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 My carry-around kit is even skintier. Canon 28mm f/1.8, Canon 50mm f/1.4 and Zeiss 135mm f/2.8  But yeah, if you don't really like or need fast primes, your kit above is what I'd choose as well.   This is the one I use.
  That feeling when you actually manage to pull it off 
 There's your issue. The Venue 7139 has HORRIBLE thermals. That's also why the newer 7140 performs worse than any metal-bodied tablet out there, even if it uses  5Y71 vs the 5Y10c found in most of its competitors. That thing can't hold any reasonable turbo clocks to save its life.
I would if I was a professional.   But I'm not so certain things are a bit off-limits     Not like I'm constrained by my current gear at all, though. It's more of a case of GAS than it is anything else. But since I know this, I can stop myself from buying anything!
 Noooooooope. Those sockets and connectors are rated for at least hundreds of insertions. I'd even say thousands. The mechanical wear placed on the pads or the pins is minuscule and there is a very good amount of ENIG plating. You've either bent a springy contact on the socket or you've cut through the processor PCB.
 My Logitech C720 or whatever it is still works just fine. As does the built-in camera on my tablet. And the one on my mum's Vaio. Both camera and mic.
 Christ almighty, just had a quick look around tinternets and it looks seriously impressive. Equally impressive is its price tag though, Twelve-hundred dollars is a notch steep. Ah well. Carry on dreaming.
 Yo, this 1055T is still plowing along. With a 6950 as well   Bought the day it released in April 2010.
 Plus that cheap flange adaptor compatibility... That's a big plus for me to stay on the EF system. ...along with compatibility with my film body of course. Although I don't use it all that much to be fair. Why can't the silly Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 be compatible with full frame bodies? I'd be all over that.
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