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I run Windows on my servers.   And haulin'.
 Want to bet I can run it on my downlocked A10-5700 rock bottom at 720p?
 The place where I used to work was a Panda authorised distributor. Cloud AV, especially the paid subscriptions, hauled arse. It got rid of virtually anything we ever came across.
If you don't know what's being sold, it's probably you.   1st rule of freeware.
Wow, this really sucks.   Doesn't affect me, as all I mostly work with is PICs, and Microchip's programmers use their own custom PIC to do the USB -> 4-wire programming... But there's tons upon tons of programmers out there with counterfeit chips.   And the worst is, you cannot really know where did the chip come from when you guy them.
 Only for idiots with no foresight beyond the hive mind.
  Dayum, the 1st Print is sold out throughout the UK... I asked my mother to check if it's still available in Spain, LOL.
 A bit ironic that there's like 30 news sites and they all source from the same YT video...
Yup, that's right. By the sole act of creating a Nintendo account (necessary to use a 3DS/U these days) you are agreeing to the EULA and accepting that any further changes in the EULA that you disagree with will revoke your ability to continue making use of the software license (to all intents of purposes, you will keep posession of the hardware but it is just a shell).   And not only Nintendo, it works like that with virtually anything you purchase.   Going no...
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