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Yeah, 4 processor cores and 12 GCN cores or something silly like that. AMD's core naming scheme doesn't make any sense at all these days.
 I can't contain within my arms the arseload of consoles I own and play regularly... Only the Wii U/N3DS is current gen though.
They are LG panels for the most part. Which means a Dell U27xx.
I like Android, but there are two main gripes that made me switch to WP.   1) I can never tell if my phone will piss around when I get a call and I might lose the call. 2) You're at the mercy of the carrier AND the manufacturer to get updates for a non-top end device that is older than 6 months.
 The last thing the gaming industry needs is Nintendo rushing games. They delayed many games in the LoZ saga, and one of the most delayed ones (The Wind Waker) is still my favourite game of the saga and my favourite game in the history of gaming. So as far as I am concerned, the same as I said for Rockstar. If delays mean a game at least as good as the previous one, go for your life. have a point!  It's the only time when I actually stick a DMM to a board. But then again, when doing that I tend to solder test connectors so I can have either a scope or a DMM hooked permanently for the length of the session, in a reliable manner.
 The mic virus is well viable, though. Not ultrasonic though as most if not all soundcards filter both input AND output beyond a certain range. Make it 18-20kHz and the vast majority of the population will still be unable to hear it and you'll get away with it.
Well, what do you want to do about it? I really doubt an oscilloscope and SMPS output analysis knowledge is something every other PC enthusiast has, hence, if it works and it is in warranty, leave it alone. You will not be able to get any useful data with a DMM other than 'Yup, it's turned on and working, as my working PC seems to indicate'; as you would not have a normally functioning PC with average voltages out of spec. Which is pretty much all you can measure with a DMM.
 What did you expect? You won't get accurate results with poor measurement equipment.
Relying on the manufacturer's word that it will be free of defects during the warranty period.   Unless you own an oscilloscope, then you can take a look at the ripple amount and amplitude, if there are any particularly strong spikes, how does the output vary with load and temperature, and so on and so forth.   In other words, if it works, leave it alone. Once the warranty expires, start considering your next move.
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