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IMO this is going to be huge!Short version:
Thanks for the tip! No luck though is this the industry standard for clearing the CMOS or is it possible my sager is unique?
So I'm a desktop guy. I generally do not like laptops, simply because I can't easily fix them. I have a 4-5 year old sager (NP6370T-8) gaming laptop that won't power on. Here's what happened leading up to it not working: 1. Pulled it out of the closet after a few months 2. Loaded an application that pushed the third gen i7 to it's limits for about 2 days (roughly 48 hours). 3. Powered it off for a week. 4. Powered it back up, burnt an ISO disc with CentOS on it (was...
Gotta get that wifi blocking paint, especially if your an avid reader of 50 shades....
I've done intel for a while, I'll most likely go back to AMD for the next rig. I'm not a fanboy of either, but I no longer need the raw horsepower Intel gives me in exchange for my $$$
I live about 2 hours outside of Philly (York, PA area). Long story short, my sister went to school at Temple (heart of Philly), I only visited her once in 5 years because it was that bad. I'll never understand why there is a school in the middle of a ghetto, but there is. Oh yes, and I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan, but I'd rather go to any other stadium to see them play. I HATE going to philly.
If that doesn't put it into perspective for people I don't know what will. That's an excellent diagram sir.
Thanks!! I'd love to see some other environments queries on the site, feel free to post any you find useful I'm curious on your new setup, how many indexers and search heads are you using? We are currently at about capacity on a single indexer // single search head configuration and will need to expand in the VERY near future. Thanks again!
Thank you sir
So after being a LONG time user of splunk I felt a site like this was I made one! I'm looking for some feedback from folks who actually use splunk, and I'm assuming there are a few overclockers here who use it! Any feedback positive or negative is warmly welcomed! Site: Thanks!
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