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^ Best answerBut really, it's like who owned the America's, or Australia originally? Well natives, but 'we' took it from them....regardless there are no natives on the moon, so it's up for grabs for anyone who's able and willing to get there and mine said stuffs.Space mining is the first real commercially viable reason to go into the far reaches of space (outside of a geo-stationary orbit). Space mining could be the catalyst that gets our species motivated to get off this...
I too miss GW1. I might go back and play it actually! Are the servers still up?
Sounds like you are using quite a bit of power...with this expensive of a rig you should have spent a bit more on a quality PSU
1300 watts, an OC'd CPU and 3 hefty GPU's. Sounds about right to me. My guess is a faulty PSU if you've got a buzzing sound. FYI - a more descriptive title might help as opposed to "NEED ADVICE!!"
I thinkI think ED (elite dangerous, not erectile dysfunction) is geared towards combat in space, and Star Citizen is everything lol.I've been following Star Citizen for over a year now, I'm a backer, and VERY impressed with the amount of communication they give to the community. Unlike many publishers and developers Star Citizen listens to their community and not only welcomes feedback, but specifically asks for it! - C.S.W.
Thanks guys! I did try another WiFi card and it had identical issues EDIT - I just completely reloaded windows and am getting the same issue. Clearly it's hardware, but it makes ZERO sense that it also effects the external USB as well. Shiftstealth, would the PCI-E lanes on the CPU affect both internal and external wireless cards? Thanks! -Joe
Good morning! Hopefully someone can assist here. I've been experiencing something unusual on my Sager gaming laptop. Whenever my cpu usage increases ANY level (yes anything, even moving the mouse) packets begin to delay or drop instantly. Example: Doing a ping -t to my packets will immediately begin to drop or delay up to 3,000ms. If I walk away and come back and do not touch the mouse the ping -t to google will return roundtime trips of 32ms-50ms...
It's because the game is brand new, they've never made a halo game ever, especially not one that was multiplayer.
It looks good, but I only have room for one space sim and I'm holding out for star citizen.
Not sure if you went with splunk or not. But a site that a friend of mine just stood up is a splunk query repository (still in its infancy, but a few of us splunkers are adding queries daily!). Anyway if you are new to splunk or need help with queries check it out!
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