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Regardless of the cases - a card out of guidelines is a card out of guidelines. Should be looked into at any rate.   Now, how big of an issue is it really? Almost assuredly nowhere near as doomsday preachers would lead us to believe.
 No diversion attempt at all. Simply putting things into perspective. A micro USB 2.0 connector is less electrically sound per finger/sping pair than a PCIe connector, yet we push on a daily basis 2, 3 and 4 times as much current through them (and through those minute gauge cables in USB cables, which are hardly any thicker at all than PCIe power traces on a motherboard). But you can choose to selectively ignore facts dissing them as diversion attempts, as is the norm in...
  True story.
Funny that nobody gives a flying potato about USB ports and we all drive them WAY beyond spec on a daily basis. And not 10-12% over spec I'm talking about (like the RX 480 does), more like 300 and 400%.
 About as dangerous as you charging your phone through a micro USB 2.0 port.
Computer porn, photo porn, now backdrop porn...   Oh come on derick!
 Hell even my HD 6950 only got phased to legacy earlier on this year. Even when GTAV released it still got a driver update that pumped the performance an extra 30% upwards.
 To those who had extremely unrealistic hopes, yes it is. To those of us who knew what to expect, it's hardly a disappointment.
 Mostly happens when people expect a $200 card to match a 980.
 In his defense Fermi had atrocious yields. So bad that they pretty much gave up with the full die and it only made an appearance for the consumer market as the GTX 580.
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