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I recently replaced my G700 with the G600. I just tried the G600 now on my old 9HD and it works flawlessly. Although I mainly use it on my pink icemat.
Open to reasonable offers.
Wow thats a great price on the Golden 470.
A sb celeron would be enough then. It cost less than $50 and they're monsters.
Nice OC guys. Man this thread is really giving me the itch. It makes me want to go pick up the Asrock ITX board and OC my 3570k. But apparently it doesn't feature pll voltage control so I don't know what effects that'll have on higher oc ranges. Really looking forward to clocking this thing to 5GHZ on my mini itx rig. Hopefully a H80 can handle it or I'll have to figure out a way to put a custom loop on my FT03 mini LOL.
Has any hard info been released or is everyone still speculating at this point?
A few dollars at most. And yes it's still under warranty. Roughly 2 years left.
I'd go for the higher speed ones. Generally they more or less are able to go the same timings those standard speed low timing sets go. That way you can have a choice of selecting either a lower timing or guaranteed higher speed when overclocking.It doesn't come in 8GB sticks. He's using a motherboard with only two slots so it's end all when he buys it.
You need to get some active airflow in the 800D. I'm suspecting his Antec case, like many Antec cases I have seen, have vents everywhere that ends up collecting dust in a month or two. No need to ditch a perfectly good setup for a few degrees that doesn't even have an impact on your performance. It sounds like you've got the upgrade bug to me and you're just using this as an excuse to buy new things
If this is real then it'll most likely be around the $350 range to compete with the Cosmos 2. My 700D is sitting around and collecting dust but I still want this I can't imagine how much it would weight though, the 700D/800D alone is 45LBs. Its a nightmare for UPS guys everywhere.
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