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 This. Could turn into a great game or the biggest fail in the history of car games.
Oh, neat.   Sounds like my plans to move away from Google Mail have to be accelerated.
 You do know there is such a thing as cycle lifespan, right?In other words, certain material at certain level of stress can last pretty much forever, practically speaking. Example: An electric motor shaft.
  Oh wow, you're right! Single waterblock for both sockets, could work pretty well!
This is so stupid. Someone needs to put an end to this craze.
 Our country has some great thinkers. Too bad the government works to actively suppress that. Very interesting concept, especially seeing how it can be closely packed, wonder what's the kind of density they get out of this?
And besides, for all the NDAs I've signed so far the more lenient one could find me liable to pay a multimillionaire sum or anywhere from 6 months to 10 years of prison, so these guys can consider themselves damn lucky all they got is a XBL ban.
 Hm, this isn't registered memory either, so the limitation might be Intel's safeguarding. Keep in mind that big socket i7s are just the poorest of the poorest Xeon dies. So technically what Xeon supports the i7s also do, but they have been lasered and gimped to prevent instability springing from the low quality high-leakage nature of the chips.
Lol, well played.   I don't agree with remote bricks, but this is quite funny.
Well, as multiple people have stated, this uarch shares with Bulldozer the same as Bulldozer shares with Athlon64.   The chance is there.
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