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Count me in.
, and happy to see the news since I hadn't caught it yet.
Order boxed titles from Amazon or similar then. They aren't stopping physical production, just stopping direct sales of those versions. This is a complete non-issue.I print a copy of my order confirmation and tape it up with some post-it notes.... !
Yeah, it does kind of make sense... I wish the timing were a bit better for me to jump on it when it launches, but a few months from now hopefully I'll be able to rock X99, 4K, and Maxwell .
Gonna second what Skupples said, if you have something "good enough" for now wait for Maxwell/etc. but if you don't, you should probably just grab something now like a hot-deal 780 ($460-480) or 780 ti (they've gone as "cheaply" if you can call them that, as $600 for reference models on amazon). For 1080p they're both going to be plenty to absolutely dominate it, for 4K you'll probably want the extra oomph of the Ti but the 780 will do well enough if you are willing to...
Let me guess, you love steam though and Lord Valve?
It'll run well with the gtx 460, check out techspot and their cpu scaling articles for details but don't worry about it .
Ahhhhh, good memories, I remember the same things being said of 2560x1600 vs. 1920x1080/1200 many years ago and some people insisting it's basically no difference visually, when in actuality it's huge and once more people got ahold of the screens that became common knowledge. Same thing will be true of 4K resolution. It's a big jump given the same screen size thanks to both DPI and it allowing for much more texel space on the display, resulting in more of a texture being...
Thanks bashaa, repped. Appreciate the depth of your reply .
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