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Turns out to be the psu
I would recommend you get flat heads or low profile screw heads if you have a motherboard with an io shroud like the x99 deluxe or the rve because you might run into clearance issues like I did.
Wow good post. So it's just a regular sensor/lens with factory firmware inside the shell of a $10 mouse. Had they restocked earlier I would've missed your post and wasted money.
Wow what a looker. An actual full cover too. One of the ek engineers must own the card personally.
Afterburner voltage adjustment works on the 980ti classy? Precision is simply terrible.
Anyone taken a killawatt or something to measure the idle power savings adaptive vcore provides over fixed vcore? Think it's over 20w? With my gpu being stuck in p0 all the time thanks to the 120hz monitor I'd like to cut some power usage here and there.
How do I get the aluminum ek badge off the nickel evo without a knife? I tried the hair dryer to loosen the adhesive but it's a no go. I swear it's like ek used epoxy or something. The thing is set in there TIGHT. The only idea I have now is destroying the sticker and try picking at it from the center to avoid damaging the block.
Most Haswell-E hexacores hits a ceiling at 4.5ghz. It isn't stable simply because your chip isn't capable. My 5930k 4.5ghz takes 1.365v for it to be prime stable. Prime is really quick at finding any instability so I recommend tweaking your settings until it can pass at least an hour of it then move on to x264 encoding benchmark found on the devil canyon thread. First it'll crash, as you make more refinements only individual threads will crash. I find working in reverse...
I would use the funds to replace the hammerhead first unless you really like the sound signature. Perhaps something like a used se535 ($300) and replace the wax filters, it'll be good as new afterwards. To use a mic with your headset you need the splitter linked below and a 3.5mm female to male cable.Ā®-Female-Plated-Headphone-Splitter/dp/B00PYZ2BT4/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1440224050 My current setup is similar to option #3....
If you're planning to use high sensitivity iems you need to watch out for the output impedance. Impedance mismatch will change the frequency response and will muffle the sound and increase the noise floor. (hissing) Anything around 1ohm or lower would be ideal for iems. Believe it or not you might not need a dac at all and an amp is all you need to clear up the sound and fix any issues you might be having right now. I suggest you buy a fiio e6 to test the waters first and...
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