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It's open, join in if you want to play! We've got a few active friendly folks in here! open the console (F1) and to a "net.connect" Enjoy! C.S.W.
No need to get defensive.I'm anxious to see your progress, but you won't get many supporters with an attitude like this.
Looking to hide a tiny computer minitx behind my television. I know onboard graphics have come a long way and I want to get away with being able to play SOME games on my living room television without needing a graphics card. It's been a while since I've built anything that didn't use a video card and I'm just curious what the best is today? Many thanks, C.S.W.
I'd be very interested in seeing how you make out without a metal heat sync. I did this a while back and I never tried it without the heat sync. One thing to caution you is that the thermal paste WILL dissolve between the heat sync and the CPU. As will any other thermal paste within the rig (components you didn't even know had thermal paste on it will stop working!) It's certainly a fun project! I'm anxious to see how you make out
You have a point
You present a simple solution, one of which my wife would surely not approve of. At one point when I was into console gaming and my wifi bridge went out, I ran a 100' ethernet cable to my xbox....wife was not happy
I'd love to come back to TC but there are a few things in my way. A. I've lost the battle of the man-cave, and my wife won. My man-cave is now a closet for shoes, purses, clothes, and God knows what other non-manly things :/ B. The wiring to my current office prevents me from drawing a ton of power from any outlet. The current breaker controls my office, half a bedroom, an outlet in the kitchen, the dining room, and all of the living room. I have no idea what idiot wired...
It is going quite well! I've been poking around the forums a bit. I'm hoping to get back into overclock / folding / all that good stuff again and soon The game itself is pretty good! It's hard to justify giving EA any money, but I had to...since they brought commander mode back
Hey guys, how's everyone been? Anyone get BF4??!?!?!
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