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Corsair M60/65/90/95?
Seeing as we are sharing phone scammer tales, when i get called, i'll always pretend to play along. Then, when we are at the point of downloading their software or whatever (after 30 minutes of going "Whats a browsers? "whats the internets" "How google?" I'll go "Wait! I heard that rebooting a computer sometimes fixes a problem!" Then reboot. Usually they disconnect. If they don't, they have to teach me internet again when the pc boots back up.
Caseking is down aswell :') I'm really glad i have mine already.
Someone was talking about watercooling it using some 80mm rads. Someone out there will be crazy enough to do it.
Don't have the cash to burn unfortunately Will be doing a new build in the coming months, either Ryzen if it's any good, or 7600k. Will be getting a high refresh rate 1080p panel then Thanks guys!
"Budget Build"
Thanks for the reply It will be solely used for gaming, gaming rig never even had office installed So you would say 144hz/high freesync range?
Yes, another one of these. So, i'm looking for a new monitor, with freesync (probably going to get Vega) I would like 27" or higher, but currently contemplating 1440 vs 1080? Is 1440 that much of a difference, or would i get the same by cranking up the AA? The 100-200 euro's saved would be used in a better GPU or CPU.
As of right now, not a lot of people have the case. Dan has been sick for a week and has been unable to send out shipments, a lot more should be arriving over the next week. Furthermore, the case will be available on (only ships to europe) and (ships worldwide) in 4 hours. I would advise you to try and get a case, if you end up don't liking the case, you could probably sell it for more than you bought it for. Linus Tech TIps used a 1080...
None Waiting for ryzen to see what it's got, sig rig will do for now. The guys over at Hardforum made a Google doc with temps though:
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