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Hey guys, I re-installed windows 10 hoping to fix my stutter problem ― which was a total success. I found that the frequent stutter/hang was caused by Etron USB 3.0 drivers. Upon installing windows 10, I noticed there were several up-to-date drivers, and some outdated drivers. I replaced the outdated ones and retained the up-to-date ones. The stutter went away due to this. Are the up-to-date ones the real deal or should I try updating them? I don't want to repeat the...
I restarted/reinstalled windows 10 for the second time now. I checked control panel > hardware > device manager, and saw that there are drivers installed already, and some of these drivers are already up to date. Are these drivers really the real deal? I mean, I don't have to update the seemingly up-to-date drivers anymore? edit: I didn't replace the existing USB 3.0 drivers upon installation, and the problem is gone now. Thanks for all the help.
I ran into 2 BSOD's when I was installing drivers. Both BSOD's gave an error about Driver IRQL not less or equal - EtronXHCI.sys, which I assume is the USB controller since the Etron driver is for the USB 3.0. I can't seem to install it because installing it results in a BSOD. I'm gonna try uninstalling the USB 3.0 driver, and reinstall the latest one.
Thanks, gonna check my drivers. I believe I installed the latest versions of the board drivers, but I might have missed some; doesn't hurt to double check. Okay, gonna run P95 and kombustor in a bit, just gonna finish the drivers.The last time I ran P95 and kombustor, I remember not having any stutters; but when I copy files, or whenever the HDD is at 100% load (seen on task manager), the computer keeps on stuttering.
Here's the test result. So I guess my hard drive is healthy. I'm gonna test the CPU, GPU, and RAM next. If none of these prove to be at fault, I guess I'm buying a new PSU. Any suggestions are welcome. +reps
@MightyMiroWD, thanks for the quick response! Ran the quick test and it passed. I'm now running the extended test. I'll return with results once the test is done. @Kiros, YES, the stutter is exactly like that. The fishy thing, though, is I had no problems with this set up back when I was using windows 7. The frequent stuttering only started once I moved to windows 10. Maybe it's the age of the PSU, as you mentioned. I'll try to get a hold of a beefier PSU. +rep
My computer has been buzzing and stuttering frequently for the last 2 months, ever since I installed windows 10 (formerly windows 7). Today I had spare time so I tried reinstalling windows 10. The stutter and buzz still occur frequently when the hard drive is at 100%. My CPU and RAM hasn't reached 100% yet, I'm still reinstalling programs and drivers. The windows 10 installation isn't actually a clean install, it's the "Restart this PC" function of windows 10. Earlier...
All articles I've read on that site are either Apple-praising articles or Windows-hating articles. They hate windows for the smallest petty things.
Hey guys, my PC seems to be stuttering frequently after upgrading to windows 10. The stuttering feels like the hang before a BSOD happens. I haven't performed a clean install yet. Do you guys think it's a driver problem which can be fixed by a clean install?
Thanks for the advice, jflisk and axipher. +rep. Gonna do that when I need to do this again. I contacted MS Tech Desk. Man, they are good. They requested remote control of my PC, so I gave my tech rep RC powers. He fixed the problem within 5mins. I'm downloading win10 now.
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