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Doesn't a bigger hub ensure higher SP? Read it somewhere. I love them as they are. I got three in the front as intakes behind a bouble filter (the mesh/filter from the front panel and a Silverstone filter attache to each one) and I can feel the air blowing out from the back of the case. The noise at full blast is not that bad. I have heard worse fans with lower cfm ratings.
Aren't the 140mm Jetflos not "real" Jetflos anyway? Totally different bearing type. But yeah, the 120mm Jetflos are very good and some of the best you can get in that size category, and would love to be able to get my hands on some 140mm ones.
Find the file/folder and delete it? If you manually installed it of course. Make sure to also undo any configurations you may have done too.
I wouldn't go above 90*C, but that's just me.
Overclocking is a no go. I just flashed a custom BIOS on mine . As for monitoring, the sensor for the GPU should work on most cards. Additional sensors I don't think are available (vram, vrm, etc). No fan control either. The GPU sensor can be read directly from lm-sensors, so any front-end you chose to run (gkrellm, conky, etc) will be able to read it too. There is also that nifty GUI linked to inside my second guide (radeon-profile) that also provides visual info. on...
You should have no problem running most Source games with the open drivers.
AMD fglrx is about 80-100% that of their Windows driver in 3D, and according to some Phoronix benches, a few %s faster in some cases. Wine is a crapshot since all testing is done on nvidia binaries. 2D is "meh" at best, but it is much better than before. The driver seems to have more problems properly rendering gtk than anything else. The driver itself will work on most fixed release distros, unless you like to change parts often (kernels, xservers, etc). Rolling...
Apparently Civilization: Beyond Earth is free today and tomorrow. Downloading just for kicks.
They said the same about OpenGL3.x. Gee, look how that turned out.
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