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So, it appears my 2500K is starting to show its age. Here is the graph at 1080p, no vsync + 2xMSAA + MFAA ON (4xMSAA?)That nice and tight section - it's when I climb the highest building getting away from the crowd below. CPU usage drops to 70s on all 4 cores. Once back into crowd - CPU usage raises to 85-90% on all 4 cores. Same thing on 1440p, not as prevalent though. I also turned off stretching(?) in settings and it seems to help with frametimes.
Yeah, that's 1440p. I'm forcing triple buffering from inspector, no idea if it actually applies though. I'll run some 1080p benches later on. This game is gorgeous. Gotta try MFAA on it too, for now I'm playing at the settings I posted and it's been pretty fluid.
So I got to Notre Dame in ACU and did some running around in that huge crowd and climbing around buildings on that plaza. These are the settings: Stock Titan X, no vsync Vsync on + triple buffering Vsync on + triple buffering + TXAA Judging by the graphs I should see lots of stutter, but it's pretty smooth except when TXAA is on. Then it stutters a little, but also the famerates drop to 30s.
Sounds like a plan. I'll do Fraps capture once I'm at that spot. Won't probably be today though, but I'll try to get to that on a weekend.
I do now. I wanted to get it soon anyway, since I'm quite fond of AC series. You just gave me that little nudge Btw, in regards to Batman...Batman AO original run (Physx High)Batman AO Physx OffThe funny thing is it looks almost the same, sans cape and toilet paper on the floor.Edit: Holy cow, Unity is 50.5GB download. It'll take some time.
Yeah, the camera pans pretty slowly in LL benchmark. I think you're right. Come to think of it now, I do remember seeing stutter in many titles when using only framecap without vsync. I clearly remember it being most pronounced in Dead Island. Vsync - smooth as butter, super laggy mouse. No vsync + frame cap - no mouse lag but horrible stutter when panning.Maybe it's because of Physx? I have it on High. Let me see if it's better with Physx off.No problem man, glad to be of...
Here is the rest of frametime graphs. Afterburner was the cause of fraps not working in other games, so I disabled afterburner but could run the card only at stock because of it. All these runs at stock clocks. Y axis is normalized to 60ms AvP benchmark Batman AO Crysis Warhead Sleeping Dogs Metro LL Redux Shadow of Mordor Sniper Elite 3 Tomb Raider
Good idea. Did just that. Metro LL Redux: no caps VS. vsync'd + tripple buffering + 60fps cap VS. no vsync just 60fps cap Also, all graphs are normalized vertically to top at 60ms.The last one makes my eyes bleed just by looking at it But honestly, between all 3 runs, I didn't see any difference in subjective smoothes. All 3 runs were smooth. Judging by the graph, the last one should have been stuttering mess. It wasnt. Visually it was the same as the first 2.Yup, agree...
I will definitely flash with custom bios once I upgrade to open air or AIO cooler. Right now, I just don't see the need for it. For 24/7, I run it on stock volts with mild overclock (1354/3750) and 110% power target, and it almost never throttles. Congrats on new card.Your post reminded me that FRAPS can record frametimes and then the graphs can be plotted using FrafsBenchViewer. I wish I would have remembered it when I still had my 780Ti. I'm having problems running...
Thanks. I just found out that Arctic has updated their Accelero Xtreme IV cooler with Titan X compatibility, so I'm debating on whether to wait for AIO announcements (if that even happens) or order Xtreme IV for $67.
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