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Maybe they did have the option but SK Hynix was a better choice at the time (or it still is a better choice despite the setbacks). They're all part of the same consortium, so I'm not sure what would tip them over to one side or the other (besides price).   We will never know.
Well, it's Fud, what do you expect.   Last week they confirmed Intel licensed AMD graphics, only for Intel to say that was 'strictly false' the day after.
 Yes, it will obviously be more expensive than GDDR5/X, but it's quite safe to guess cheap enough that it's viable to use it (and $160 isn't exactly that). Otherwise they wouldn't :P
 ...that's the point I take from this. AMD is part of the HBM development joint venture, nVidia isn't. It's very likely AMD doesn't pay nearly the same price nVidia does.
Sandra has performance variances of up to 15% between runs in my computer running at the same identical settings.   We'll need more normalized runs...
I don't know of any high power mains-powered PSU for the mass market that reaches 98% efficiency.   Even super fancy DC-DC synchronous full bridge converters very, very rarely break above 97%, and those don't have to deal with an initial rectifying stage.
Pretty much all monetary efforts were on Ryzen, so it only made sense to just ignore Pascal as a whole instead of doing a half-assed Vega launch that they'd later on regret.
Other than for off-roading (or grassroots drifting), there's no point to a locked differential. It worsens handling, worsens tyre and fuel economy, worsens ride quality, increases drivetrain wear...   That's why it's not used by anyone other than offroad vehicles (and they almost always have lockable differentials that they only engage when needed) or grassroots drifters (too poor to afford proper adjustable clutchpack/viscous LSDs, so welded diffs are the next 'best'...
He clearly says 'This has got a limited slip diff which the Shelby hasn't' Seems like you got rekt by your own 'evidence' mate. For the record, this is the evidence:  [[SPOILER]]
Saying someone is wrong and not providing any proof to back it up doesn't make you any more correct.
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