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Ah.... actually yeah, if you're poor you can't and shouldn't be able to afford the same luxuries as a rich person. Becoming rich isn't luck of the draw or randomly picked. More often than not it's earned. No hands outs. Want something? Work for it.
To all the people who say they don't want a mute car, I drive a ford fusion hybrid and hate when the gas engine kicks on. It's loud and annoying. I love the practically silent electronic whistle of my electric engine, and can't wait until I can afford a model S. Electric cars are sick... and I drove a 2000 mustang GT for 3 years, burnt more tires to spread than you probably will in a life time but I'd never go back to a full ICE car. Besides, new cars nowadays are plenty...
Oh please, miners were buying RX480s and 580s. The 480 had been out for over a year and the 580 had been out for months. Nobody wanted a 580 until the price spiked and all the sudden everyone was freaking out. Everyone was actually bashing AMD for the crappy 480 card, and then bashing even MORE at the 580 which turned out to be a refresh, but all the sudden these rouge AMD fans came out of the woodwork crying because out of nowhere they had to build multiple new gaming...
I returned my xbox x. Not worth the 500. I'll wait for a deal or a reason to buy it. The X did all the same stuff my One does, and the X doesn't do it any better. I'm a casual player and hardly enjoy the games as it is anyways..
Thanks boys. Went with the LG 27UD68, $399 at microcenter.
Hahahahaha... too funny...For real though these are 100% unrealistic photos... I'd like someone to send me a real photo of earth that looks nearly this good.
All these photos look CG... do we even have *real* photos of earth that looks this crisp? I'm skeptical.
Got mine, any monitor recommendations???
So I'm in a bind right now and I'm by no means a monitor guru but I do love my pixels... Just recently purchased a Xbox X and I'm still using mid tier 1080p monitors... I'd like to get a monitor that checks all the boxes, but there just doesn't seem to be one? My hope was there was a monitor out there priced at around 600 or even 700 dollars (tops) that'd be 27", 4k, IPS, support HDR and free sync... The more and more research I do the more and more this appears to be a...
Where have you been? All news is desperately looking for drama, and has been for a long time.
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