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My favorite Seasonic part is my very own 5 year old M12ii 520w semi-modular unit. One motherboard and two video cards have died in my system, but the power supply still runs like a champ.
Is this open worldwide? 1. The return of the HAF! The case looked really amazing at the demo. 2. Intel and AMD HEDT releases would be a good start for the YouTube channel, I think.
I'm about to graduate this June. I didn't expect chemical engineering to be so useful in computers, and vice versa. I learned a lot about gas and liquid flow, thermals and heat transfer, corrosion, materials, manufacturing and chemicals. I told myself computers would be my escape from the stressful world of chem engineering, I really didn't expect such similarities. lol.
Yeah, it's supposed to stay in high school. lol. It kinda gets the job done though.
I was actually pertaining to the effect of the increase in velocity to the friction loss in the equation. Bigger v^2. Then there's friction loss due to sudden expansion/contraction.Heat is transferred from the hot mass to the cold mass, what you need is more of the cold mass of air to absorb the heat, not just velocity. Then, ideally, P*V = n*R*T; meaning a decrease in pressure means there are less moles/mass of air in a given volume at a given temperature. Increasing...
That sounds interesting. It will increase the friction loss and pressure drop, but still, the increase in airflow might be able to overcome the energy losses.
It used to be the m12ii semi-modular models, but since the release of the G-series, I've built all my friends' computers with them. They're really good and inexpensive here in my country, compared to all other models, including 80+ bronze and silver rated models.
I got around overclocking my chip again, due to BF1 beta, trying to see if there's any difference. I just noticed that in HWiNFO, the Power (Input) of this chip reaches 166.500W. Is this normal? I just saw it today. +reps to anyone who can clear up this power input level thing. Thanks! Vcore at 1.232V max for 4.3GHz, and I can't go any lower than that. It also seems that my chip has reached its thermal wall, so 4.3GHz might be my best OC with this chip.
Hey guys, does anyone know if Overwatch benefits from overclocking the cpu and/or gpu?
I agree. I've used 2 AMD cards since 2012; both ran great together with AMD's drivers. Like huzzug said, the only drawback I see is the relatively longer time for drivers which have game optimizations to be released.Performance is good, I haven't really experienced a driver crash yet. I haven't tried overclocking my GPU though.
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