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 High five. Exactly my thoughts. Love the device (930), but coming from Android I feel like Google is now telling me to shove GApps where they fit. I don't like this whole 'we'll be nice until you decide to go away from Android - at which point our whole ecosystem will become useless'. I moved away because I didn't like Google, and this hasn't made me like it any better lol.
 I tend to buy Nintendo games with my heart. Only once has it failed me... The problem is that I can only play one game at once lol.
All I know is MH3U was held back by the console itself and not the storage. On the N3DS it loads over twice as fast as it did in the 3DS, and that's from a slower SD card (C10 16GB SD to C4 4GB mSD)
 And not a single apostrophe was used right that day  Also, this is quite cool! The fact that they're FinFETs makes me wonder what kind of interesting stuff will come out.
Treesize (or Sequoia), see which folders are the largest and which ones look unusually large.
Fine by me. So long as it works, of course.
 Being fair, one of the biggest surprises when I bought the A10-5700 back in 2012 was that it could actually match a Phenom X4 9950 and a 8800GT! Too bad Carrizo won't have a socketed version apparently. It'd make a sweet replacement for that computer.
 I've been meaning to finish Skyward Sword for the longest time... But lots of games get in the way lol. I'll wipe the save game and start anew. Didn't like Twilight Princess when I first bought the Wii, played it again last year and ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!
 That CPU side is a good 40% less powerful than the i7, no matter how you look at it.
 Nice! Even tough I'm not a fan of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, the control killed them for me. They should have let you use the analog stick.
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