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LLC affects your load voltages. The main function is to reduce vdrop under load. You will always have vdrop no matter what, and just increasing your base vcore will not reduce it. You would have to increase the vcore a lot to overcompensate, which in turn may make you run hotter even when idle or at light loads.
More like an extra 65€ for peace of mind. As I said, my advice is if you're that conflicted go with your gut and just F it. However, neither of those will have a significant advantage over the other when it comes to air based overclocking.
If you're having such a hard time deciding, then just go with what seems to be your first choice, the GTR. You will have buyer's remorse if you don't.
Well, the GTR VRMs are just XFX rebranded AMD VRMs, and they even have the same circuitry on the PCB (even all the VRM are hooked up to the PCIe slot despite the 8pin). The MSI card does have a reworked circuitry. In the end you should not worry much about the VRMs, unless you have a Gigabyte or Powercolor.As for the BIOS switch, last I checked Polaris BIOS needed to be signed, so unless you go on around hacking the driver doing custom BIOS and storing them on the card...
Overclocking is luck of the draw, so I can't really guarantee that the GTR will OC the highest. On average users have reported high OCs with the stock cooler and almost no overvolting.Now, the MSI Gaming is not a bad card and under "stock" conditions it has one of the best coolers. On par with the GTR but quieter. From what I have seen it overclocks decently too.Your call really. Overclocking potential is never guaranteed. The price difference is substantial (to me at...
The XFX is a better overall card. If you don't plan on doing any crazy overclocking then just get the cheapest of the two.The Strix has crappy thermal paste (like in all Asus cards) while the XFX is decent enough. The cooler on the Strix is slightly bigger, but not as efficient as the GTR. The Strix has better individual components, but the GPU itself is second place to the GTR (higher power consumption, lower OC potential).
User reviews mostly. Yeah, the card is actually very good.About VRMs and PCBs. Nearly all third vendor cards are actually BELOW spec. Most have cannibalized AMD's reference design (which is top notch and over-engineered). This is specially true for Powercoler and Gigabyte. The PCB on the XFX GTR is actually very close to reference (even the whole running off the PCIe thing). The whole thing about the 6pin/8pin is bull anyway, so don't worry about it.The Strix has the...
The XFX GTR cards are among the best in both cooling setup and overclocking potential. I would nab the BE one if I where you. The Polaris refresh is rumored to be around the corner, but from what I have read it won't bring any relevant changes (and they are bound to be more expensive when they come out).
There were hints of a Polaris refresh since late last year from a few sources.
Someone at MSI must be Spinal Tap fans.
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