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How do you get 97min - 96 avg..? Don't think I can trust those numbers..
Anyone running these memory sticks: at 3200MHz? B1 and B2 memory slots are dead on the B350-Plus I have and looking for a replacement mb right now. I'll RMA next week but I need something else while waiting..
Neat review. Thanks.
Titanic: Honor & Glory [[SPOILER]]
And Cinebench is suddenly important again.
0803 Beta BIOS with AGESA for Asus Prime B350-Plus is available now.
Sorry for the late reply. It's kind of short. Could finish it in a couple of hours. It is however a beautiful game, well made and it's got a few "scary" parts. Not a bad game for the price, IMHO.
Before 6 AM overclocking.
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