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The Jetflos are rather quiet at 1000 rpm. Not silent, but quiet enough. Wouldn't be able to tell you how they compare to the nf-f12s, but the are a bit louder than my nf-a15s at the same speed (not by much but the Jetflo sound signature is a bit more "rough") and seem to push a bit more air than the mentioned noctuas.
I recently got one to blow on the back of my board. The one I got had a slight ticking sound when around 20% PWM. It stopped doing it after a few weeks of use, so I don't know. Seems decent, and according to dvtests the specs are pretty accurate (in free air at least).
Meh, Windows updates also break things. Generally if you update using your distro's repositories you will have no problem, especially if it's a fixed release model. Problem comes when you use software outside your repositories (like ppas in Ubuntu) and you get different software revisions. Nearly all distros have easy to use installers that automate the process so that the user does not really have to know every single detail. Sure, you have things like Arch and what...
I got the Sabertooth too. Pretty old board. This whole RGB craze is rather recent (I say a year or so?). Everything now is RGB this or RGB that. Look at most of the non-budget boards coming out these days. Most of them have some level of RBG lighting.
Personally I hate LEDs, period (excessive use anyway). The fact that all hardware now comes with some level of lightning has me a bit pissed to be honest. I'm a computer enthusiasts and a tweaker, but these days to be one you apparently need to like LIGHTS all over your rig. Currently I have an old LED strip inside my case, but I have it off most of the time. It's all preference, yes.
40*C idle is pretty "normal" for these chips. Remember that the sensor on these CPUs is not that accurate below 40*C. Load temps. are what matter.
Yeah, that cooler could not even keep a stock Phenom 9650 (a 95w CPU) under 50*C on idle. The stock AM2 cooler did a much better job.
You will have to do some independent comparing, but here is the Jetflo review I was referring to...,8.html
I would not use any top exhaust. Just make sure the 140mm fan at the back is strong enough to at least match your CPU fan and that the rear of the case (PCI slots) are properly vented for extra exhaust area.
There is an old review that tested the Jetflo's performance on radiators and filters. They did rather well even at 5V (1000 or so rpm). They are not bad, just a bit noisy. Some newer current fans can do the same with less noise.
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