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 Yeah... And thus why I don't see it being a problem. If you can afford a Switch and a Netflix subscription it's extremely unlikely the Switch is going to be your only Netflix-capable device.
 I seriously hope you're trolling, because I think even my cat understands the situation at this point.
And what kind of stupid comparison is that anyway.   By that metric my Lumia is horrible because it has a battery half the size of my tablet's.
 Pretty much any TV you can buy nowadays that isn't bottom of the barrel also comes with Netflix smart TV apps :P
 I see. I was going by the Wii U. It got it at some point in its lifecycle, wasn't there at launch either. I'm not a subscriber to any media services so I'm not bothered (and I certainly wouldn't watch them on a console having my PC plugged into the TV), but I understand some may.
 The inventor of the .NES container isn't who can be sued, it's those who used his work to then dump and distribute ROMs. But I don't think anyone was saying that he should be sued.
 You seem to be quite bothered by it, must be the 10th time you've said it  No 3D Zelda game ever has ran flat out at the FPS cap. The Wind Waker dropped in quite a lot of scenarios but it was never a bother. Both 3DS releases dip below the cap with 3D enabled, again not much of a bother. This is not a world-class competitive CSGO match.   Web player, obviously. Music, I wouldn't count on it. Netflix, Hulu, YT... pretty much a given.
 The speaker at GDC and the Eurogamer presenter snarkily hinted at it by repeatedly questioning Nintendo's stance.
The article is only questioning Nintendo about their stance on emulators, but that's solely their decision as the property owners.   Not sure why it should even be a debate.
 Lmao this. The only company I purchase components from that are made in the US is Coilcraft - and that's because they often have excellent products for cheaper than Murata - otherwise I'd buy Murata. And Microchip to a lesser extent - although I'm not sure Microchip make their ULP PICs in the US.
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