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Sold. Thank you. 
Sold. Will close posting when I get back home (on mobile)
Crosshair V Formula-Z   Specs can be found here:   Brand new! Originally purchased for a racing sim but decided to go with a smaller form factor.    If you pay $180 I will include free shipping. Any offers, buyer will pay shipping.   All sales are final as this is a brand new board. I will open this box per your request to test the board to make sure it is fully functional if you wish.   Thanks for...
Corsair SP140   Selling all three for $60 (Free Shipping)   A Single 2 Pack for $20 + $5 Shipping   Brand New In Box.
Gently used Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB DDR3 2133MHz   cmd32gx3m4a2133c9   All sales final as these are in excellent working condition.   Shipping is free if you Pay $150. Any offers below $150 will not include shipping.
Corsair AX1200i For Sale.   Light usage from a gaming rig. Never saw a lot of draw.   Shipping is free if you Pay $175. Any offers will not include shipping.   All cables and original packaging included.
Looking to play BF2 or BF2142 post server shutdown?   Looking to play for free?   Looking to do it in three easy steps? I mean it, it is brilliantly simple to get up and running.   Check out or   Thanks to some extremely talented and dedicated developers, those of us who love BF2 and BF2142 are still able to play after EA shut down the servers.   Don't have the original disk or access to Origin? No problem! You can download it. Don't have...
Sorry, just one left. I will update the OP
Lucky! I live in the town they used to make them in and I can't find any in decent condition for a least 100 miles.
 Is that an Art Metal Desk?
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