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Lol at eTechnix. Pitting a Ryzen 3 against a host of i7-X and i9-X chips, seems like a good review!
 You read my mind, lol. I wanted an a6000 too at first, but went... Screw that, the X-E2 looks so damn pretty, and I have a beard as well so it first me right like a glove! 
I'll go with that   Weight's the main reason I got the Fuji tbh. The Canon has kind of become my 'pro' body and I'd rather it doesn't get damaged or stolen away on a trip... Plus it's bloody heavy when you factor in all the primes and stuff I carry round with it.
But I like Ektar film :(
Never knew there was Fuji nerds in here too!   Eventually, I plan on getting an 18mm and a 27mm, but it might take me a couple of years before that happens, depending on how is the state of my finances.     For now though, I'm using the M42 lens I already have and I bought a SMC Takumar 28/3.5 for 50 bucks shipped to have something a little wider than the 35, which is a bit too narrow for my liking as a general purpose (and it's also optically terrible, so there's...
 We're moving towards manufacturing batteries that are both cheaper and friendlier (in costs of processing and materials used), so some progress is definitely being made in this front.
Peace of mind gaming, shows a fuse... Not sure what to make out of that Single slot capability and full copper heatsink is pure secks though.
I want a 18/2, but 3money5me atm Eventually A 23mm would be nice, too. The newer f/2 though.
Just bought a Fuji X-E2 to use as a travel body.   Super super happy with it so far! Even with the crappy Cosinon MC 35mm I've used to test it.   Waiting on a 28/3.5 SMC Takumar
Measurement I meant in terms of physical size,   Just to determine the actual package size.   You can of course bodge anything else on top of that, the pads are very large.
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