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For sale GTX Titan X Maxwell 12GB video card with EVGA Hybrid AIO cooler mounted on it. One Noctua NF-P12 120 mm fan is mounted on radiator. Bought 3/19/2015. It has 3 years warranty and I will assist to the best of my ability with warranty claims if needed to. Flashed with custom BIOS, was rock-solid stable overclocked to 1410 on GPU for the past 2 years. Memory was left on stock. Let me know if you want stock BIOS to be reflashed before shipping. Will include: - stock...
Checking to see how much should I ask for Maxwell Titan X with EVGA Hybrid AIO Cooler mounted. Original cooler will be included as well. Card is flashed with custom BIOS and has been rocking 1410Mhz overclock on GPU for 2 years rock-solid. Memory clocks were left on stock, just didn't see the need for it. Temps were always great, no hotter than 52C.
Back in stock at nvidia store, if someone looking to acquire.
Cards are back in stock at nvidia online store as I type it.
Thanks, fellas. I think I'll wait for Titan XP Hybrid. EVGA one that I have currently is great.
Does any one know if any of existing CLC coolers fit this card? I'm not settling for FE cooling after excellent evga hybrid on my Titan X.
That makes sense. I was waiting to see when all Ryzen bugs could be worked out before upgrading CPU, and it looks like I sill have time. No rush, that's good.
Got one at nvidia store, they became available for purchase 9:57 AM PT. Had an important meeting at 10, even told my boss I'll be late. Snagging one of these seemed more important at the moment . Now, will I be able to squeak by with 2500K @ 4.6 on 2560x1440 with this card, or am I in urgent need of new CPU? I don't play any MMOs and online stuff like BF1, and usually like to turn all eye-candy up.
This game is great, played it yesterday for few hours. Graphics are gorgeous on reg. PS4 connected to 1440p monitor. Combat is fun fun fun and I also like how story starts to unravel right away.
Obviously can't speak for everyone here, but for me personally it slowly changes. Having always been nV fan, liking their ecosystem better, just bought RX 470 for my son's PC. If 1080 Ti is more than $699, screw that. I'm not buying. I'm getting Vega even if it's slower than 1080 Ti for $600, as long as it's faster than Titan XM. Enough is enough.
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