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To be fair, the only thing AMD currently wins on in dense server space is cores per dollar. Overall performance, performance per core, performance per watt and performance per board are all Intel's crown, by a long shot.  Oh how your signature is applicable to your own post. AMD has far too much money in assets and patents. They've also got many contracts going on with custom chips for a variety of customers. If they exit the high density server business and cut down a...
Yep, that. Even here in the UK we have copper from the cabinets to the wall socket, and we still get 80Mb/10Mb consistently across the board.
That is just downright stupid. And mind-boggling. But mostly stupid.
 They haven't even said that it will break. They're just warning of a potential mismatch, and if that's the case they're offering refunds for those who can't launch it. They're so evil, aren't they? Jesus.
Oh wow, all this hate and chaos over a character compatibility mismatch between the game and Steam.   Suuuuuuuuuuuuch a big deal. Just bloody change it.
I have a judgement on Majora's Mask.  [[SPOILER]]
I will pick up a copy in the next months, once I finish my massive backlog of games, lol.
Let's see... My loop has had a total cost of €200.   Yes, definitely worth it considering it will drop right into my next build, whevener that is. I'm closing in to 4 years of quietness and constant noise volume, chilly temperatures and one maintenance cycle per year.   There is absolutely no way on Earth air cooling could have given me this.
Mine gets about 4 days in sleep mode with wireless enabled... Just like my previous classic 3DS.   Doesn't bother me as if I'm not playing it it sits on its charging cradle.
 Because we are saying the same thing, right from the beginning. Your last post proved that, hence I quoted it. Problem solved.  Yesterday a friend of mine asked how was the state of the store in Win Phone... It made me realise that even if we don't have many apps, the phone already comes with the majority of apps (sans messaging ones) that a normal user needs! Still if only Google was to bring bloody Hangouts, that would be great.
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