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No, unlock.Mines a dual core stock. It unlocked into a stable quad core, and is at 4.014 right now. Beats the piss out of the fx and is very close to a x4 (I don't have L3 Cache)
Are you willing to try a cpu that probably will unlock?
Athlon 445 unlocked. 45 bucks on sale at compusa!
I see the advantage of a H series and the like, but how come all home built systems are not sealed? It may be more work, but wouldn't the advantage out-weight the benefits? From what I understand, I can solder copper tubing, attach it to water block, pump, radiator, and res with fittings, fill, seal, and never have to touch it again? Is there a flaw in this logic?
I heard thats a really hot chip...
Yea, for a desktop. I have a 6770 I'd use for video, and a wireless card. For what I do, browsing and watching movies, it should be perfect. It'd be great even for a little minecraft and portal. Plus it wouldn't use much power. Seems to me like it'd be a great little Linux box.
Ok, so I inherited a Sony Viao with a broken screen, no charger nor battery. It does have good ram and processor, and I can part out the motherboard... My current rig is being dismantled due to the price of my parts skyrocketing (got my 1090t for 130, just sold it for 200 + shipping) After I sell off the mother board and ram, I think it would be a good idea to just pick up one of these...
Computerworld - Apple's new OS X, dubbed Mountain Lion, will exclude some older Macs that can run 2011's Lion, the company's website said. The system requirements for OS X 10.8, slated to ship this month, ban older machines including the plastic-encased iMacs introduced in January 2006, MacBooks prior to the first all-aluminum model rolled out in late 2008, MacBook Pros older than those introduced in June 2007, and the first-generation MacBook Air, which debuted in...
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