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Their Windows fan control software is even worse. I use Speedfan. Bit of a pain to set it up, but it recognizes all of the fan sensors.Good boards, but I would never get one myself for tweaking/overclocking.
I think the Thunderblades are discontinued now. Very hard to get last time I tried. Good cheap fans, but loud (like all Thermaltake stuff). The Jetflow fans are better than the Corsair ones performance wise, but yeah, dim leds.
The Jetflows are good fans. Push good amount of air even behind a couple of filters and are not that LOUD. I wouldn't call their leds "bright" though. I have several of these fans and the leds seem dimmer than, say, the ones one my old Megaflows, or my Thunderblades, or my Yate Loons. Yeah, they are the dimmest of all my led fans. They also are very delicate when it comes to dust. I have 10 of them, and they all developed bearing issues after a few months. Also,...
It's a joke.
You mean the 99%.
A long long time ago, ATI had a similar simple naming convention. XT, PRO, and the last one with just the model number (if I remember correctly). After, when competition would start to pick up with nvidia within a given generation, they would add more cards with different suffixes depending on where the particular card stood on the performance scale. Say "XTX" if it was faster than XT, or "XL" if it was between their XT and PRO cards. It did get confusing as time went...
You will probably blow up your board. My 8320 would also cap at 4.2ghz with that board (it's what I had before the Sabertooth). Said board died a few months latter.
On the topic of monitor. I got a Dell U2515h a few months ago. I have to agree that 1440p @ 25" is a bit too small for comfort. It will largely depend on your eyesight and your computing habits of course. Graphics themselves look fantastic and you can really appreciate the bigger resolution even coming from a 24" 1080p screen. The problem is with text. You will have to play around with font sizes. Sure, text will look crisp and neat, but you may have to squint a...
I would return it. I also have this monitor model and it came with a slight blb on the lower right hand corner, you can't really notice it unless you stare at it. I have plenty of Dells and most don't suffer from blb, so it's really down to how lucky or unlucky you are when getting your monitor.
That's one really nice board. Would be tempted to replace my old R2.0 if I had the cash, but to be honest I don't use even half of those features. Also, if Zen ends up being a monster then I rather save up for a new system rather than pump money into my old AM3+ rig (which can still handle anything I throw at it).
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