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Well, that sucks.
The Asrock and the Gigabyte CPU-Z versions installed for me. But a lot of the texts on the left side is cut off..
Roughly 120. 101 on Steam. The rest on Origin and uPlay. Plus Star Citizen and Project Spark.
Don't mind me. Just looking at water cooling stuff for my WIP Project SC and to maybe borrow a few ideas from you guys. Beautiful builds here, if I may say so.
Looks darn nice there.
Then get busy using Windows Feedback. That's what it's there for. Improvements, wishes, ideas and stuff. I personally never cared much for Aero.
Correct. I've had the WiFi connection dropping out on 8.1 a couple of times daily. That hasn't happened on 10 yet.
Upgraded from 8.1. All my programs and the few games I've tried seem to be working perfectly fine so far.
Until the Angry Birds movie comes out in 2016..
Thanks. You know, I have absolutely no idea on what I'm doing, but I still enjoy building the desk.I'll be using rivets mostly. I'd like to weld but the desk is getting rather heavy already. And the girlfriend said that welding in the livingroom is a big no-no. Something about fire hazard, smell and whatnot.. I will let you know when the build log is up. Should be live when my vacation starts by the end of this month.
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