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It's because the game is brand new, they've never made a halo game ever, especially not one that was multiplayer.
It looks good, but I only have room for one space sim and I'm holding out for star citizen.
Not sure if you went with splunk or not. But a site that a friend of mine just stood up is a splunk query repository (still in its infancy, but a few of us splunkers are adding queries daily!). Anyway if you are new to splunk or need help with queries check it out!
I'm not doing it out of principle. This is absurd.
Time to move if you live in Hungary and use the interwebs.
^ fixed
It won't be long until smart people lease T3 lines or some form of dedicated trunks and sell it to their neighbors.
Thank you both for the responses. I will be re-applying the thermal paste this weekend and digging through my spare parts bin for a 120mm fan that I know I have laying around
Hey folks, Been a while since I've posted in here.....feels good to be back! Anyways; I've got a GTX 570, it's starting to get a bit hot. Currently everything is as it was from the factory. I've got a full RASA 360 kit in my desktop, cooling my no longer overclocked CPU. Is it worth buying a waterblock for the GPU? Or are there other cheap tricks to help remove a fair amount of the heat from a GPU such as mine? My initial thoughts are to re-apply the thermal paste. I've...
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