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I'm back to 4.3GHz now. Weird that when my video card broke, I could take the offset much lower. -0.070 V Offset (from -0.050 V) +0.016 V Turbo (from +0.008 V) Level 3, 43 x 100 MHz. I also had to overclock from the start because I cleared the CMOS trying to fix the video card. lol. It's a PITA I let my mom and younger sister use the computer when I am at the university, and all they do is go on facebook. So far, with their low intensity usage, no crashes, BSOD's, or...
Hmm. I don't think water was dropped onto the card though, the droplet would need to go through the phantom 410's grill and through the megahelms. The previous room where the computer was located was humid, so that might have been it. My country can get very humid at times. Nothing else in the case has rust, so I think I'm lucky for that. lol.
My 7850 broke the last week, I RMA'd it and sapphire said the warranty was voided because there was rust on some solder points (they said it might have been because of humidity). I can't take a picture of said rust but I'll attach a similar picture instead. I already cleaned and dried the card. Can baking still fix it? this picture is similar, but the RUST on my 7850 is significantly LESS than what is shown on this picture.
Subbed! I just love that front panel thing you did. Looking forward to this build!
Yes, I meant the one that came with the unit. Thanks a lot!
Great to hear! Can I just use a 6-pin to 8-pin converter?
My old GPU died and I'm about to buy a replacement. I was thinking of getting the r9 280x. Can my M12ii 520w unit handle everything at full load? I play games, 3d render via 3ds Max and Blender, multimedia edit via Adobe CS; so I think I will run most of my pc on 80-100% load most of the time. i5 3570k (OC'd to 4.5 GHz) Sapphire r9 280x Dual-X (won't be OC'd) Swiftech H220 16gb 1600MHz CL9 1.5v RAM 2x 1tb HDD's, 10 Corsair SP/AF fans, usb ports, etc Would I need to...
Liked a long time ago, just saw this thread today.
Better late than never! In, please
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