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I dunno if I'd call myself a sheep, I main AP jungle Nidalee. I just don't see why you would pick ADC Ahri over AP Ahri. The fact that someone can get away with it in solo queue doesn't say much. I watched Nightblue win a game in Challenger with jungle Nami, that doesn't mean it's good. I mean, congratulations on winning a lot in low elo normals I guess, but using that as evidence of something's viability doesn't really work.
Flash isn't for escaping, it's for flash Qs, or Q > flash > ult.
I don't use caps because League engine is pretty crappy, so even though I get 200+ FPS constantly when uncapped, if I set the cap to 60 or 80, it fluctuates and drops below 60 and is annoying.
Every game has hackers. DayZ will still have hackers 3 years in, just like every other game. If hacking would put off a potential buyer, that buyer isn't going to be buying many games at all, lol.
I haven't seen any hackers in my ~90 hours of Standalone play.
I think Silver V is still below the 50th percentile, so in the lower half of all ranked players.
He didn't say anything about BotRK. You have a BF Sword as your last item, which should have been a Pickaxe, to build into Last Whisper.Edit: Also, I think you underestimate Last Whisper. At level 18, the average armor a hero has is like 80, which translates to about a 40% resistance to physical damage. 300 AD = 180 damage. With Last Whisper, you penetrate 35% of that, so they effectively have 52, which is about a 30% resistance, so 300 AD = 210 damage. Plus the 40 AD from...
That's just how everyone's ranked games go. You aren't going to carry every single game when you're in a rank near your skill level. I've been on plenty of winning and losing streaks. It took me 8 promo series to get into Plat 1 because although I was winning a lot more than I was losing, the losses just kept falling on those promo matches.Focus on improving, rather than on gaining ranks, and you'll do a lot better, I find.
I carried an account from Bronze V to Silver in less than 2 days.Those 3 losses were preventable - if I was playing seriously, I would not have lost any at all, but when you're stomping that hard, you start doing dumb things like diving turrets 1v2 for fun.It's not until like mid diamond level that players start even understanding most of the basics of the game. I still see a lot of players in low diamond that don't know how to control creeps in a lane, don't know when we...
Well if my mid isn't doing well, they're likely to die. Also if they're just sitting mid and farming and not helping anywhere else, it's kind of pointless to give them blue, when I can use it to help every lane.If you get good with the OP heroes, you'll do better. Just by learning and playing whatever heroes are really strong during a patch, you can raise in ranks pretty quickly.
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