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Dear GSkill:   I expect you to put some Ares-style memory in the market soon.   Sincerely, Someone who doesn't fancy huge pointless heatspreaders.
 Someone give this man a cookie.
And no Wii U? Screw you Capcom.
 Yep, this. Most likely Radeon SSDs.
That is quite stunning.
Whatever font this is. It's what Windows uses when you change the non-Unicode characters to use the Japanese IME instead.       It was an unintentional side effect, and it looks thousandfold better than Courier New.
Oh well, my G9 started double-registering a month ago or so. Bought it shortly after it released.   I've installed the buggy mouse script for autohotkey, works wonders. Going to replace the switch as soon as I get my tools back though.
The last AMD card I bought was a 5870 which then got replaced by this 6950 I have, so I'm not exactly up to date hardware wise (and this 6950 after I reflashed the BIOS due to Sapphire screwing up the ULPS has been absolutely perfect).   I've however built various builds for friends of mine, using an i5-3310+7850 (summer two years ago), an i5-4430+7950 (last Christmas), two i5-4670+290s (this May, non-K) and an i5-4670+780 (this May, again non-K).   Only had issues...
Both camps have equally bad issues. Problem is which one is more vocal about them.   That and well, AMD has had a quite bad rep as of late with the lockups when monitors going to sleep (has that been fixed already?)   It's mostly that nVidia likes to give out this 'premium' image. But none is better than the other when it comes to driver issues.
 This, lol. Google tracking my smartphone is absolutely zero news to anyone.
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