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This what I said to myself after CoD4... and I've stuck to it. Don't think this means Activision will change anything though. Slightly selling less still means they are making huge profit. One can hope I suppose.
When do you next plan to upgrade your Desktop PC? A: In the next 6 months. (Hopefully, just had to sell off the current rig as money is tight.) What do you look for when selecting a processor upgrade? A: Price, and performance.
I'm really amazed how they are able to do this with current console memory limitations.
I have one, and honestly other than Uncharted no game has really peaked my interest. Right now it sits in the bathroom and I play Pinball Arcade on it whilst using the crapper. The real let down for me was Resistance. Had high hopes for it and was totally let down.
I was just thinking the exact same thing.
I am not the hugest EA fan, but I absolutely agree with them on this one. I have yet to see a single Zynga game that is even a remote bit original and not totally stolen. I hope EA gets some of the other companies who Zynga has ripped off on board as well.
Having been down the Sli road, I will tell you that a single card is always the better solution. As people will tell you, less power consumption, less heat production, not relying on scaling, the list goes on. Plus you can add the second card down the line, but to me that's a minor point, due to all the reasons I just mentioned. I had Sli GTX460s and I could never get a truly stable experience. Games would always crash to desktop, crash the drivers, or just hard lock the...
Shenmue. Totally unique, you literally lived his day to day life. I spent 3 days straight playing it way back when, no other game have I ever HAD to play so badly. Good old Dreamcast.
RAT 5. Bought it on an impulse when I saw it at the store and I couldn't be happier. First true "gaming" mouse I've ever owned, so I really can't compare it to anything that really matter. But I find it super comfortable and well built.
I bought the Bundle last Christmas and haven't played any of them. Going to get the mods and smarten the heck up and play them.
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