
I use almost the same grip as you, and i have been using a Corsair Vengeance M60 for about a year and a half now, mostly for FPS games, and i love it! Great tracking, no prediction or acceleration (as far as i can tell) also, very useful for FPS gaming, a sniper button, so the DPI drops to whatever you set it at, as long as you are holding the button down for. The mouse is mostly made up out of aluminium, only the part that your hand will touch is a think...
In please!
I'm not really sure what you mean exactly.. But the hard drive could be the source of your problems, and they can indeed run for over 1100 days.
Dat backplate.....
Naww... This actually genuinely makes me sad... At this point, i would just open it one last time, and run it with hot water. 5 years or so ago, ignorant little me, just sprayed a motherboard that had some "stuff" gone over it (don't know what it is anumore ) But when i sprayed it, i put it on the heater for a few days, and it still works to this day! Also, if its just the a cpu failure, couldn't you just switch out the cpu for a secondhand replacement somewhere?
My advice is a Scythe Big Shuriken 2 Rev. B. Have one myself in my htpc cooling my Phenom 9550. Totally inaudible, temps are around 30-40 degrees in XBMC.
Yeah, i'll probably just try it. Thanks!
The cooling will be good enough, just wondering whether it will create any problems or false shares or anything.
I have a question guys. Someone is selling a 6850 with a broken fan for 15 euros here (about 20 dollars) but it does artifact. Is it possible to just use that card for mining and connecting the monitor to a different card?
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