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Last time i went to microcenter i actually noticed that they got their watercooling supplies from FrozenCPU. It was all labeled on the receipt as a FrozenCPU product.
Well i guess i'm in. Good luck everybody!
I wouldn't say that would be completely true to be honest. The CLI is a much more different experience then using a GUI. I personally don't think i learned much when i used a GUI when i first started using linux.
I run the Team Speak server, and i was told by @el gappo to have the channels set to Push To Talk. When he confirms with me that i can take it off i will change it, until then please wait. UPDATE We've made a quick change that should help settle any issues for people. Channel number 1 is now push to talk only and channels two and three are open mic. If you prefer to use voice activation or open mic then use channels two and three.
I'll definitely be sticking with my PC for the long haul, i personally feel that PC gaming is far superior to console gaming in every way. There's nothing pulling me to move to any of the next gen consoles. I've purchased enough consoles to make the final decision to not invest anymore money into them. I've had the following gaming consoles: N64 PS1 PS2 60GB PS3 (Original launch) 80GB PS3 Nintendo Wii Xbox 360 PSP 1000 PSP 2000 PSP 3000 PS Vita I no longer use any of...
You can check out brasero, k3b, or xfburn if you need an alternative to imgburn. Is peerblock just a firewall?
Still have some work to do...
This Friday is going to be full of zombies....
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