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I use a Logitech G400. One of the only perfect sensors on the market, super cheap, super comfortable.
I've seen a couple popular streamers in my elo (D4, sometimes duo with a friend who's between D3 and D1 depending on how well he's playing this week). Behkuh, Hafu, Phantomlord (back when he actually played games), sirhcez, Trick2g, Best Riven NA. They've all been pretty cool.
8 hunters, 2 monsters, and a bunch of maps are what you get with the base game.
No idea, you can't really give unranked people a skill number. I imagine the distribution is pretty similar though.
Gold is the top 25-8%, plat is the top 8-2%, diamond is the top 2%.
Last I heard the entire DLC pack was going to be $15. Having to pay per hunter and then fifteen dollars for the monster alone is retarded. Just to get the next complete wave of DLC is going to cost $40, almost as much as the game itself. I was super hyped for this game, but I won't be buying it if these prices stay the same.
Of course they don't need to. You don't need to be able to customize abilities at all. But it's something that I (and many other people) enjoy being able to do. Character customization is kind of important in MMOs.Yeah, enjoyment is most important. Having a severely limited amount of skill customization is counterproductive to enjoyment for me (and many other people, it seems).
What do you mean what kind of argument is that? The game physically will not let you go pure DPS, no matter what class or skill set you take. I was agreeing with your point that you can't just think about DPS.What do you mean it's hardly limiting? Five of your skills, that's half of your skill bar, are locked to a few presets. You can not customize them at all. One is locked as a self-healing skill, of which there are only a few for each class. One of the remaining skill...
That isn't what I said at all. I said if the games aren't comparable then they shouldn't have made it a sequel and called it Guild Wars 2.Then they shouldn't have called it GW2.Yeah, it exists, but it's limited, optional, and bland at the best of times. I've been saying this since the beta, it feels like you're playing by yourself, in the vicinity of other people who are also playing by themselves.Well of course you can't go in with only DPS - the game won't let you, as it...
If they're in no way comparable, then they shouldn't have made it a sequel and called it Guild Wars 2.The problem with how ANet got rid of the trinity is that they didn't give any more options than were available with the "trinity", and if anything, it feels like your options are even more limited. Now instead of DPS, healer, and tank existing as distinct classes, every class is a DPS, healer, and tank. So now rather than lock you into choosing between 3 distinct roles,...
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