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I never noticed any difference (at least significant ones) with AMP+HPC on or off. I have hit 80*C socket and 75*C core and never got any throttling either, but that can be because my OCs and voltages are not that high.
My fav. was my old HD2900PRO. Don't know why, but I liked that card very much. I think it was because it overclocked very well (managed 1GHz on the core before it died a few days latter) and put out insane amounts of heat .
Well, color me impressed. Just finished getting my 8320 stable at 4.4GHz with my new Sabertooth. Using the recommended Digi+ settings in the guide with a +0.025 vcore offset (1.392-1.404v under heavy full load). Similar speed and vcore settings on my 970 board would result in 75*C core and +80*C socket temps. Now I'm seeing 68-70*C core and 70-73*C socket (same cooling setup).
Finally. Seriously. Prices for PC hardware in most third world countries are insane compared to the U.S and most places in Europe.Down here, AMD APUs are like the best thing since sliced bread. Honestly. People gobble these things up.
GloFo was probably their most brain-dead idea ever. Or rather, bad timing on AMD's part.
I could have had a house, a couple of cars, and even started a small family by now. Screw that, I need a new CPU. But honestly, unless you live a relatively well off life in a first world country or are from an affluent background, chances are you won't be spending more than 300-500 USD on a whole PC. Luxury items will always have a market, and that is what high end "gaming" hardware is.
Yeah, the single plug I like. It's Asus though, and I already had 2 Asus cards die on me. But since it's in-store warranty, it won't cost me that much. It's that or spend on another card but from another vendor (I'm looking at the XFX).
How is that R9 270? My HD7850 died and I can get that card as a replacement.
Yeah, they run faster AND louder than specified. I think CM purposely understated the specs. by 10-15%. I'm not complaining though, since I purchased these fans for performance and not silence. Though it does suck that even with the silencers they run 100-300 rpm over spec (and therefore louder), but run them at 5V and you can barely notice them (unless you have 8 like me ). There are primarily PWM fans of course, so they are not that great as voltage controlled fans...
Any filter should work. I use Silverstone ultra fine filters.
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