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First, this game is going to be rated M or whatever - kids won't be able to buy it. Also - does playing racing games make kids get into car accidents? Watching racing? Does Winnie the Pooh encourage kids to go make friends with a bear? After all, "kids are easy to blow mind".Second, just because you don't like it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with it. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean there's something wrong with me. I probably won't play this - it...
I've been going on virtual killing sprees since I was like 10 years old, playing GTA2 on my Dreamcast. Just because someone condensed the game down to specifically that, doesn't make it any fundamentally different.Again, there are a ton of games that use murder and mass-homicide as a form of entertainment. Pretty much any sandbox game featuring NPCs made in the last few years. Elder Scrolls, GTA, Saints Row, etc.Everyone I know who's played those games, has gone on...
Then that's a problem with the person, not with the game or movie.
He's mostly a heavy poke hero with some high melee burst. Makes it very easy for him to poke his lane opponent down and then all-in them. His ability to both jump in and knock somebody back gives him a lot of range dictation and makes it hard for melee heroes to trade with him top, and his ranged damage is up there with other mids.He's a lot like Nidalee.
Rushing Brut + Last Whisper on Jayce is insane (in a good way). Absolutely stupid damage. I'm relieved when I see them building anything else.
I've only died to Sion passive once... Was fighting a Sion and Annie, killed Sion, but forgot about the passive, and thought the big thing following me was just Tibbers (wasn't paying attention), so I ignored it.
Minus the third person, yeah, Source engine would be pretty cool.
DayZ is the same everywhere. I share the same worries - DayZ will just always be held back by the ARMA engine. I can't see desync, the horrible animation system, etc. ever being fixed as long as they stick to this engine.
Well, you kind of have to go Madreds because she doesn't really have any clear otherwise, so I decided to just go on-hit magic damage with Feral and Nashor's, and then AP from there. Her ganks are pretty crazy with a charged tornado and the slow, and she can shield your laner if theirs goes for an all-in. She's also kind of immune to counter ganks because of her ult.
Lizard is preferred over Golem on J4 because in the early-mid game, he's a brawler and needs the damage boost.I don't think I've ever seen a J4 go Golem.
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