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It's false. In my opinion Spawn tracks best at 1800 DPI.
Just use v61 for high max speed, any low LOD Spawn firmware will have much lower max speed.
Hehe, I'm interested in this too. Some people claimed that they sense difference in latency between 1000Hz and 500Hz, and that is only 1ms vs 2ms, basically 1ms difference. So if that people are so incredibly gifted, why the "smoothing lag", which is supposed to be easier to feel, hasn't been detected for so long?
Yes I know, Enotus just takes the largest displacement and it often happens to be an error spike when sensor loses tracking. Enotus rounds DPI in 200 steps, that may alter top speed too.
MouseTresholds are for Windows 2000/98/95 style acceleration, these settings don't work at Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
Nivity, I think you misunderstood my post. I edited comments about quoted posts, so maybe now it will be easier to read. My English is far from good, it is foreign language to me, but I think you should read more carefully. I agree with everything you posted in this topic. It is a lesson for me, I have to remember not to use any strong words, because they arouse emotions and it's easy to miss the point when angry.
I did some testing of v201 using Enotus, here are my results:Code:DPI Hz m/s800 1000 2.69800 500 2.92800 250 2.92800 125 2.821800 1000 3.331800 500 3.031800 250 3.681800 125 3.25(1600 Enotus)3500 1000 1.453500 500 1.393500 250 2.013500 125 2.27(3400 Enotus)1800 and 3500 DPI settings are closer to 1600 and 3400 in Enotus and were rounded by the program. As a mouse pad I used a large, black QcK clone manufactured by A4Tech.It seems to me that v201 is like v32 (low...
No matter how much people talk about Windows accel and about how it works, time after time some extraordinary gifted people will tell me that they can FEEL difference between [EPP off] and [EPP on + mousefix] or even between [EPP off] and [EPP off + mousefix]! As a CS 1.6 player I have heard many miraculous setups, for example: [EPP off + mousefix + noforce] commands are supposed to be better than just [EPP off + noforce]. Lately CS 1.6 was updated with raw input, so I...
he4th, don't take it personally but I have to say, you are wrong about almost everything you have written in above post and most likely whole topic.The only statemant I could agree is:however tell me how exactly do you plan to compare latency of movement and buttons?
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