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I vote no for multi GPU. Having used it in the past, it brought more hassle than enjoyment. Especially if you like to play games on their release date and not wait for SLI or CF profiles. Get the strongest single card you can afford and enjoy your games.
No difference in performance.
PhysX forced on GPUPhysX forced on CPUFirst benchmark run is always jerky in the beginning (something is still loading in background, textures perhaps?), that's why I recorded 2 for each.
1300 RPM
I have 2 Noctuas NF-P12 in push/pull on my rad, runs very quiet and temps never go over 52C on Titan X OCed to 1450 Mhz. Usually its ~ 48C during normal gaming load. Highly recommend.
@EVGA-JacobF This. What about hybrid cooler kit owners?
Sniper Elite v2 benchmark toolAvP benchmark (get the GUI tool for this benchmark from my google drive here)
Awesome! Subbed.
Would you consider creating separate "Fury vs GTX 980" bench off thread? I'm sure lots of people here would be very interested in this, myself included. I'd hate to see this buried in review thread.
Good luck. I'd try to eliminate all variables: no dual boot, fresh win install, no AB or precision or any of 3rd party soft at first, see if this happens when card is completely at stock. Another thing comes to mind: see if there is an update to your motherboard bios. These new cards have UEFI vBioses AFAIK, sometimes motherboard bios update is required for them to function properly.
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