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Can't hurt i think.
Cool idea! Would love to see how this turns out!
It's fine. My old hp laptop would hit 80 degrees when on youtube. Still lives!
My dad has a few of these, just a hard plastic, see trough mat that you put under the chair. Looks quite good, not sure what it's called tho. Probably IKEA EDIT: Here its called the "KOLON" floorprotector (directly translated)
Atleast 4 logical cores? So anyone with a dual core is simply restricted from playing?
Mobile FX APU's. Interesting, numbers seem pretty good.
Subbed! Very interested ^^
Do keep in mind this will only be at idle though, as soon as i start gaming or any cpu intensive task the fan must spin up. But, i understand that the rad needs airflow to work, so if i have to use a silent fan at low RPM then so be it ^^
Yes, exactly. It would get zero airflow, as it's mounted against a side panel bracket. I don't mind some higher temps at idle, as long as they stay safe and it's silent
Hey all, I'm collecting parts for my new build, and i want it to be as silent as possible at idle, when i am gaming i don't care about the noise. So i was wondering, would an H80 without it's fan spinning be enough to cool a cpu at idle? Cpu is not decided on yet, it might cool my 8350 at the start, but it will end up cooling a new high end Zen cpu or a new high end intel Kaby Lake K i5 chip.
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