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Lmao not really
I wouldn't waste any time and money on joining ESEA unless you can handle grinding to get good stats. The main issue is that people pay for the service and don't know the basics, which pisses other people off.
Do you queue up with other people?
Well it depends, how good are you?
What the hell is that even supposed to mean.
I don't know man, i just play this game a lot. I didn't think i needed to have a special type of intelligence to point and click. I just find it funny when you mention that you're only GN3, you know so much about the game but you're such a low rank, pretty ironic if you ask me.
You probably should of just used the correct screenshot showing what you were talking about the first time.
Pretty much this.
Why do you force the game to use 4 threads and high priority? It should already be using the proper amount of threads, you forcing it to be 4 makes no sense, it will introduce more issues. Also, do you run the game in borderless or windowed mode? If you're not then nod3d9ex is not doing anything for you, it just allows the windows wm to handle the rendering. This has all been debunked a while ago.
PEBKAC Do you also blame the car when you stall because you came to a complete stop in gear without flooring the clutch? Give us some dumps, do a full memtest86 pass, triple check your BIOS to make sure you don't have any stupid values, verify the MD5 hash on your windows ISO, and don't install any unnecessary software. I actually found that a lot of motherboard manufactures motherboard software and control panels actually made system stability worse. Try all of those...
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