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That's odd.. Maybe the program got confused. 120 years isn't too bad though. This SSD's been on 8 years for the past two years.Noticed that I had about 20 GB of forgotten Skyrim mods installed on the SSD. Moved those to an HDD. Only Star Citizen, Ableton Live, Sonar X3 and a few other programs there now.
SSD Life
Ticking along nicely.
Anyone else notice that we're off topic? Get back on track, guys.
Yeah, I noticed that already when I joined. It is encouraged to bash AMD.
Beautiful work there, sir. I've even started my own desk build. Very excited, though I have no idea what I'm doing..
You know, I really enjoy everything about it so far. The racing is fun and the dogfighting can get quite intense at times. The graphics are amazing. The hangars are beautiful made. It doesn't run too well on my A10-6800K / 270X but that is to be expected. Sadly my other rigs are not at my current location. Thinking about selling them to get better parts for this thingy: [[SPOILER]] I'm using a gamepad at the moment. It was a pain in the butt to do racing before the patch...
Star Citizen [[SPOILER]]
Well, the patch we got today kinda broke my game..
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