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 Not really. I haven't played Warhead again a single time.
 I was almost 16 when it released. But I've played it over at least once or twice a year ever since. It just doesn't grow old for me. Blowing palm trees over koreans, making stunts with cars and blowing bases with C4-riddled barrels... It doesn't get old. And to think it's about to celebrate its seventh anniversary... Man. How little we have evolved in this time.
Even if Crytek goes, Crysis (the original) will still be to this day, my favorite FPS, and one of the most enjoyable games I've played on my PC.
Confessions of an Animal Crossing addict: I still play it at least an hour every day.   I just cannot get myself to not talk the villagers, sell a few fossils and rearrange a few flowers every day. I'm in love with my town <3
 This. Preordering games is too expensive of a gamble nowadays.
Fantastic. You join this site, ask for advice, get it, dismiss us all, and chant to some possibility that may or may not happen in the future.   I am personally out of this thread.
 And you also believe America is the land of the free where everyone is a good citizen and only immigrants commit crimes right.
That is proper fast but... Where's the power consumption tests?   For all that's worth I could whack a FM1 Athlon in there and claim how it trounces the competition without giving details of how much power it eats.
 The game becomes so hardcore when playing together with proper fast friends lol. I have absolutely no problem trouncing the AI in 150cc mirrored, playing with two long time MK fan friends of mine, we could barely make it to get a 100cc trophy! At some point we had to just help each other to overcome the shame of losing to the AI due to our constant fighting on the track lol.
 Shoot me a PM if you need anything
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