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Yeah that works if you do need the odd specialty glass that is only available in crop sensor format. I found myself always using the same focal lengths (around 35mm and then the long tele range) when using the APSC body, so as it turns out all I needed was a 50mm on the full frame and keep using the cropper with the long tele zoom for the odd occasion where I shoot tele. Some lens are easy to offload, others are more hassle than they're worth. Me personally I used to...
...I'll revive this if you chaps allow me to? Where is Nifty at the minute?
I agree with your general idea as well. Get EF or FX lens, worry about upgrading the body when you really do outgrow it.I had a mix-match of EF and EF-S lens and recently transitioned to a full frame body, it has been quite a pain to find similar lens to what I was used to.In the end I sold my good short teles and stuck to a single 50mm, which covers the vast majority of work I do.
...I just want Modern Warfare again, with user-deployable servers and all. I would buy the ultra ever living potato out of that.
Your 5960X will smash a single export before the task manager will even see a jump in activity, Try to export 10 or 12 pictures and you'll see it works on several files at once.
You sure as hell are not. I don't remember being so addicted to a game like I have been to Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 in a long long time. Probably goes back to the release of Animal Crossing New Leaf.
I don't need another PC. That's not what I buy Nintendo boxes for.
I'd buy the ever living crap out of that even if it meant I am going to starve for a month.
That's an optical distortion caused by this particular lens, the Helios 44-2 58/2. Zenith tried to reverse-engineer the Zeiss Biotar 58mm and got something wrong, so they ended up with a lens that 'swirls' what's not in focus at wide apertures.Abusing harsh direct lighting massively exaggerates this flaw, causing a swirl overload.
They can carry on delaying as long as they don't pull a Wind Waker and skip a dungeon to stop further delays. Although Wind Waker is my favourite in the saga...
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