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I think this is what the others want I use Windows 8.1 and I love it. I tweaked win7 to my liking when I first installed it, and did the same to win8.1. I see nothing wrong in making changes to suit your taste to a product targeted to a huge variety of buyers. It's like building your own PC, you make it the way you want it, even if it means doing some work.
I think what caused the blurry letters was the Morphological Filtering in CCC. That's what I noticed in games when I had it on.
In. thanks
Oh, right, sorry. How could I forget that? lol. Cisco DPC2320, it's a modem-router combo given by the ISP. This is a picture of the rear.
Hi, My country is very much behind in internet technology and everyone here is angry at all ISP's. I was reading about modems and routers because I plan to change the one the ISP gave me. All modern modems and routers I see have the RJ-type connectors, the one I have right now has an F-connector. Can you guys teach me how to upgrade my modem and router? edit: Can I use an F-connector to RJ45 converter like this to connect a different modem?
Dota SEA servers do I put it... stupid when the year beast is up. lol. Takes forever to queue, then when you get a match, takes forever to find a server; when a server is finally ready, you lose connection to steam. lol. Now, I watch the timer to skip queuing when the year beast is up.
In, really want one. Thanks
Can I store the Mayhems Pastel mix in the refrigerator? It's a cool and dark place. lol
Sorry if this is a reply to a pretty old topic in the threadHey, so I studied this in my thermodynamics class in uni last semester. We have this thing called the steam table where we would look for the properties of water at different temps and pressures.About the volume change, water at 4 deg.C is the most dense state of water, and sits at 1 L/kg; while liquid water at 100 deg.C is 1.043 L/kg.Meaning the volume change due to change in temperature from 4 to 100 deg.C is...
I'm still using mine, and I don't plan on replacing it any time soon. It's a good board after all. I had a 200MHz boost in OC coming from a Z77 Extreme 4, from 4.2 to 4.4GHz. Can't go further due to temps.
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