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Computerworld - Apple's new OS X, dubbed Mountain Lion, will exclude some older Macs that can run 2011's Lion, the company's website said. The system requirements for OS X 10.8, slated to ship this month, ban older machines including the plastic-encased iMacs introduced in January 2006, MacBooks prior to the first all-aluminum model rolled out in late 2008, MacBook Pros older than those introduced in June 2007, and the first-generation MacBook Air, which debuted in...
Great idea, actually. Make computers ALMOST as smart as humans, but take away their free will. Make them be able to produce and work for us for the cost of electricity, and allow us humans with no use for currency and unlimited time on our hands do too things.... 1) Be free-loaders, and do absolutely nothing for eternity 2) Better ourselves to advance our race. 1) would be better at sustaining our lazy ass's, option 2) would be great, until we accidentally create a...
I thought intel came up with IA64 before AMD's x64, and they intended to phase 32 bit completely, not all this compatibility BS. We would be better off if we got rid of compatibility with archaic programs and started fresh with 64 bit, or even 128 bit.
I turned off two cores to decrease heat.Wound up exchanging the ram for some Corsair ram, and it has been good ever since.
Sold it to a friend in need of a PC for $300. He LOVES it, says its the fastest thing he has ever used, and can't wait for me to stick in an SSD for him (said when he bought it, I'd shove it in for free.)
No replacement for displacement.Don't care if a 600cc sport bike can make 100hp, make a 5735 cc (350 cubic inch) motor with the same technology, and even though its bigger and heavier, be amazed at what kind of power it can put down!
Sorry if I'm naive... But when do we stop making the processes smaller, and just keep it at 22nm and make the dies bigger? 2x as many transistors in twice the space should be easier than 2x as many transistors in half the space...
If it's worth doing, it's worth over-doing!! DO EEEETTTTT!!!!
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