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So what is this card then,1792 or 2048? I'm confused now.
Well to be fair I drive that thing like a maniac, so I wouldn't be surprised if I actually am overheating the tires.   I skid it more than it actually grips.
I think I don't know how to drive the R8.   I mean, it's fast, but after one lap on the Nords I'm putting over 100 degrees into the street rubber.
 I am also particularly skeptical about each specific case because of this.
My 6950 is fine.   It is also watercooled :P   I'm more interested on the setup of these people who report the issues. The GPUs themselves (both AMD and nVidia) have hardware thermal protection, if the stock BIOS is used they will not make it past a certain temperature (95? 105? I don't know these days) before near enough shutting themselves down.   Now, if the stock BIOS is not what they use... That's a whole different story.   So as said, we need more details on...
 Works well. I've no hard proof of how much of an improvement it is, but GTA V feels smoother in the city areas and the overall performance of Fallout 4 has improved a fair bit. Although it seems to have VRAM issues more often.
 I find the dialogs and development that happens in the process of those 'clear area retrieve item' to be the main course. And the notes and curiosities in the terminals. Or the way items are placed in the scene hinting certain events. There is waaaaaaaay more to the quests than just the go somewhere fetch something go back, it's just not right in front of your face, and is for the player to interpret. I personally find it WAY more refined than any Bethesda Fallout/TES...
I'm unimpressed at the removal of a feature. They got rid of the display rotation options when you right-click the CCC icon.   Now you have to minimise whatever you have open, find a spot of desktop, go into monitor options and change the orientation.   What a pain in the ass.
Good, good.   Now, people, buy some Nanos, I'll grab one used in 6 months now.
Only now did they notice this?   Talk about awaking from their slumber.   This has been known since the day the update released.   Mostly because after the update there is this HUGE popup that comes up on the bottom corner saying which applications weren't reinstalled because of compatibility issues.
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