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This was brought up some time ago, but it was against Intel. They actively compressed colour depth in an effort to reduce the bandwidth used, which in turn made graphic quality significantly lower.
I feel the need to point out after the recent posts regarding ASICs that all ASIC means is application-specific integrated circuit. AKA, anything that's in a die, not reconfigurable (à la FPGA) and cannot be bought off the shelf and its technical/design documentation obtained from a google search or a datasheet database.
Do it.
God Christ Almighty, that is an absolute atrocity!   Whoever designed this board needs to get his/her eyes checked.
A power supply that makes power supply noises.   How strange!   Some people behave like designing a super high frequency full bridge SMPS that does not have the slightest harmonic component inside the audible spectrum is something you accomplish by being an armchair engineer alone.   And then there's high pitched noises in high framerate games... I don't remember the last GPU I've owned that didn't exhibit this. That's right, because all of them did.
HDMI is the cancer of the video ports and it should die as such.
So they went from releasing classified information about dubious methods employed by the war machine to releasing private information of individuals?   How low can one fall?
Let's see how they manage to block NoScript+ABP working in combination with me orchestrating a constantly updated full domain blacklist.  
 Missed the point, it is locked down because it's the very first implementation of HBM, understandably AMD doesn't want an assload of RMAs because of blown memory subsystems, only because HBM stacks don't like to be overclocked.
I find it quite funny.   KG says AMD took their review sample because they say AMD sucks, yet the first thing they do when AMD takes their review sample is to post an article preaching how much AMD sucks.   Lovely.
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