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So I guess my question is why isn't my flash drive running at 3.0 speeds?
They don't seem to have any drivers for Windows 8.1? I cannot get my new USB 3.0 flash drive to transfer at 3.0 speeds. It transfers files at 5-15mbps. Also, can I check the GPU temp on this laptop? HW Monitor doesn't show anything, Open Hardware Monitor says 511 degrees C so that isn't working either.
So I got the Y40 and I'm disappointed. As some reviews said the screen is not of good quality. Some things are blurry and text can be annoying to read. No matter what you do with the scaling it's still not pleasant. The gaming performance is good for the price I paid but I can't even watch 1080p videos on youtube without some stutter at times. And I was under the impression it had two drives, I was unaware that it had an SSHD, I thought it had both. The SSHD didn't really...
What is your maximum budget? $700 USD What country are you in? USA What will be the uses of this laptop? Multi-purpose. Lots of HD movies and Tv. Lots and lots of music. I've always had desktops so I'd like to be able to play some games but it's not necessary because of the budget I have. Do you have brand loyalty or care which brands we select for you? Nope What screen size do you require? 13+ What screen resolution do you require? 1600x900 to 1920x1080 Are you...
WD Blue as well.
Thank you. I have another issue and I don't want to start a new thread, so I'll just bump this. Just booted up, random blackout shutdown, then CHKDSK runs on restart. I've had a few of these random shutdowns since I completed my build. This the first time it's done the disk check though.Edit: just happened again. No chkdsk this time. Just a random restart.
the write is still bad, though.
This mobo only has 5 SATA ports and all are SATA 6GB/s. I may try updating the BIOS, because there aren't any drivers that will help.EDIT: BIOS was already latest version. I checked in the BIOS and it was set back to IDE mode. I cleared the CMOS once yesterday(completely forgot) and I believe this did it. Mistake on my part. I will do the AHCI switch and test again.
So this means it's saying I installed it in IDE mode? I set it to AHCI before the W7 install, I guess I'll try the regedit switch if you guys suggest it. Edit: Anvil test. This says AHCI?
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