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Obviously can't speak for everyone here, but for me personally it slowly changes. Having always been nV fan, liking their ecosystem better, just bought RX 470 for my son's PC. If 1080 Ti is more than $699, screw that. I'm not buying. I'm getting Vega even if it's slower than 1080 Ti for $600, as long as it's faster than Titan XM. Enough is enough.
No, I will be overclocking, just on stock voltage.
I see your point. I was just wondering why I can't see power limit in AB. I see the voltage slider, and I wasn't planning on messing with voltage anyway. if power limit doesn't stick in AB, then I'll be using wattman. Thanks.
I'll double check when I get home.
The issue is not that power limit doesn't stick, it's that I don't even see the option in Afterburner to adjust the power limit. That leads me to suspect something is wrong in terms of drivers/afterburner install or I haven't unlocked some unofficial option or something. Unless Afterburner doesn't support RX 470 power limit adjustments at all?
Hi fellow Polaris owners. Just bought RX 470 for my son's PC. Haven't had AMD GPU in a while, can't figure out one thing: power limit adjustments are not available in latest Afterfurner, or so it seems. Fresh install of win 10, latest Relieve drivers, latest public version of Afterburner. I can change power limit in wattman, but not in Afterburner. There isn't even an option for that. What am I doing wrong?
Misleading title. Redemption process will be tied to the GPU model the game was bundled with. After successful redemption, game is not tied to anything and can be played on any GPU.
I vote no for multi GPU. Having used it in the past, it brought more hassle than enjoyment. Especially if you like to play games on their release date and not wait for SLI or CF profiles. Get the strongest single card you can afford and enjoy your games.
No difference in performance.
PhysX forced on GPUPhysX forced on CPUFirst benchmark run is always jerky in the beginning (something is still loading in background, textures perhaps?), that's why I recorded 2 for each.
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