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Found this 40mm fan while cleaning up the workspace and decided to slap it on the io cover using 3m tape... it reduced the vreg full load temp by 6c! This little thing is quieter and more effective than the spotcool I had running.
I don't know how many chips you guys go through but some data concerning the chance of getting x chip at x clock will definitely help sway the sale. Most people buying a new processor will probably have no prior knowledge of what's considered average or golden.
Can PCIe3 operate at full speed with only half of the pins?Take the x99 deluxe for example:Now look at the pcie slots, there's only 2 slots with all the pins. Just tested with my half pin full length slot, x8 only.
One of the 970s I got whined whenever I scrolled in Firefox, even with acceleration disabled. Things are just weird like that.
I would verify it isn't your gpu first. Occt is only 20mb and you could have a gpu only stress test started within a minute after reading this post.
Any NA availability info on this case? It looks absolutely beautiful.
I like it. The skeleton looks amazing but their choice of aesthetics leave a lot to be desired.Make one with brushed aluminum front and sides and I'm sure it'll fly off the shelves.Last time I checked the prodigy is a straight plastic windy knockoff.
Nope. I initially started with only 1.35vcore / 1. 95v input and worked my way up by .01v increments until the system passed. I ended up with 1.363v prime stable. I wanted to give it a bit more wiggle room so I upped the voltage by the bare minimum until it hit 1.37v under load.I've since then reverted my input voltage back to stock 1.88v and it's still going strong.My max core temp is 90c with a dd m6 block.
Yeah I complained about the leaderboard giving a skewed expectation for newcomers before. Few are probably solid but I'm sure most are unstable.My 5930k takes 1.36v as well to hit 4.5ghz but it's rock solid prime stable.
I tested several 5820k and 5930k's and the 30k consistently outclocked the 20k. What I did was increased the cpu voltage to 1.35v and the input voltage to 1.95v and changed the multi to 45. Most posted with the exception of a few and among those that posted fine only a few ran stress tests without issues. Realistic average stable expectations: 5820k: 4.3ghz 5930k: 4.5ghz You will need to decide if the 200mhz and lanes are worth the price difference.
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