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Congrats, I also hit D4 a few days ago
That's not ad hominem, that's just name calling. Ad hominem would be "your argument is invalid because you're a fanboy".He's arguing whether it's right (as in right or wrong), not whether they have the right. These are two different things.
That's how game development works. You just usually don't get to see the process because you're not involved from very early alpha.
New zombie skeletons were supposed to help a lot with server FPS (and I believe they did). Previously, every single zombie had a skeleton that was as detailed as a players'. This created a lot of stress on the server and was partly why they had to offload zombies onto clients for processing in the mod (which is why if you were the only one in a town, your FPS would drop to like 20, because all the zombies were tethered to your client/CPU). They no longer do that, all of...
DX11 is still coming when they replace the renderer.I'm pretty sure they've already done the skeleton overhaul (I think that was done before the alpha was even released), but I'm not 100%.
There is no new engine. "Enfusion" is just what they're calling the version of the ArmA engine that DayZ is currently running on. They felt that they had changed it enough to justify giving it a new name.From Brian Hicks, the lead producer of DayZ.
Only on this side of the hemisphere?
Next season doesn't start for a few months. I think around Feb or March is when they usually do it.
If your ADC is going 0-10 then they're already underfarmed and useless regardless of what you do. If you farm, then at least you can do something, which is better than your ADC doing nothing.
Yes, the argument is that when you're playing with people that are significantly worse than you, this is what you should do. Not if you're playing with people around your skill level.
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