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0% cable resistance Only for those who doesn't care about their warranty or own a mouse with a detachable cable though.
Alright thanks, got offset working. What power saving features do you guys enable? With speedstep enabled and the c states set to defaults/auto (disabled?) the idle power consumption is very consistent when set to balance mode in windows. I also tested it with speedstep off with c0/c1 enabled to let the cpu/mobo do the work and the power readings seems to spaz out changing every second, pretty much no power savings at all versus fully manual mode. At 4.5ghz idle...
So these are my 24/7 prime stable settings for 4.5ghz. I'm looking to try out adaptive voltage, where do I start? Stock vid + putting the necessary offset until it reaches 1.376v full load? 1.376v - (stock vid) = offset?
I've had my 5930k@4.5ghz for about a year now.In a few years I hope to see some 8/10 core xeons for $100 like what we're seeing with x58 today. Westmere 6 cores can be purchased for $60 since 2013 and when overclocked it performs on par with a stock 5820k.I don't see the point of staying with quads when a hexacore only cost a bit more. With all the upcoming processors upping the core count and dx12 featuring load balancing all the potential benefits outweights the 5% ipc...
X99 and pick up a 8/10 core a few years later for $100
Yeah I'm guessing op is doing the FPU test. That test will cause x99 processors to hit 100c even underwater, let alone air.Try something like occt instead, it uses linpack and doesn't get as hot.
Yeah I'd take the money. You spent $107 on a 7870 when a they go for $70~$80 shipped on ebay. The MSI offer gives you a free ticket out of your original deal and come out ahead with $19 profit. EVGA offers some nice refurb cards with 1 warranty occasionally. Check their b-stock page. There was even a 780 kingpin for $150 yesterday.
Product Link: Images: Heat: Price: $120 shipped to your door. Price is firm at this moment. Up for sale is this 760w platinum unit I received from Seasonic RMA today. The one I had was defective and melted some cables. Seasonic provided me with new cables and a replaced my unit with what appears to be a...
Deserves a bump. Any new high capacity 160mm units?
So that's why you kept repeating that I shouldn't use adapters earlier via pm. My 760w didn't come with any 1>2 adapters.
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