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I tend to not include eastern Europe in such comparisons because it is, in terms of anything that has to do with acquisitive power and basic goods/utilities, completely different to western Europe.   For the price of a 4 bedroom flat in Poland you can't buy a shack in the middle of nowhere in this half of the continent. And the average wage in Hungary is less than the minimum legal wage in Spain and four times less than the average wage in Britain.
 Power in Europe is an average of 0.24€/kW after you factor in taxes (a couple cents more or less depending on the country), so it does become quite relevant! We did the math when the RX480/1060 released and running a 1060 over a RX480 and playing 24h a week (leaving the computer idling the rest of the time) meant that in a year you paid off the purchase difference of the 1060 over the 480. In monetary terms, that's 40€ extra for a 40W higher TDP. I keep my computers for a...
Remember when Google and Bing used to show you messages like 'Have you considered calling X number?' if you looked up things re. suicide, murder and such? Oh boy, that was hilarious.   ...if only they weren't also profiling you at the same time.
 What would be the point of an OLED display? iOS doesn't have any black elements in the UI so there'd be no power savings. But there would be increased power consumption, increased display burn-in, increased effective pixel pitch, loss of straight edge sharpness... OLED is not a good technology for an iPhone.
They are.
Switching composite audio can be achieved with a manual rocker switch or a small signal relay, even.   I do it with DPDT rocker switches (break-before-make)
My first memory card was a Memory Stick ProDuo for a Sony DSC-P200. 512MB, at the time it was 56€.
Replace hard drive with SSD, same story.   It's the kind of storage I'm referring to, not the actual element itself :P   After all CompactFlash uses a parallel ATA-like bus.
I honestly thought CF was ancient until I got into photography, lol.   Makes you realise just how it actually is the closest it gets to a mini hard drive.
 I obviously haven't used one, but I've soaked in a lot of reviews by all sorts of people, positive, negative and neutral and I feel this way: -Canon don't want to undercut the EOS C or the 1D. The 5D3 was, save for burst speeds, pretty much a 1D-class body in terms of features so they don't want that to happen. Same applies to the C re. video. -As a stills camera - mainly what it has been designed for, it seems to have very cool stuff, LiveView focusing has been vastly...
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