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"And here we have Zen running Ashes of the Singularity"
From what i can find, it doesn't have a onboard speaker. Do you have a onboard speaker to try and see if it will give any error codes? Did you try removing the cmos battery?
+1 on the silverstone cases, i have the GD07 and it looks really good, no cable management though.
Can't hurt i think.
Cool idea! Would love to see how this turns out!
It's fine. My old hp laptop would hit 80 degrees when on youtube. Still lives!
My dad has a few of these, just a hard plastic, see trough mat that you put under the chair. Looks quite good, not sure what it's called tho. Probably IKEA EDIT: Here its called the "KOLON" floorprotector (directly translated)
Atleast 4 logical cores? So anyone with a dual core is simply restricted from playing?
Mobile FX APU's. Interesting, numbers seem pretty good.
Subbed! Very interested ^^
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