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Can anyone confirm if this is correct -- is the PowerColor R9 280x Turbo Duo really based on the reference 7970/280x PCB? According to this review, it is; but that's the only site that says the card is based on the reference design, no other site mentions anything about it. The reason why I'm asking is I want to put a full cover GPU block on it because of the high temps, but I can't tell for sure if it is based on the reference PCB. Thanks! +rep
Subbed. Great thread! I'm also looking forward to the second part since this will be my first venture into water cooling, and I plan to expand right after purchasing the kit. edit: Does the G1/4 adapter come with the kit or would one need to order it separately?
Bram, do you know when the H220x will be available in southeast Asia? I can't seem to find any retailer here who has the H220x in store.
Has anyone tried doing an h220x loop with the cpu, the rad-res-pump combo, 1 gpu (r9 280x), 1 additional 240mm rad, and the water cooling adapter on the Asrock Z77 OC Formula (or similar boards)? I wanna do this but I'm not sure if the pump can handle the restriction.
Hey guys, is it normal for the 280x to have high temps? My 280x core reaches 75 degrees C when gaming, and VRM's reach 91 deg.C. I'm used to my old 7850's low temps, so I'm pretty worried about these temps. I want to put it under water but my student budget prevents me from buying the parts.
I fixed it. Turns out there was hair stuck on it. It was before I put the filters back on. lol. Then the multiplier thing, turns out you can set it in power options.
Hi, can I join the club? PowerColor TurboDuo R9 280x [[SPOILER]]
Would there be a noticeable difference between onboard audio and a FiiO E10k? Also, would the E10k be the best choice in that price range?
OHH! That was on 100% in the balanced setting. I didn't know about that. Lol. Now, it's on 5%. I'll restart later to go back to 4.4GHz when updates finish. Thanks! +rep
I was on a broadband USB stick for a month because I changed ISP's. I didn't ground the connection and the USB stick was on the wall. It might have had killed the board. I'm having issues with my z77 oc formula. If I set my multiplier to anything above 34, it stays there even when idling. It doesn't go down to 16 or 34, just the multiplier I set. Also, my MOS fan stopped working. Would updating the BIOS from 2.20 to 2.30 possibly fix these issues?
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