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They do, as they license the product to them. They breach the license, they are out of business. Intel has every right to do this, yes they do, but it is also our duty as enthusiasts to make them aware that we do not sympathise with these practices.
 This. My mistake!
Seems okay here on W10/barebones IE11.
 Your rig seems to severely collide with the statement you've written...
The thing is the non-K SKUs are already overclockable, the only thing stopping you from doing so is Intel themselves.   That's why people are upset. If it was a genuine hardware limitation it'd be okay, but it's not.
 You're 3 months late to the discussion. And the game runs just fine with pre-Crimson.  Yup. We did.
 And about 4 months later I shall awaken! :P sorry I don't get notified of mentions or quotes. Performance with Crimson on my rig is rubbish, way worse than prior releases, especially around settlements. Gonna test this 1.3 patch.
 I had a 7200.12 (500GB) die after 8 years of service, let it cool for a while, chucked it into an external bay, fetched all the data, off I went! Other than that, all of my other drives are rock solid. Seagate or not Seagate.
Working daily with about a hundred NASs, ranging from simple two bay desk NASs to chunky rackmounted 8x3.5" units, I can't really draw a tendency of which drives fail the most. WDs and Seagates fail equally, 2TB being our most used capacity.
An i3 6100 is £100 vs the ~£60 this will most likely retail at.
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