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I didn't see anything about pain in his post. He said fatigue.
So because your fingers don't get tired in your specific case, anyone different should seek medical help? k.
I didn't say it was a balance issue. Yes, pathfinding is a fundamental mechanic issue.They are working, just not very well. They're achieving their fundamental goal - to attack or otherwise threaten players. The fact that there are issues with pathfinding does not stop this (in fact it helps them achieve that, but not in a good way).DayZ as it is right at this moment, is on this "new engine". They've just changed the ARMA engine enough to where they feel justified in...
I'm not saying you can't debug in an alpha. But that isn't the primary focus.Which is the state it's at now.They're in, and they're working. They walk around, chase people, attack them, die when shot, etc., don't they? Yes, they need a lot of improvement, but they're in and they do more or less what they're supposed to do, and they don't crash the game.There is no new engine.It's almost like the game is... unfinished, or something. What the heck?!And there are far, far,...
See, you say that, but then the rest of your post shows that you don't know what an alpha is. Alphas are for adding new features. Beta is for bugfixing. There's little point in fixing bugs this early, because adding new features will just introduce more bugs and may undo the work you've just done.You knew what you were buying, you get a message every single time you launch the game explaining that. If you don't want to participate in an extremely buggy, sometimes...
Not an "all-new" engine. They've just modified the RV engine enough that they feel justified in calling it something else. Still feels like the same old (old, old) ARMA engine.
And then you have a USB tumor on the side of your tablet whenever you need more than the built-in storage.
Glad they kept the SD card slot. Only reason I bought my Tab 3 was because it was one of the only ones in the price range with an SD slot.
I got mine for $130 off of the last Massdrop, I'm quite happy with it. At that price you can't really beat it.
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