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Since no one's playing GTA V, I might as well upload some pics. Randomly in 1080 / 1440 / 3200x1800 [[SPOILER]]
What thermal paste are you guys recommending for GPUs these days? I'd like to replace it on my R9 290.
Star Citizen [[SPOILER]]
Downloading the update now. Can't find any reason to upgrade from this 520..
Quest for the Red Lyrium ReapersHave not tried it myself though..
Hello and welcome to OCN! Nice computer you've got there.
Not sure, but I think someone's upset..
Tomb Raider 2560x1440 VSR 3200x1800 VSR
A little late to the party, but I bought a VTX3D R9 290 "X-Edition" today. GPU-Z
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