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I think you mean Jetflos.
Overclocking the NB adds a lot of heat and most chips need a rather big bump in voltage. The crappy retail heatsink would have been insufficient. The benefits are mostly on the memory side of things anyway, something that does not always translate directly to real life performance in most situations. Most review sites did gross exaggerations on the benefits of NB overclocking back in the Deneb/Thuban days.
Clock for clock they are about the same on average, the PhII being a tiny bit faster in most cases. The problem comes when you get into comparing an FX module with a Phenom core. The individual cores on the FX chips are indeed weaker than the cores on the older Phenom CPUs, so you kind of have to compare a FX module to a Phenom core. Personally I wouldn't waste time or money on any FX that has less than 3 modules.
It's about air pressure. But the differences are minuscule in most cases. Push/pull has the greatest effect with very thick rads (I'm talking +40mm thick high fpi blocks) and/or when using slow fans with low pressure ratings.
Mixing and matching RAM is not a problem. As long as you set the lowest settings and don't overclock. For FX CPUs I think I remember from the tech sheets that they can handle up to 2133MHz with two DIMMS and 1600MHz with four, though it also depends on how big the sticks are (I think those ratings are for 4GB sticks). In my case I can't clock any higher than 1600MHz with four DIMMS.
You really don't need fans on the vrms unless the mb has a really ****ty cooling setup for the vrms. If the have a good sized heatsink on them and you have decent airflow inside your case you are good to go.
They do indeed run faster... and louder. I have two 120mm Jetflos mounted on my Frio and they run up to 2190 rpm. I have 4 more in my case, 2 exhausts with the 1200rpm adapter (they run at 1450rpm) and two intakes with the 1600rpm adapter (they run at 1880rpm). Yeah, you can clearly hear the fan with the "1200 rpm" adapter, even if you lower their output by an additional 60%. I wouldn't use them if you plan on running a silent machine, but they are great otherwise. ...
Asus M5A97 aint half bad for octo cores either. The only thing keeping me from breaking 4.4GHz are temps. Sure, no fancy HTT overclocks or RAM/NB tweaking, but good enough for the basics. The best solution for fighting socket temps. is strapping a small fan on the back of your motherboard. My socket temps are almost on par with my CPU core temps now.
They XUL last time I checked. Individual distros develop their own GTK/Qt patches that attempt to better integrate the browser to the major DEs. Currently I think, Mozilla is working on another drawing engine.
I know what you mean. Makes it really hard to have a dark themed desktop. Firefox does it too despite FF not being GTK, so I guess it's just devs. not caring that much about Qt.
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