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A -> B is a crossover yes.
There was a time when you had to make different cables for connecting devices together. You either had a straight-through cable (T-568B) or a cross-over cable (T-568A). This was before Auto MDIX was ever implemented and if you were connecting like devices together you had to use a cross-over cable, but if you connected unlike devices you had to use a straight-through. Now it really doesn't make much of a difference because of Auto MDIX but it's good practice to wire things...
Well i'm glad you figured it out, but yeah those software suites are not very good or useful.
Same city doesn't mean same server.It may be software causing you to have an increased latency, i personally don't find a reason to keep the software suites that motherboard manufactures offer, they usually cause more issues and interfere more than they do good. There could be a setting in the panel of that software that may be causing this, take a screenshot of it and post it here. You could also find out what NIC you have on your intel machine and get the drivers for...
So you're trying to test the latency from your PC's to a speed test server, are you sure that you're using the same server for all of the tests?
What exactly are you doing? If you're pinging from host to host on a wired LAN it should be no slower than 1ms. Please post a screenshot of what you're trying to do and explain more.
If pursuing a career in a technical field is something you really want to do then you should do so. There are many different routes that you can take, but what i recommend you do is get a little taste of everything. A lot of the time knowledge that you've obtained from one field can greatly help you in another, but that's not always the case. There will be moments when you've encountered something completely new and you'll have to figure out how it works. This will occur...
Last time i went to microcenter i actually noticed that they got their watercooling supplies from FrozenCPU. It was all labeled on the receipt as a FrozenCPU product.
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