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Thanks for the picture! Don't worry about the cables. About the size, your board is 12 inch x 8.8 inch, mine is 12 inch x 10.5 inch. I found a close friend who has the same case, I'm gonna borrow his case for a day just to test fit my board.
Hi, can the source 210 fit an E-ATX case? I know the product page doesn't say anything about E-ATX fitting, but there might be a chance that just like the phantom 410, the source 210 can fit an E-ATX board. In the phantom 410, my E-ATX board overlaps the cable routing areas a bit, but all is well. I am in need of a temporary case while I try to mod my phantom 410, and if the source 210 can fit an E-ATX board, it'll be the perfect case to get.
Thanks. +rep
^ Yeah, just saw it on PCHub's facebook page.
The H220x and H240x finally arrived in my country! Does anyone know if the H240x fits in the Phantom 410? I can put 2x 140mm fans at the top of the case. If it won't, I'll just get the H220x.
Will the H240X fit at the top of the phantom 410? The case has room for 2 140mm fans at the top, as seen here, and the H200x coolers basically occupy the same footprint as its fans, right? I'm thinking of doing it like H240x - top panel - fans - plastic shroud of the case.
Love those monitors! How are they in games though? I heard they had hidden frames/bezels when the display is on. I was thinking of buying three 23" of those, but I haven't had any testimonies about gaming with them.
Yeah, but the whole grill area is filtered by pantyhose, as well as the bottom intake fan. It's just that the ambient temps are relatively high here.edit: the overdue picture of my card as per requirement (I think) to join the club. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah! That one! I changed my courier to Tory for the meantime to avoid being accused of abusing the bug. lol. I never knew ET also had a bug. Thanks for the information.
Hello, guys. Is anyone else experiencing a weird bug on the Pudgling courier with the golden hook style? I can't seem to click it, also it can't be seen except for its aura and the glow of its hook. There are also some people experiencing this bug here and here.
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