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Sniper Elite v2 benchmark toolAvP benchmark (get the GUI tool for this benchmark from my google drive here)
Awesome! Subbed.
Would you consider creating separate "Fury vs GTX 980" bench off thread? I'm sure lots of people here would be very interested in this, myself included. I'd hate to see this buried in review thread.
Good luck. I'd try to eliminate all variables: no dual boot, fresh win install, no AB or precision or any of 3rd party soft at first, see if this happens when card is completely at stock. Another thing comes to mind: see if there is an update to your motherboard bios. These new cards have UEFI vBioses AFAIK, sometimes motherboard bios update is required for them to function properly.
What version of AB? I have Titan X Hybrid cooler and using AB 4.1.1 without problem. Any other 3rd party OC software you have installed, like Precision X? At this point I would do AB uninstall/reinstall, and then clean windows install.
Using EVGA Titan X Hybrid cooler on my Titan X which is exactly the same sans plastic shroud design AFAIK. Quiet as a mouse, no pump noise here.
ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Gears of war remastered on PC! DX12!
Here, I made quick video. That's Titan X @ 1440p with 4xAA. I don't really play Sacred 2, I didn't have another spot to test it, but looks like all these leaves are physx-accelerated. Lowest FPS I saw is 56, and I don't think that was due to physx. It was still caching new area as I was running. The whole time GPU usage was around 50%, I don't think Titan would have any problems keeping 60 FPS in this game with physx on.
So I installed EVGA AIO few hours ago. Installation itself wasn't bad at all, took me maybe 40 minutes. I had to shuffle some fans around my case to find best place for the rad. First tried with EVGA rad fan that was included, then changed it to Corsair SP120. Honestly I saw no difference, couldn't hear both and temps are the same. I'm maxing out at 52C on the core with GM200SC-425 bios with 1.212v @ 1425Mhz. The best thing - no throttling, clocks and volts stay pegged at...
I didn't look at SC, I assume its Superclocked? I'm planning to use HC (Hydrocopper), from the OP, this one. Looks like same max voltage, yes.
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