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 You shouldn't unless you're looking at an 8/10/12c SKU.
Funny thing is, nVidia's Linux drivers are far better than AMD's.
 It did just fine with my two SSDs and two mechanical drives. Mixed GPT and MBR, mixed basic and dynamic discs even. What's likely happened is that the UEFI table changed when Windows wrote an entry to boot from the upgrade media instead of the primary OS (as I'm sure you know, Windows moves the old installation to a backup directory so you can roll back if so you desire), and your motherboard went full haywire, didn't know it had to boot from the upgrade media instead of...
If you only do sparse gaming (meaning not hardcore) I'd say go Ryzen.   Definitely far more likely to last another 5-6 years like your 2500K has than another i5.
 Okay that's all well and good but... You gave no details or proof or anything resemblant of that. Other than insulting me for some reason? And since when removing some programs (which in my case was CPU-Z and in my father's case was VAIO update, not supported by Sony themselves) means wiping drives?
Yeah, nothing wrong at all. Hell of a machine as it stands.
 Yeah, with their money and my AMD shill dollars I just built a new computer
Well.. As macro as a kit tele gets. Focusing distance is 1.1m, so you can do some sort of macro. I've used it with mixed results, but it generally is half alright.   The Sigma does get you twice as close - but apparently its magnification is smaller than that of the Canon even if it can be focused closer.   I can't speak for the Sigma or the Tamron other than second hand experience hearing complaints about really poor AF performance that only gets worse in low contrast...
 Windows wiping drives. That is... Well I was gonna say the first time I see it happen, but I've seen lots of people claim it, but mysteriously nobody has proof of it. Data loss blamed on Windows, sorry, I am not having that. Not without proof anyway. Did you lose a drive? Filesystem corruption? MBR corruption? What was the issue? Data doesn't get lost because Windows bluescreens or because there was an update. People LOVE making such claims with very vague details and no...
Canon 55-250 IS if a kit-like tele zoom is what you're after. The ones you list are for full frame and your camera is a crop sensor, no point in lugging the extra weight at such quality glass.   If you were looking at a 70-200 L zoom I'd say otherwise, but looking at those... Go with the Canon.
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