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  I think this is pretty much the last comment I'd want to hear from you  But yeah, to a lesser extent this. It doesn't matter until your room hovers the 35-36C mark. Then you get mad.
AMD's gonna be a happy panda.
Not relevant to the build. UPDATE!
 No it won't if the weave is well done and the amount and type of resin is the adequate - read: pre-impregnated. Still, polycarbonate is a better choice. Looks fugly, but it is a better choice from the mechanical standpoint. Although they should have gone with a single tub of machined aluminium with polycarbonate panels à la Lumia. Those things are bulletproof.
What a beauty...
This thread turned into a titan appreciation self-justification     I will laugh hard if my 6950 with all its might can run it at some half-decent specs.
Hahaha I love this sentence:   We are still waiting on ASUS to give us an official statement as to what happened to the board and were told that a typhoon in the region this week has slowed things down.   Is that a new excuse for bullpooping your way around a mistake?
 Adaptative sync is hardly something that doesn't exist anymore. It is very well tangible, and ignoring it would be quite a stupid mistake.
Well, there goes nVIDIA's praise then.   Way to destroy a nice amount of positive reputation.
 What I find more surprising is that they are saying all of this, when virtually all flagship phones since a few years now have been bending under pressure. In fact the Nexus 4 shattered into pieces when you did that... Thanks to the both front AND rear thin glass covers.
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