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Ah that's balls then. I'll keep using my 930 until a proper x86 Windows-wielding phone releases.
 If Acer delivers I may very well have the first smartphone that truly makes me feel like it actually is a smartphone.Niiiiice.
 Yes, but that was 20 years ago. There's nothing left of the old ATI from last century.
 They've always had the winning userbase. AMD, both processors and graphics cards (just like ATi) has always been about trying to stay ahead of something so they can scrape buyers off nVidia and Intel. Think of it like the Apple of the computer hardware (no, not comparing them to Apple in anything but in the strength of their userbase). When someone wants something that works and don't want much hassle, they will go for Intel and nVidia, even if in a good number of...
Well, it's a legend of the gaming world so it's only normal people will pay bucketloads of money for this kind of items.
 Yup, you got it. A £10 discount for already owning the core game and I would preorder it right now. Instead, here I am, complaining about it on an internet forum and being angry at them.
  ...but with porn instead of videogames.
Call me a cynical bastard, but did anyone expect nVidia to stop being nVidia? I mean, come on.   AMD can't get software right to save their lives and nVidia can't play it clean for once in their existence. It's how things are.
Lumia-san is booked in for a repair. It should be picked up on Tuesday, let's see how well Microsoft treats her.   Since it doesn't work anyway I installed the W10 tech preview. Oh mang, the full version can't come soon enough.
 It's not entitlement, it's expectation. People are getting the full base game for free when purchasing an expansion. I already own the base game, and am one of the people that supported the game since the day it released (and also played the beta), why am I being treated like Joe the bloke that goes, pays for the expansion and gets the same as I do? I'm not saying it should be 10 or 15 quid, but 35? I don't think something like a 25% discount if you own the base game...
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