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1:29:36 they're saying both epyc 7601 and e5-2699V4 are above 4000$, e5-2699V4 is currently 2200$ at amazon.
$2/GB, 82% percent over 5 years is decent.
I was wondering if OLED will eliminate motion blur effectively acting as nvidia's ULMB technology? if so that paired with gsync/freesync option in future screens will be the holy grail of gaming (+120hz).
The Witcher 3 Developer Denies EA Takeover Rumours
Can any Dark Souls fan compare 3 vs 2 game play, are they expected to feel different?
Why does he refer to the monitor as exciting? I can only see connectivity upgrade over last year's model.
Yay ^_^  /thread.
what monitor does he have (the big one)?
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