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Leadership. Knowing how to corral your team to do objectives (and knowing when to do objectives) is half of solo queue. This is easier as a mid or jungler, as you have greater influence over other lanes and can set up kills/objectives much easier than as an ADC or support.
I'd love an RX7, but finding one that's been properly maintained is super hard, and I don't want to deal with a rotary that hasn't been taken care of.
Well of course it's going to sound completely different, you're listening to it on speakers with a completely different sound signature than your headphones.My library has over 8k songs and there are less than a dozen where I can tell the difference between high bitrate MP3 and FLAC on my HE-400s.Go throw a 320kbps MP3 and a FLAC file into the Foobar2000 ABX test plugin, and then come back and try to say you can consistently tell the difference.
If the HE400 is V-shaped, it's quite slight, to my ears. I don't hear boosted treble at all. One of the revisions of the HE400 had issues with sibilance/treble though which may have caused some reviewers to claim that.
1,000 songs isn't very much... I had to make a pretty significant cut to my library to fit it onto my 64GB card without completely filling it up, and that's 90% MP3.
What are you talking about??? I already knew that. You asked for other examples that do the same thing and I gave you a bunch, after you said you doubted there was even one, LOL.Do you have zero response for the rest of my post?
CoD:AW's map packs are $15, Skyrim's expansions were $20, Europa Universalis IV's expansions were $15-$20, Shadowrun: Dragonfall is $17, ArmA 3 Helicopters is $18, Borderlands 1 expansions were all $10 each, Borderlands 2 expansions were all $5-$10. Shall I go on?And all of these expansions gave a lot more than one playable character for $15, or four for $25.The season pass does not include the monster, the season pass is only for the hunters. The monster is a separate $15...
$60 game designed as a DLC platform with very expensive DLC ($15 for a single character?! That's the cost of a season pass or an entire expansion in most other games...)If I'm paying full price for a game, I shouldn't be lacking access to 30% of the content 2 months later.
Yes, it's the alpha, that's where you add things into the game, fixing small things comes later...
What are you talking about?I have three thousand hours played and I'm still missing 20-30% of the heroes in the game. I learned the game about 2,000 hours ago, but I'm still lacking access to many heroes. Grinding is one thing, having to spend 4,000+ hours just to be able to have access to every character is silly.I'm not talking about the requirement to hit the "Play Ranked" button. I'm talking about the requirement to actually be somewhat competitive. Also you need...
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