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I thought this only happens when one of my posts get deleted.. It messes up the recent activity a bit everytime..
Haven't had time to drive much, but I found it funny that there's an Ekeri skin for this game. I build those trailers every damn day.
That is a beauty.
So are your posts.
Gonna need a little help here. What mod did I use for the ground texture in these two screenshots? Thought it was this one Unique Grasses and Groundcovers but I have it installed now and the ground is still in vanilla low res.. The grass is 2k but not the dirt / gravel-thingy. I've been looking through my download history on Nexus but I don't feel like trying out all ~1,000 mods I have downloaded over the years. lol
A little over a year ago.. But they did "love us" in 2011.
Well, this sucks. But amuse yourselves and go read the comments on Crystal Dynamics' facebook page if you haven't already. People are raging! I haven't read the comments on the SE page yet, but I'm sure it's the same.
You can turn that text off in the screensaver settings.
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