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I actually feel that the default fps_max 300 is the sweet spot, i don't need to hear my power supply whine under an unnecessary load. I also don't think that running AA that high is necessary, especially for your resolution, you'd probably be able to get at least 70-100 more average fps by changing your visual settings. This game isn't battlefield or crysis it's not really about how well it looks, but how the consistent the game feels and how well it performs.Try these...
Yeah multi-gpu solutions don't always work well, also make sure that you cap your fps.
I've always used a SSD for boot and only installed applications that are necessary to be on the SSD , everything else can get installed onto the HDD. The games can be split between either drive, and you only need to install applications on the SSD that can take advantage of it.
From my own personal experience i actually got worse performance when i was using crossfire or sli. Using a single GPU felt much smoother and i had a more stable FPS, it might be worth trying. As for that resolution most people don't run higher than 1080P as there really is no point in running that high of a resolution.
Settings > Accounts > Google
That's very interesting, i think your only choice is to wait until the account gets unlocked and have him login to the account and then remove it manually. Even after flashing a rom the device protection will still be enforced.
He could try going into the recovery and doing that, OP should ask him to do that and see what happens.
Pretty sure the account still stays. like you'll just have to wait 72 hours and then have him login to that account and then remove the actual account itself.
You had to remove all your google accounts and any lock screen settings before doing the reset.
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