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 ...or you can use an enterprise distro with proper enterprise level support. Which is no longer free, by the way.
About time!!   Such a horror for us LibreOfficers having to convert to the pitiful .doc/x format that botchers your formatting and does whatever the hell it pleases depending on which version of Office you open it with.   Hats off to the UK govt.
Now bring some proper IPS panels with Freesync.
 I guess someone wanted to double-check we weren't being ripped off. But then again everyone knows Intel is clever enough to use proper interfacing material in something that's very likely to go into mission-critical equipment for many years to come.
At that point you better have prayed to the heavens, or just buy proper ECC stuff... I wonder what's the performance degradation due to only the sheer amount of errors of a 128GB quad channel non-ECC DIMM setup.
I agree, it looks like AMD took Tahiti (or Hawaii even), trimmed down the die, made it fitter, and now we'll have something at least as fast as Tahiti but with less power consumption and potentially a lower price.
Less memory and narrower bus, but if the core is more powerful than Tahiti... Why not?
Delidded? That is more like chopped in half!   Reminds me of this time I wanted to check what was under a Pentium 4 heatspreader and I just wedged a screwdriver in there and hammered the lid away... Should have it somewhere :P
 Jaguar is quite considerably faster per thread/MHz than PD/SR. Problem is, we don't know how well it scales with clockspeed.
 I own FM2 myself and I was actually impressed by the performance. I have got a problem with the USBs, but that's unrelated to the APU.
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