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Editing the hosts file is a pain and it stops facebook from working for other users of the machine. I don't care what other people do, thus I don't want to interfere. Browser settings are per user.
Yeah. Straight to the OCN recycling bin.
If this annoys me too much I'll add another rule to ABP for * and * and be done with it.
Don't you know your computer can get hacked via its microphone now? By playing ultrasounds from someone's speakers
I find it absolutely hilarious that people actually defend Google (or any other corporation) for this. They evade billions in tax all over the world, including the USA (especially the USA) and yet people who dutifully pay their tax still defend them? What the hell is wrong with this planet?! If anything, we should be throwing a party every time the authorities go after them and slam astronomical fines on them!! For example, I pay more on income tax and healthcare than...
You have to dump the firmware needed to run the emulator from your console and the ROM from your cartridge, including any piracy protection (and leave it unaltered) otherwise emulation is illegal.
Cheater!! I faved that one 9.5/10. Absolutely killer composition and IMO you nailed the exposure, but the ISO is cranked way too high and noise is showing its fangs!
I suppose the problem is that the position commands are passed to the OS only at the interruption intervals, and if that isn't modified to run at 200Hz (I think all Windows releases use 125Hz default unless you change it), there are quite large steps between each interrupt. I can certainly confirm that there was skipping with my G9 running at 125Hz, going to 250Hz was immensely smoother, 500 could have been placebo, and I really cannot tell the difference at all at...
PS/2 uses a 200Hz hardware polling rate. Some OSes limit it to 125Hz though. Technically speaking, at the very ultra worst case scenario, on a 144Hz display you could get up to a single frame's worth of latency. Since it uses interrupts to pass data (meaning it stops the loop and shoves the data in there as opposed to holding the data until the OS asks for it), I really don't see how USB is a better interface over PS/2 for inputs like a mouse or a keyboard.
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