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The only reason that valve is hosting it on the 17th at 3, is just to hype up fanboys, then to let them down again.Don't get me wrong, i love the series, but i'm not getting my hopes up anymore, and neither should you.They will only announce it when the hype has died down, not sure if it ever will though.
I see people saying about it coming without a controller, but that is not true. It comes with the Joycon Grip, where you can slide the Joycons into, offering a more ordinary experience, similar to the pro controller.
I got that popup, didn't even read it, pressed "uninstall" right away. I can open PDF's just fine as it is, thanks Adobe. From my understanding, this is just a chrome extension that looks at the usage of the desktop version of Reader?
I much prefer the PGA sockets. I have bend lots of pins, but they always straighten out, the old credit card en pen technique.If you bent an LGA pin, its probably game over, and you won't get it RMA'd as it's user damage.
I'm guessing it will be sometime before GDC, to give the market some time to adapt, experiment and use the processors, know it's limits etc. Especially because they mention "advanced optimization" which could be a forward look to coming genertations.
Atleast you could frame it? I'd do that.
I don't think they stole the 3 screen laptop, seeing as the screens do not fold in at the time. I doubt you could walk out undetected with that kind of a monstrosity.
I personally don't really care for a sequel. I mean, it would be great if one came, but i would mostly just like the story to end. Even it it is just a page of text, an ending to the series is fine enough by me.
This. I'm waiting to do an SFX build, and i really, really want a good ITX board, which is something AMD never really had.
"And here we have Zen running Ashes of the Singularity"
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