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 Cool, have fun with your abacus.
...and besides, the first time you try to access the internet from a link, it will prompt you what do you prefer to use as your browser anyway. So not like it's an immense deal.
Lol this is proper BS. My copy asked me what browser did I want to use.
About.   Bloody.   Time.   Maybe I should buy a Skylake chip.
I've not played Driveclub, but by the looks of the reviews and the videos it's probably as much of a sim as GTA V.  Saying that P:Cars is a good sim and then comparing it to NFS is like saying Aliens: Colonial Marines is a good game because of a comparison against Barbie Horse Riding. It just doesn't make any sense. By the way, GRID 2 doesn't even begin to come close to a racing sim.
 I've been a hardcore simracer for the past few years. Project Cars is a poor excuse for a simulator.
How are the sales for the game doing? It has literally vanished from the media.   I played it for a few hours and it's quite terrible...
What? Why would they remove Photosynth? I mean, I don't give a flying rat's ass if I can't use the website, but the app? Come on! I use it all the time
What about they just finish the bloody game?
 Absolutely right, my apologies. My memory isn't as good as it used to be for core names, lol
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