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Sadly MS won't have my business anymore with their Lumia lineup.   As much as I like my 930, their customer support is beyond terrible, and that's a severe understatement.
Well, using words instead of acronyms tends to do the job.
It'd be amazing if you could actually explain whatever it is that you wrote there.
 Heh yup, high end FPGAs have properly beefy power consumption.
All I want is W10 for my 930, lol.
Last update from MS is that they are evaluating my pictures and will draw a resolution soon.   At this point I'm expecting a new phone.   The unibody is damaged, the rear cover doesn't fit properly and the power button mechanism is screwed up.   They won't be able to fix it.
 Seroously, this. I'm not even a pro photographer and I run ghettorigged duct tape and cardboard lens hoods. Screw paying 35 quid for a genuine Canon hood. Tools aren't meant to look great. They are meant to be rugged, do the job, be usable and withstand the load.
It maps 1:1 (pixel per pixel) here...   Anyway, I haven't had these issues with the RTE, but in the source editor @ mentions tend to break quotes and smileys left right and center.
Is source an euphemism for posterior orifice?
HP's 50g can run the first DOOM. There was a port for it.
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