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Okay. Well, placing the speakers on your desk correctly will not take up any more space than the way they are now, and they will definitely sound a lot better. Not to mention you won't look like an idiot.
Where are you getting these prices?
Umm... What's up with your speakers?
Audioengine 2 [ame=""] Audioengine 2 - PC multimedia speakers - 30 Watt (total) - 2-way - satin black: Electronics[/ame] M-Audio Studiophile...
I have a 256Gb Crucial M4 in my laptop. It's insanely fast. I highly recommend it.
I recommend the Sennheiser CX 400. I'm pretty sure you can get them on Amazon for around $30.
Sorry. Posted in the wrong thread.
Wait... Isn't the 5Hv2 a USB headset?
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