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 Why would this mean Sony is in trouble? I don't get it, sorry.
 Do explain, as the flow of posts goes to tell that people understood it the same way I did.
 You're crazy. Now people who didn't play the PS3 version can buy it and play it in full HD glory. What's wrong with that? Not everyone who owns a PS4 owned a PS3 before.
  Not really awful... More like quirky.
 He sold his card at $200, so he paid $200 per card instead of 300 (what I understood). Also, I wholeheartedly recommend a R9 290. I'm stunned with its performance. Built three computers on demand with it, I still cannot wrap my mind around the performance per buck it provides.
+1 for the Lepai and the Pioneers. But make the amp a favour and toss that PSU that came with it in the trash. Just upgrading to a known brand laptop adapter will improve sound quality a lot, and they cost like 15 bucks (a netbook adapter will do).
I'm tremendously addicted to MH3U XD   Even considering purchasing MH4 whenever it comes out, and seeing how they got rid of virtually the only reason to buy the Circle Pad Pro aka subaquatic combat... Makes me happy!
 I am trying to imply that Jaguar is much more impressive than 'Matching a Brisbane in single core'.
 "Real men have fabs" -Hector Ruiz.
No probs with my Xonar DX. DPC latency checks show no difference whatsoever.
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