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You could try installing CS:GO and check what matches were played on it in your match history.
BUMP The video card itself is second hand, no warranty as far as i know. The water block is an EK-FC R9-290X copper and acetal block that i purchased brand new from PPC. I have the stock cooler as well, and the retail box and everything that came with the water block as well.
MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X 6GB $240 Shipped US48 via PayPal
Sounds good, thanks for your input. Had the card for about a month, never overclocked.
Don't forget the colon in flash, for example: Code: dir flash:
The c2900xl doesn't have support for CF, if you're sure that the issue isn't with the configuration and that your console connection is setup correctly, then you can follow this documentation from cisco in order to boot into the recovery and replace the old image using xmodem.
Pretty much this it really looks like a deathadder, just get a mouse that works for you and keep with it. I see too many people spending hours testing every single mouse trying to find the best one for a game, rather than just playing the game..
Such a poorly managed team, never should of picked him up in the first place.
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