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 An FPGA. Doesn't matter which one, they all have programmable gate arrays, regardless of any other blocks they may or may not have, or whichever your preferred way of programming it is. There's no rocks and zebras to my question, only silicon.  So if the silicon is the same, but the silicon without any programming is useless (processors without a microcode are useless), in your eyes  the FPGA in a GSync module is the same as any other FPGA of the same part number in any...
 You're welcome. Show me the figures and I will gladly show you otherwise. Because if you're talking about Final Cut - one-sided numbers aren't proof. And other than Adobe products, that's pretty much what the majority of Mac owners ever use anyway. Actually, more like it is the reason lots of video guys buy Macs in the first place.  Question to you - if you find the same Altera FPGA in two different products with completely different purposes and two completely different...
Wow.   That's just... shocking.
 Lol nah. Not on Adobe products.
 Same, I thought we were about to witness the holy appearance of the Clown Cursor®
DVI + 2 mDP is the standard arrangement. So for 3 DP displays you're forced to go with two rows of connectors, which cuts how much air a blower can extract from the case and eliminates any possibility of single-slot solutions. Not many people run DVI these days. It's either HDMI or DP, and for very high end graphics cards, I'm pretty sure the majority of users have long switched to DisplayPort. DVI is a dead interface.
How is not having a DVI port being crippled? It's cheaper, has more space for hot air to evacuate, more DisplayPorts (so more versatility via simple adapters) and you can slap a block on it. All of those far outweigh having a DVI port for the vast majority of us.
 Did you really read my post? I don't think so.
 I already did, in the post before the one you quoted.
 It's no less sickening to see the same people repeatedly make a mountain out of a grain of sand over and over and over again, to be honest. Especially given how small is the perspective we as consumers have.
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