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WD Blue as well.
Thank you. I have another issue and I don't want to start a new thread, so I'll just bump this. Just booted up, random blackout shutdown, then CHKDSK runs on restart. I've had a few of these random shutdowns since I completed my build. This the first time it's done the disk check though.Edit: just happened again. No chkdsk this time. Just a random restart.
the write is still bad, though.
This mobo only has 5 SATA ports and all are SATA 6GB/s. I may try updating the BIOS, because there aren't any drivers that will help.EDIT: BIOS was already latest version. I checked in the BIOS and it was set back to IDE mode. I cleared the CMOS once yesterday(completely forgot) and I believe this did it. Mistake on my part. I will do the AHCI switch and test again.
So this means it's saying I installed it in IDE mode? I set it to AHCI before the W7 install, I guess I'll try the regedit switch if you guys suggest it. Edit: Anvil test. This says AHCI?
Using the Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB. I am plugged into SATA3 and I enabled AHCI before installing Windows. I did the 0 fill already and here are my results. Just tested my WD Blue 1TB drive, also SATA3, and it reads about 190/190. I'd like the difference between the two to be bigger.
Some of these guides have helped me tons with my new build. Thanks a lot.
Ignore digital readings. There is no way for them to be accurate.
I don't think I'd even put a stock 470 on it. Ripple and voltage probably off the charts by a mile.
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