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Will the red dye work with ethylene glycol? Specifically this;
Have you tried using a box fan? Consumes about 30w and can be had for $20. Although for the size you probably only need a little breeze going to cool things down.
C'mon, it's Christmas. Treat yourself, it only happens once a year!
They're probably supposed to be the same price but Newegg jacked it up due to demand. Happens all the time with graphics cards. If it's available on Amazon get it from there instead.
A graphite pencil or a trace pen will probably fix it right up, but I doubt there's active circuitry there to begin with. If it's dead I'll gladly buy it off you
Lapped my waterblock today: [[SPOILER]]
Don't even touch the board. You shouldn't have to take the $500 hit and be left with a board with void warranty if it truly came with bent pins. Let the retailer know you're giving them an opportunity to fix the issue first in a civilized manner by requesting a refund or exchange, if they refuse inform them that you'll be filing a dispute with your payment processor. That's exactly how you get things rolling when questionable retailers wants to play hardball. The...
My mo-ra3 cooled my overclocked 3930k @ 5ghz and a single 680 passively with no issues. Although after a few hours it approached stock cooling levels but all I need to do was turn the 4 180mm fans to 200 rpm and it dropped the temps by 10c. It was so silent that the noise from the hdds started to drive me up the wall so I had to turn the fans up until it drowned out the hdd noise. But even then it was only minor white noise. Pump noise won't be an issue if you completely...
Do you guys know where Sidewinder sources their Durelene tubing? I can't find any info on it.
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