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I spent countless hours base jumping in Just Cause 2...   And still no one has made a game where base jumping with a wingsuit is a feature.
Because the game has a very complex-capable logic system, and you can easily build logic gates.   Logic gates are the heart and soul of digital electronics.
 This. Asus did it spot on this time.
 Will most definitely be an interesting part, absolutely no doubt about it.
 Oh, sorry I didn't look at the pricing. I was comparing them to the previous core, and it is indeed a very hefty performance increase per core. The pricing is icing on the cake. Perhaps not too impressive from the raw performance side, but these new cores are indeed a very good improvement in performance per core, as I said. Will be interesting to see how the GCN3 GPUs stack up though, seeing how AMD has also worked on the efficiency side of things (and good thing they...
15% than 290X... only? I am not really impressed to be honest.   However, the fact that it does that with 300 cores less than a GTX780 makes it more interesting.
Sounds like a nice deal AMD managed to snatch here! Interested to see how do these perform.  I wonder if in my entire lifetime I'll hear a positive comment from you.
When did the 285X get confirmed?
 Don't tell me. Next thing you're going to say is that the communists are bad.At any rate, this is pretty cool. We'll see how it fares.
eBay UK was down couple of days ago. For the entire day.
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