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Add me please. Lumia 925.
Apparently, there is an API by AisleFinder, called Supermarket API. Supposedly they cover large chain stores and return product aisle location as part of the response. However, lots of people complain that this info is almost always old/wrong, so it's pretty much useless. They have their own iPhone and Android apps (I'm assuming built around that API). On top of that, it's not free. Well, I was kinda expecting that.
That is great idea. How many times I wandered aimlessly thru isles in Stop and Shop looking for little things that wifey put on the list. However, from dev perspective, I am not seeing a way to implement this unless each store would have some kind of web service based API I could query that would return list of items and their respective store location. Maybe big store chains have something like that, I'll do some snooping.
Hey fellow WP8 phone owners! Newly minted Nokia Lumia 925 owner reporting for duty. Running Windows 8.1. No fancy-shmancy accessories yet, had this phone for just few weeks. Lowing the thing, came from Galaxy S4 and didn't look back once. I like the phone so much, I decided I'm gonna start developing apps. Any other app developers here? Not to shamelessly plug my first app, but if you guys want, you can check it out here.It's simple Walmart deal browser. I am an...
I received an unlock code from AT&T. This phone now can be unlocked to work with any GSM provider. Phone is less than a year old. 16GB. Black mist color. Great condition. Flawless screen. Adult owned and extremely carefully operated. You will get: AT&T Galaxy S4 Phone with original battery and back cover. Box/manuals Wall charger USB cable Hyperion 5800mAh Extended Battery + Black Back Cover Hyperion rubberized extended battery case Sold to tupamaro16. Thanks. Free...
With these new drivers, Metro LL benchmark went from 58 to 70.7 avg. Single 780 Ti, 2560x1440, High preset, phyxs off, SSAA off, Tess normal, motion blur low.
Thanks, works a treat. Now off to find my new stable clocks!
Flashed it and it works a charm, thanks again, Cyclops. The only thing I forgot to ask for voltage unlock. If you could add a voltage unlock to 1.21v to the unlocked TDP BIOS you already made for me... that would be awesome. Thanks!  
Thanks, really appreciate it.
OP: is it possible to just increase power limit on my 780 Ti ACX bios to something like 150%, leaving everything else as is? Thanks.  
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