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Can any Dark Souls fan compare 3 vs 2 game play, are they expected to feel different?
Why does he refer to the monitor as exciting? I can only see connectivity upgrade over last year's model.
Yay ^_^  /thread.
what monitor does he have (the big one)?
I'm giving up, just going to get rid of one u2311h.
I see, not exactly what I'm looking for, i'm trying to see if nView could help me, too bad its Quadro only but i found a way to force installation, now it won't launch.
take your time I'll be back in a few hours, thanks!
      I own 3 monitors: 1. Dell U2713HM 2&3. Dell U2311H    Is it possible to merge monitors 2 and 3 into a "single" monitor while leaving monitor number one as a separated monitor, essentially creating a two monitors setup? here's a mock-up of what i would like to achieve:   Thanks.   EDIT: I'm using a single GTX780ti
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