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Some more benches before I retire for today. EVGA GTX 980 SC stock (1366/3506, 125% power target): EVGA GTX 980 SC overclocked(1480/3954, 125% power target):
Yup, my memory clocks all the way to 3950 (7900 effective). 1480 core isn't bad, though I wanted > 1500. 980 still clocks better than my 780 Ti relative to its stock boost clocks, which maxed out at 1175 with stock boost of 1150.My Heaven scores weren't impressive compared to 780 Ti, but in Batman Acram Origins, 980 @ 1480/3954 is 13% faster than 780 Ti @ 1175/3700 (52 vs 46).
Finally installed mine. EVGA 980 SC, stock boosts to 1366: OCed to 1480 core / 3800 memory: For comparison, GTX 780 Ti @ 1175/3700: I don't think I won the silicon lottery, it looks like mine maxes out at 1480. Will try to do more benches tonight after kids go to sleep.
I'm waiting for exact same card to be delivered, EVGA SC. I hoped it would boost > 1400 at stock. Guess not.That's insane, 1500. How much do the cards boost with just power target to max, without adding frequency offset?
Is this with default power target in precision? Have you tired upping it to see if cards will boost higher?
Beauties, aren't they... I wish UPS would hurry up and bring me my baby
I'm rebenching my GTX 780 Ti while I'm waiting for 980 to be delivered. Hopefully 780 Ti @ 1175 vs 980 whatever clock soon.
I'll be joining with GPU-Z screenshot shortly, my 980 is out on vehicle for delivery as of 7AM.
I just got my 980 Amazon order price-matched from $729 to a normal MSRP. Took 2 min in a chat. No problems at all. Long live Amazon.
I'm sure as hell won't be keeping mine for this price. It's more than I paid for 780 Ti ACX SC at launch. I only jumped on it because of amazon, no hassle given if you need to return.
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