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Peak of 90c with 1.36v on a dd-m6. No temp differences when I switched between my 3x120 and 9x120 rads.I think my temps are normal for prime. You sir on the other hand are getting abnormally good temps. Maybe the 1.31v have something to do with it.
Let's be honest here, most people will return their processors and deem it defective if it's unable run a few hours of prime95 out of the box. I expect the same from my overclocked processor. Doing mental gymnastics to avoid running it is just silly, because frankly you know it will crash and don't want to face the reality of it.If you can keep the temps in check there's no reason not to run it.
Try running only the fpu test and see how it goes. If it passes you've got a golden chip.
Do you have monitor automatically set to turn off? That also triggers it. Set monitor to sleep to 1 minute and go do something else for 30 minutes. The AA post code will change to something else.
Probably means success resuming from sleep.
Found this 40mm fan while cleaning up the workspace and decided to slap it on the io cover using 3m tape... it reduced the vreg full load temp by 6c! This little thing is quieter and more effective than the spotcool I had running.
I don't know how many chips you guys go through but some data concerning the chance of getting x chip at x clock will definitely help sway the sale. Most people buying a new processor will probably have no prior knowledge of what's considered average or golden.
Can PCIe3 operate at full speed with only half of the pins?Take the x99 deluxe for example:Now look at the pcie slots, there's only 2 slots with all the pins. Just tested with my half pin full length slot, x8 only.
One of the 970s I got whined whenever I scrolled in Firefox, even with acceleration disabled. Things are just weird like that.
I would verify it isn't your gpu first. Occt is only 20mb and you could have a gpu only stress test started within a minute after reading this post.
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