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Hmmm so only organising? Lr is probably not the program you're looking for, given that its main attractive alongside the gallery management is that it includes Adobe Camera RAW, which is one of the leading RAW image processors. Give Darktable a go, it's free.
Creative Cloud photography subscription works out at about 12 bucks per month and you get Lr and Ps with update rights to any newer version if that's any help.
I also dislike the 360/One controllers, but not because of the size, or at least not directly.   The 'handles' for a lack of a better word are positioned in such a way that my hands are drawn apart at the rear of the controller, which causes them to feel cramped.   Which is a shame, because the original XBOX controller was fantastic.
Hmmm... None of them are compelling enough to make me replace my DS4.
Remote access cards are the bomb, if you can afford a board with one. I can't see where it says that particular board has it though.   Seems a solid board, that SM if you do decide to go the freeNAS way.
1366 you mean? Yeah, only consumer/enthusiast tri-channel.   The thing with Nehalem/Gulftown/Westmere is that they are pretty atrocious when it comes to power efficiency, if that means anything to you.
Keep this in mind if you want consider FreeNAS/ZFS:   With your volume of data you may need to set aside a large part of your budget solely to RAM if you want to get a good performance out of ZFS.
 My thoughts in red. I did like the U concept better though. Seems wasteful to not have the secondary screen usable when using a TV.
If it's just a temporary/non-critical storage unit, RAID 5 is probably your best bet if you want drive redundancy.   Yes, you'll get 20TB usable, single-drive fault protection.   Motherboard choice is not critical. Go for whatever has enough ports and that's it really. All current boards ship with 0/1/0+1/5 support.
That performance bug however, was supposed to be patched in various firmware releases.   We still had to send 4 back for being dog slow even on the latest firmware.   Google revealed we weren't alone.
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