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Power consumption = efficiency = performance. Unless of course Nvidia wants to lower the TDP for each and every segment by a significant amount.If you have 250W to work with for example, a card that is 50% more efficient can be 50% faster.The big question is: What is Nvidia's choice?
Titan "Ultra" > 290X > 780 Ti > 290 > 780 That would be my guess.
No, it would be exactly as fast as the Titan. Clocks are 902/837 = 7.7% higher clocks (base) and 8.9% (boost)
Nope.Titan: 68 fps and 383W290X: 60 fps and 392W
Titan@1GHz is about 35% faster than the 7970 GHz. The 7970 GHz clocks between 1000 and 1050 MHz depending on powertune limitations. Thus Titan is maybe 40% faster than the 7970 clock for clock.
Yup. Or R7. Depends what prefixes they will use. I guess they reserve the even numbers (A4, 6, 8, 10) for the APUs and have R5, 7, 9 for the GPUs.
No, but you'll see
Depends on the game. Mafia 2 was indeed a bit much, but most other games were fine. Often "overkill" is intended and goes well with the general tone of the game, for example Borderlands 2.
Unnecessary? No, it improves immersion and atmosphere. Looks amazing!
TressFX has the exact same performance impact on AMD and Nvidia hardware: performance has no impact in todays games at all if we compare GFLOPs. The 7970 GHz has 30% more GFLOPs than the GTX 680/770. Of course it's faster. But that has nothing to do with architecture, just with the number of ALUs (and bandwidth). PhysX is great as long as there is no...
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