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 It didn't need it really. The gameplay and the environment more than made up for the simplistic plot. I've replayed it so many times I've lost count. In fact I should install it again, been itching for a while. tWW... Easy first. The world, the characters, the story, the art, the side quests... the everything. And on the Wii U it just looks gorgeous.
 Same. I'll go as far as declaring it my favourite game of all time. A second... I'd have a hard time deciding, but Crysis (the original) is well up there putting up a fight. Also @tajoh111 this isn't an AMD vs nVidia thread, this is about the NX.
 Got a link to a SKU? The stock battery life is like, really poor. So much that I play with the charging lead permanently on.
Polaris is reportedly just a node shrink.
 Research on what, that Fiji is a different architecture to Pascal? I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing here... I hope the next statement isn't that I should do more research on an apple being different to an orange.
Different architecture. You're comparing apples to oranges.
Oh, I'm just going by what the general public on OCN have said in the RX 480 thread, regardless of my actual opinions on the matter   Re. clock target, yeah it is quite obvious from AMD's previous statements and the actual parts that they intended Polaris (10 and 11) to be a lower-clocked mobile part, the fact that it got released as a desktop card is merely consequential of the final performance of the parts most likely, regardless of the ASIC being outside of its...
So, if I get this right... Reference got a lot of crap because this and that and power whatnot. As it turns out, reference overclocks better than any of the AIBs despite the crap people flung at the design. What?  I don't think the process has any target clockspeeds to be attained by a certain ASIC design, rather the complete opposite. Within reason of course.
There's a RB951G-2HnD sitting in our ground floor, it's been running since I set it up (that was some 4 years ago).   My only caveats with it is that the whole interface/bridge contraption is a bit hard to get one's head around compared to, say, an IOS device, but it works pretty well, especially considering it was a fraction of the cost of a similarly capable soho router made by even DrayTek, which in their way are quite damn cheap compared to Cisco.
 Yes. And you choose to tell them everything by using their products, I am afraid.
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