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All articles I've read on that site are either Apple-praising articles or Windows-hating articles. They hate windows for the smallest petty things.
Hey guys, my PC seems to be stuttering frequently after upgrading to windows 10. The stuttering feels like the hang before a BSOD happens. I haven't performed a clean install yet. Do you guys think it's a driver problem which can be fixed by a clean install?
Thanks for the advice, jflisk and axipher. +rep. Gonna do that when I need to do this again. I contacted MS Tech Desk. Man, they are good. They requested remote control of my PC, so I gave my tech rep RC powers. He fixed the problem within 5mins. I'm downloading win10 now.
I have a problem with my brother's PC. He reserved win10, and he finally received the download. He decided to reformat and reinstall a genuine copy of windows 7 before installing windows 10 (idk why). He downloaded all the updates. Now, there's no windows 10 icon on the lower right part of the screen. I tried to do all the things I read on several microsoft pages, but to no avail. Does anyone know any resolution to this? D: I contacted MS Tech Desk. Man, they are good....
Alright. Thanks guys. +rep
So I downloaded the whole thing this morning, and before installing i remembered something. What about the motherboard drivers? What should I do if my board doesn't have drivers for windows 10 yet?
Yeah. It was recently released on steam. I'm on Mount Tyrannas. You can add me if you're on the same server. Send me a PM
I think this is what the others want I use Windows 8.1 and I love it. I tweaked win7 to my liking when I first installed it, and did the same to win8.1. I see nothing wrong in making changes to suit your taste to a product targeted to a huge variety of buyers. It's like building your own PC, you make it the way you want it, even if it means doing some work.
I think what caused the blurry letters was the Morphological Filtering in CCC. That's what I noticed in games when I had it on.
In. thanks
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