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Yup, did just that and it worked.
Hmmm. Its not working for me. Maybe has to do with the fact that I already have Witcher 3 installed? Was anyone able to get the code?
Yeah, I really like my X too. It's been awesome. Currently playing Witcher 3 with almost everything on Ultra, except grass and vegetation and shadows on High, and no Hairworks, and it's smooth as butter solid 60 FPS.
MSAA (and subsequently MFAA) wont work, it's Forward + type engine. The only AA options you have is to use built in custom made form of post process AA, or try to inject SMAA, if it even works.Getting solid 60 FPS on my single Titan X @ 2560x1440 with Hairworks disabled, SSAO instead of HBAO+ and grass and vegetation on High. Everything else is on Ultra.
This video gave me goosebumps so big, I'm almost positive I've quacked few times. Dee-ee-ecent!
Mine is just like yours. It is running stable at +190 GPU (1354 actual boost after coming down few bins from 1380 initial) and +250 memory (7500 effective). I have pretty conservative fan profile and it tops out at 63%. Temps are in upper 70c.The bios is stock for now. Now I'm looking into aftermarket cooling before I flash custom bios and try higher overclock. Both Accelero Xtreme IV and Accelero Hybrid II-120 from Arctic reported to support Titan X. I'm leaning towards...
So, it appears my 2500K is starting to show its age. Here is the graph at 1080p, no vsync + 2xMSAA + MFAA ON (4xMSAA?)That nice and tight section - it's when I climb the highest building getting away from the crowd below. CPU usage drops to 70s on all 4 cores. Once back into crowd - CPU usage raises to 85-90% on all 4 cores. Same thing on 1440p, not as prevalent though. I also turned off stretching(?) in settings and it seems to help with frametimes.
Yeah, that's 1440p. I'm forcing triple buffering from inspector, no idea if it actually applies though. I'll run some 1080p benches later on. This game is gorgeous. Gotta try MFAA on it too, for now I'm playing at the settings I posted and it's been pretty fluid.
So I got to Notre Dame in ACU and did some running around in that huge crowd and climbing around buildings on that plaza. These are the settings: Stock Titan X, no vsync Vsync on + triple buffering Vsync on + triple buffering + TXAA Judging by the graphs I should see lots of stutter, but it's pretty smooth except when TXAA is on. Then it stutters a little, but also the famerates drop to 30s.
Sounds like a plan. I'll do Fraps capture once I'm at that spot. Won't probably be today though, but I'll try to get to that on a weekend.
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