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Pretty much this it really looks like a deathadder, just get a mouse that works for you and keep with it. I see too many people spending hours testing every single mouse trying to find the best one for a game, rather than just playing the game..
Such a poorly managed team, never should of picked him up in the first place.
The answer to OP's solution has been stated time and time again. It's an answer that he chooses not to see and still is trying to pursue the solution in the wrong direction.
Yeah, after checking out that thread really quickly it looks like the issue isn't the GPU at all, it's the fact that he has absolutely no air flow through his case. You can't exactly expect a GPU to stay cool with such little air flow, especially if he keeps his fan speed so low.
Regardless of what thermal paste you're using if you don't have a good cooler to pull the heat away, it's going to heat up a large amount. Replacing the TIM might make a small difference, but getting a better cooler, or increasing the fan speed will make a bigger difference.
Are you controlling the fan speeds, or using a fan curve profile?
That's very good to hear, considering i haven't used a cable box to watch any TV shows in years.
Why would you do that, it makes no sense. You're making the gun less accurate, and removing the silence factor, you might as well use a P2K.
Lmao not really
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