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 Let's see if I even have a 4K display by then, lol.
 You'll find yourself waiting for at least three years, then.
 Nintendo's art style doesn't require massive horsepower, as they don't aim for 'omg photorealism' effect on gamers... Look at The Wind Waker HD. Textures are as simple as they can be, polygonal models are dead simple, but everything looks clean and gorgeous. And to be fair, for photorealism purposes I already have a PC. I don't need my Wii U to be another PC. That's not what I bought it for.
Starfox has been long confirmed, yup.
Bayo 1 has put a massive smile to my face, and I'm only 2 hours in.   Can't wait to play 2!!
And here I bought Lian Li cases because they were the absolute maximum expression of plain in form of an aluminium box.   I guess the A05 will live on for a few more years.
 Looks to be part of the switching circuit the MTA FET is also part of. Given the size, it would make sense. At any rate, we're not in the 90s anymore, these days most switching regulators are in the hundreds of kHz, where using a capacitor with mismatched ESR/ESL will, best case scenario, drop your efficiency and at worst stop the converter from functioning at all. Ripple suppression is based on the simplest of analog filtering basics, and altering one of the R/L/C...
Considering this is a multiphase PWM buck regulator I would not use mismatched capacitors in the phases. Odds are you might be alright, but at best the regulator efficiency will suffer.   Try to find the closest you can to what is already there. If you can take a picture where the codes are readable we might be able to help finding the exact part.
 They changed the actual physical media. Some steps just cannot be avoided. The portable lineup has always been backwards compatible.
All I want is a Lumia 830 in the 730 form factor...   Or a Moto G in lime green.
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