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I made a complaint about this 2 months ago.'s no way to go under 60% because it's hard coded and set upon every start.
IO accessibility looks like a complete nightmare.
Q fan or the windows based fan xpert? I don't see any fan learning options or automatic fan profiling built into the bios.
I tested it now and couldn't go under 60% DC mode.While testing I somehow managed to glitch it and the cap was removed temporarily, but after applying and rebooting the first threshold reverted back to 60% and the second threshold remained at 20%.Normally you can't go under 60% and the second threshold can't have a lower value than the first threshold.C'mon Asus, this is obviously a glitch. The 60% cap.
I really don't understand why there's an arbitrary value of 60% minimum fan speed in the bios with these boards. If they removed the limit there would be a full fledged automated driver-indepedent fan controller that functions under all operating systems, without the need of AI suite, which is only available for Windows. Then there's the absurdly low max-cpu 75c limit that kicks the fans to 100% Yes a dedicated can controller solve all of these, but I have a small build...
Sorry, it looks like you're right.Seriously though, I've had the board for 4 months and this has never happened before. Then poof new bios and the problem appeared. I even reinstalled my os and it happened with everything at stock. But it's pointless arguing about this since in the end it'll get us nowhere.
The computer starts by itself after shutting down. I don't know how to say this any simpler.There's already a bunch of people complaining on the rog forums so I'll let them do their job and hope this gets fixed soon.
Upon shutting down the system restarts back up with the latest bios. I had to use the power switch last night because it would keep happening. not something on the os level either, because I did a clean install yesterday with my new ssd and it happened with no other programs installed.And nope, no oc. Yet.
Any updates on the restarting bug that came with the latest bios update?
Looks like build up to me. He probably used glycol with pt nuke or something and had gunking. Polishing will work but I'd be concerned about removing too much nickel and having it start flaking.
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