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  Dayum, the 1st Print is sold out throughout the UK... I asked my mother to check if it's still available in Spain, LOL.
 A bit ironic that there's like 30 news sites and they all source from the same YT video...
Yup, that's right. By the sole act of creating a Nintendo account (necessary to use a 3DS/U these days) you are agreeing to the EULA and accepting that any further changes in the EULA that you disagree with will revoke your ability to continue making use of the software license (to all intents of purposes, you will keep posession of the hardware but it is just a shell).   And not only Nintendo, it works like that with virtually anything you purchase.   Going no...
 This exactly is what killed the Wii online mode. Just like the original DS, online became unplayable because cheating was rampant.  They are doing great with the 3DS/U so far, and to be honest, I don't mind it a single bit if they lock online mode to any console not running the latest firmware update. It's been like this in every single online gaming system since the beginning of the ages, and I don't see why it should be any different for a console.
  All the EULA changes is the way Nintendo pushes updates to the console... They want to auto-update the machine and then simply prompt to restart. Which judging by the way Nintendo has done updates since the Wii era (their first updatable console) generally improves the console update after update. Realistically unless you're into homebrewing or outright pirating, nobody should have an issues with auto-updating the console. In fact the 3DS already does - it does...
Probably Nintendo themselves will issue another push update that simply adds the button to decline and if you do, it pops 'Declining this update will prevent you from accessing online services including the eShop, yadda yadda'.   Or at least that's what I expect them to do.
They should have just stripped the console of online connectivity instead of bricking it...   And they honestly should do the same with the 3DS.   Pirated games and cheats are going to ruin the online play, again.     So yeah, big thumbs down for forcing to accept... There are way better solutions to it. As I said, just stripping away the online functionality would be enough.   Disappointed.
Nice phone indeed. But why in the world is a 4.6" device considered 'small'? It is not, by an stretch of imagination.  Like 1440p makes the slightest blind bit of difference.
650 dollars, and 6 inches? They can wing it up their posterior orifices.
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