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I don't have 980 anymore, it's been giving me problems; I sent it back to Amazon for refund. Will be waiting for big Maxwell now.
I benchmarked my new GTX 980 against my GTX 780 Ti and wanted to share the results. Both cards are average overclockers.1. EVGA GTX 780 Ti SC, stock boost to 1150. I was only able to reach 1175 on the core and 3700 on the memory. Flashed with custom BIOS with 175% power limit, no throttling there. This card is one of the lowest clockers here, but still around 15% overclock over stock. Benched with 340.52 drivers.2. EVGA GTX 980 SC, stock boosts to 1366. Game-stable clocks...
On second thought, I guess you're right, they do it with factors... Having 1.25 only option for 4K native is stupid.
Yeah, since you have real 4K, you don't really need any upscaling anyway.
To 5120x2880? I'm no expert, but isn't 4K is 3,840x2,160?
You mean you see no "DSR - Factors" option in NVCP with single card? That's odd. Didn't think monitor could affect this. Only SLI as reported by someI tried least taxing game currently installed - NFS Hot Pursuit in 4K - it was awesome.
No point, my GPU usage is like 50-60% in vantage. I'll do FS and FS extreme next.Here's 3DMark 11 Extreme score, same clocks as before. Graphics score 6640FS Extreme, GTX 980 (1480/3954). Graphics score 6933FireStrike, same clocks, graphics score 15299
3DMark 11. 2500K @ 4.6 GTX 980 (1480/3954, but more like ~ 1450 due to heavy power limit throttling). Graphics score: 20294. My CPU is holding me back in P mode. I ain't even trying Vantage with that CPU.
The only game that works with DSR (that I found so far) is Watch_Dogs 5120x2880 downsampled to 2560x1440 = 19 FPS Edit: It works. All credit to this guy.. Check all DSR checkboxes in NVCP and then head over to Geforce Experience. In custom settings for the games you will see bunch of selectable DSR resolutions.
Yup, my sentiments exactly. It almost feels like it's not working at all. What game did you try?
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