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I sort of prefer higher settings using Mantle than lower settings with DX11. Mantle did help me quite a bit. In DA:I at least.
No, I'm pretty sure I it was L'Oréal Group...
He didn't drop it. It fell out of the car.
Yeah, I do enjoy it a lot. When's the sequel coming out?
Picked up an Asus A88X-Gamer motherboard to replace my Gigabyte F2A88XM-WiFi, because this looked kind of silly: Much better now IMO. I'm in with the UEFI on the Asus. Will definitely try to go higher this weekend.
Remember Me
Why is this Leo "CryBaby" Waldock talking about a GPU/CPU manufacturer when he's the computer case reviewer for KG ? Not a very good one at that either, I might add..
I'm not religious in any way, but.. Amen.
Not something you should say if you're under NDA.
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