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  300, 250, 200 (my main profile), and 120 lumens.   200 and 120 lumens.   200 and 120 lumens. Recalibrated some of my profiles in a total dark room, all 100% sRGB and verified with several passes for all profiles. All "clicks" starts from when the screen is on the lowest visible brightness, since from what I found out is that at 120hz the absolute lowest brightness goes completely black after some time, say an hour or so. Anything below (96hz, 60) the lowest...
Give me the 96hz timings and I'll see what I can do. Or can the panel do 96hz out of the box without any timing adjustment?
    Here are two ICC profiles for 120HZ @ 120 lumens (10 clicks from dark screen) and 200 lumens (17 clicks from dark screen). YMMV of course but the difference between calibrated and uncalibrated is night and day for me.
Oh alright, that's a lot less work to do then. Do you happen to know any "good" timing settings for 120hz? The ones I have works but it was just a crapshoot by me that happened to work.
Can some of you 120hz guys give me your settings? I want to test out which ones gives the least gamma shift so I won't have any issues when my spyder 4 arrives this week.
I get no output on my HD 4600. Anybody know what's causing the error?
Can somebody take a look at my settings? I don't have the slightest idea how ram overclocking works and I'm trying to make my three sticks boot at 1840mhz. There's 29 options for the ram alone and honestly I have no idea where to start.
How do I get past the 60hz limit if I want to overclock via the nvidia control panel? I already installed the patch. CRU works great on one of my machines with a 780 but I have another computer running a 480 and it wouldn't do 120hz at all. Overclocking via Nvidia CP would be much easier than restarting using CRU.
Just got mine today, it has a yellow tint to it that looks like I'm wearing those silly gunnar glasses. I'm not even sure if it's fixable.
Haven't visited it this thread in quite a while now so I'm not sure if you guys are aware or not, but all of my Durelene tubing has developed some clouding. Not so serious as the LRT where you can scrape it off and see the layer of plasticizer, but if you scrape enough you can see some build up. I think the total time used was about 3~4 months. Going to try neoprene this time and see how it stacks up. Unbelievable to see that this is still an issue in an market dominated...
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