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what monitor does he have (the big one)?
I'm giving up, just going to get rid of one u2311h.
I see, not exactly what I'm looking for, i'm trying to see if nView could help me, too bad its Quadro only but i found a way to force installation, now it won't launch.
take your time I'll be back in a few hours, thanks!
      I own 3 monitors: 1. Dell U2713HM 2&3. Dell U2311H    Is it possible to merge monitors 2 and 3 into a "single" monitor while leaving monitor number one as a separated monitor, essentially creating a two monitors setup? here's a mock-up of what i would like to achieve:   Thanks.   EDIT: I'm using a single GTX780ti
can you elaborate on v-sync usefulness? 
 i have never even heard about psu coil whining but now that i've been reading into it it made me scared, how big is the risk of this occurring?What other alternatives around the same price range, efficiency, and capability can you suggest? 
 can you please elaborate on the coil whine problems? right the internals are the same, but I would pay 10$ just to have corsair's warranty and simply for the looks.can't find the Antec's psu in my country, but there's no reason I would pay more for a psu.  Finally decided I would go with dual u2713hm, solved my monitor setup problem. Now just looking at the rig itself, I want your opinions about the specs.
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