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Awesome, thanks!
OMG, lolI had pretty good temps with a waterblock, then went for the mono block and they've been awful since then. I don't think it is the monoblock, as other's do not seem to have the issue. And I do recall finishing a tube of Kryonaut (sp?), and I think it was just not enough (pretty sure I spread it too thin). The bad news is that I have to take it all apart, but I "should" get better temps and then I can move on to a decent OC and hopefully good setting for my RAM.
Thank you for the input. I agree it is too high. I am seeing 68-69c just browsing the net and transferring files . . . Was at 48c a minute ago, and now they are down to 31-32c. Not sure what is causing the "spikes."I am first going to take my loop apart and re-seat my waterblock. I think I applied just a tad too little this last time. I sure hope that is it.My CPU is also delidded by Silicon Lottery.
What are your CPU temps idle and during gaming? I am trying to see if I have poor contact with my heat-sink as the temps seem high to me during gaming. My ambient temps are close to 24c, my idle CPU temps are 30-32c, and when I play a game my temps are around 77-88c. (I am using CPUID HWMonitor to check temps, should I use something else?) For info purposes: CPU - 7900x, not overclocked at all at the moment Asus monoblock Two 360 RADS (720) Pump at 4700rpm RadFans @...
I get RAID, I mean just DATA, no RAID of any kind.
I am just doing DATA without VROC, but I do not understand what the difference, or benefit, would be as DATA on VROC?
Rgr that, but what sort of scaling would you get as just data, on VROC?
Not sure if I am misunderstanding, which may be the case, but Data mode is not a problem, without a key. I am running my Hyper x16 with Samsung Evos and Pros as DATA with no issues.
When going with 2 NVMe in a Hyper x16 do you know if it matters if they are in the bottom or top 2 slots?
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