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Thermaltake fans are known to be loud and so-so performers. I would avoid them if you can. They are okay if you can get them for cheap. Those particular ones would be a slight downgrade from your current Corsairs.
Crap article with some big errors. Won't even read. Anyway, Plasma 5 took some getting used to from me, mostly because I fear change and the awful as hell default theme Kubuntu uses. Going to try Plasma 5.3 this weekend.
Breeze sucks anyway. Horrible theme. Too bad those nifty config windows that let you download extra themes don't work at all now. Got to do it manually, but I guess a lot of custom themes would have issues with Plasma 5 right now. The default Kubuntu splash screen is God awful too. Can't change it either (not easily anyway). Anyone found a way to get a 24hr style clock? Or changing the language of your login screen?
As in it feels like a beta. It's rather snappy, even with mesa drivers. It's little things that bug me. Little things that don't seem to be finished. A lot of the config. options simply do not work and I already spotted several minor bugs in a few base programs. It's good, but I feel like I'm using GNOME. I suggest most people stay with the previous Plasma for a while and wait a few more releases of Plasma 5.
Anyone tried Plasma 5 yet? Just did a clean install of Kubuntu 15.04. Feels a bit "rough" to say the least.
Update. There is now proper fan control starting with the 4.0 kernel. There is a nice GUI tool that you can use. Can't use it myself since I don't use the stock cooler anymore. No rpm sensing from what I can see yet, but hopefully that comes in a latter update. Pics are from the radeon-profile gui (qt based): Now all we need if overclocking support .
You should be fine with a single active exhaust.
Block that top fan port. Keep the airflow going front to back. If you really want to set a fan on top, then either intake or exhaust will do, given the position on the fan hole. Exhaust if the case fans you plan on using are low cfm fans (if they move less air than the fan on the Hyper 212). Intake if otherwise. I would just block it off though.
Depends on what type of CPU cooler you got and the exact location of the top fan port.
I think it will depend on the board. My Asus boards CPU_FAN headers are PWM only, meaning a regular 3 pin fan will always run at full blast if plugged into that header. My old old old DFI board is able to control both types of fans on the CPU_FAN header.
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