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Surprisingly it is a quite powerful device, which is uncommon in phones of this caliber. They're usually ran on tried and tested hardware, geared towards people with no interest in technology...   Nicely done, Lambo.
 Which to me makes no difference, as it goes into my pocket anyway. If anything an extra gadget is a nuisance. I haven't used a watch since my Casio ran out of battery many years ago. Disclaimer: I don't use my phone more than half an hour a day total. Most of that is chatting on Skype/hangouts.  For me the reason is comfort. I do lots of stuff with my hands and a watch is a nuisance.
 If you're serious about this, excuse me but it is quite funny, :P  I just finished Bayonetta (the first). What a most excellent game. Absolute must play to anyone remotely interested in bashing enemies.
My phone serves as a watch this moment in time and it has 10 hours of gaming battery life. So it is unacceptable.
My last watch had 10 years of battery life. I can live with a smart one that needs recharging once every 2-3 weeks... But not shorter than that.
That is extremely poor.    
Limited editions always hold their value better. Give it a shot.
I will admit I am quite bummed they did a Zelda limited edition of the N3DS so quickly.   I can't afford the Ambassador edition and the Zelda edition so close in time, for Christ's sake.   Do it 3 months down the road and I will happily buy it.
 Oh my, a model citizen aren't we?
I'm using the Wii U to paly Wii games, which looks as good as the Wii on composite and a decent scaler (the Wii internally scales to 720/1080p).   Alas, 50 quid for a user Xenoblade is not something my pocket is chuffed about.   At any rate and back to the 3DS subject, my momma received my N3DS, she'll ship it my way probably today or tomorrow!
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