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I got mine for $130 off of the last Massdrop, I'm quite happy with it. At that price you can't really beat it.
That looks more like between 150 and 350Hz. The 770s have a large dip in the 3-4khz range (which is where a lot of cymbal sounds sit, IIRC). Sound is pretty subjective though. People say the M50s are flat/neutral but to my ears they're the most v-shaped can I've ever used.
I didn't think the mids were very recessed at all on my DT770 80ohms. Heavy on the bass, decent chunky mids, and sorta rolled off highs that lacked in detail/crispness. When I think very v-shaped, I think ATH-M50s or something.
Nope, zero noise coming from mine even at max valume. I got a little bit from my onboard, but none from either my sound card or my discrete amp/DAC.
The cables are a few cents each, and I think most people would just go and buy a new one rather than calling up whatever manufacturer for one (due to time it would take versus cost of buying a new one).
My Fiio and Aune both came with a USB cable, I don't know why any other DAC wouldn't, especially seeing as it's a digital cable, not analog.
Different type of switches. Those old ones are generally buckling springs, which aren't made much anymore.
They're a great headphone, but if all you're doing is gaming, then I don't think they're worth it.
The first sentence, you're disagreeing with something I never said.
I didn't say a mid-silver player could carry easily.
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