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AMD has been seriously bad for the past 5 years. Intel hasn't been stellar either, but at least they had a solid architecture to work upon and a bucketload of money.
Well, it'll be interesting to see in what does this supposedly custom Tegra differ from the off-the-shelf X1.
Other than looks, what would be the advantage to getting any other boards?   Looking at ASRock's lineup for example... The Fatal1ty and the Taichi are the exact same motherboard, with different silkscreening, heatsinks and other cosmetic bits.
 That was predictable. Intel only price things the way they do because there is no competition to be found. Prices are progressively driven up as long as sales continue. They'd eventually plateau and that's as high as they'd eventually go. We were close to that point anyway, a 4c8t chip selling for 360€ is an absolute joke.
It makes sense to me that they would bin for 1800X VID and frequency targets. Then they bin for 1700X, and what's left goes as a 1700.As in, bins are done for a specific frequency and VID combination, not per maximum clockspeed at the maximum within-spec clockspeed.Given that VID is often conservative, chances are some of the more leakier parts will end up on the lower bins, as they can't reach a high clockspeed at low voltages. Which sometimes means it clocks better if...
 That's stock, within-TDP turbo speeds. You can bet your balls it goes higher than that and I guarantee you will not lose them.
Lack of demand because most Chinese people (and that extends to India and the rest) cannot afford to pay $500 for a gaming console. Cheap consoles sell plenty fine.   Smartphones weren't in great demand either until really cheap ones were introduced. Then boom! One of the largest worldwide markets.
 They do for the Supremacy, but not sure it fits the Supreme HF... Might do mine, it's a late release (square version). E: I'll answer myself. No, it doesn't fit. Time to bore out the holes...
China is a huge market that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have traditionally been out of because they're too expensive.   Nintendo had said that themselves.
I'll cannibalize bits of the stock mounting system to adapt my Supreme HF to AM4... :P
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