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Go home Cynical, you're drunk
Is your FX6300 at stock clock speeds? If so, you might be CPU bound in certain scenarios.   E: CPU temperatures are in check? you and I.
Forgot to mention, is this the same Windows installation that your GTX660 Ti was using?
 Waving across the screen, a keyboard that turns off (USB controller issues?)... That screams of a dodgy peripheral or a motherboard that hates life. Unplug everything in your computer that's not necessary to boot up (leave the the system drive, a single memory stick, the GPU, mouse and keyboard and your network cable/adapter, unplug anything else), try to play a game again. If the issues still persist , try another keyboard see if it has the same issues. I've seen USB...
You'll get tearing without VSync, that's unfortunately the nature of the beast. If you limit the framerate to something your GPU is capable of sustaining at all times you might alleviate it for the most part (say, lock it at your screen refresh rate); but it won't be 100% gone unless you switch to a VRR setup.   Some setups produce more tearing than others though, that much is true.   Re. lack of smoothness, any apparent stuttering?
 I do recall some old models that looked like current Latitude E5xxxs... Ah well.
And it still looks like utter rubbish.   When will they design a laptop that actually looks reasonably good? You'd think with the MSRP these things carry they'd have a good team of designers onboard.
Come on AMD, bring Zen please. We're gonna wilt here waiting for another revolutionary desktop release from Intel.
The part you quoted is absolutely ludicrous.   'Our software randomly takes screenshots at its own discretion, uploads them to public servers, you can't do anything about it and if there are damages resulting from it, you are fully responsible for them'
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