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Whoops, my fault, thought OP had a dual core. It was quite late Altough with everything considered, the only way that i see is just to upgrade to a phenom...
You might try core unlocking.... i have an Phenom II 560 that unlocks to a quad core. When AMD made these chips, some of them were just the quad cores with 2 cores disabeled. You should have an option on your BIOS called core unlocker, you can just go into that menu, enable the feature and if you are lucky, your pc boots up and your cpu will report as a quad core If it doesn't work, you can try disabeling the third or fourth core, making it a tri-core. Good luck!
True, but really, in person it doesn't mind me that much
I'll be getting a moto 360, cleaner design, can look classy/modern/sporty, just use the right watchface and it will fit in anywhere.
That would have to be the "" thread, this also includes the peripherals and the desk if you want to And of course, a nice build log is always appreciated!
Welcome! Feel free to share ^^
Hey guys, So i had my laptop for a month now, it is an MSI GX60 (in my sig) but recently i did a battery calibration using the offical MSI software (it just charges and decharges the laptop) But now, my laptop would just die randomly whenever it is off the charger. The symptoms are: when plugged in, it would charge barely, say i plug it in at 80, it would just stay at 80%, sometimes moving to 81-82 after an hour of being plugged in. When plugged in, the light on my...
Same here with hotmail, probably just a problem with chrome (if you use chrome?)
Ah right. I stand corrected
Great technology.. but the problem is, it is still "just" gasoline, it will still damage the environment. Cool as it is, i don't think it will have much use, atleast for cars.
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