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In, really want one. Thanks
Can I store the Mayhems Pastel mix in the refrigerator? It's a cool and dark place. lol
Sorry if this is a reply to a pretty old topic in the threadHey, so I studied this in my thermodynamics class in uni last semester. We have this thing called the steam table where we would look for the properties of water at different temps and pressures.About the volume change, water at 4 deg.C is the most dense state of water, and sits at 1 L/kg; while liquid water at 100 deg.C is 1.043 L/kg.Meaning the volume change due to change in temperature from 4 to 100 deg.C is...
I'm still using mine, and I don't plan on replacing it any time soon. It's a good board after all. I had a 200MHz boost in OC coming from a Z77 Extreme 4, from 4.2 to 4.4GHz. Can't go further due to temps.
Alright. I'm convinced. I'll get on it when uni gives me some slacking time. Thanks! +rep
Yeah, I accidentally wrote compression. Thank you for the links and information.Are the acrylic tubes easy to break when attaching fittings?
So I've been reading on plasticizer issues and relatively issue-free acrylic tubing, and I have a couple of questions. Can acrylic tubing break when attaching fittings? Does it take much force to insert the fittings/tube, or is it just like soft tubing? edit: sorry, not comp fittings, Multi-link EK HD fittings are the only widely available fittings here for now.
Hey there. I don't know if you noticed, but you have a pretty bad kink near your CPU.
You'll certainly lower your temps by a few degrees, but you'd have to think if it'll be worth the extra cost.An excerpt from a reviewI think I saw the same graphs in that review and in the CPU block round up here on OCN, so I would think that review is pretty credible.
I see. Noise is fine, I wear headphones most of the time. And, no, a 480 won't fit. I'm actually gonna force a 360 in the Phantom 410 (eventually, during my uni's break).
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