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Yeah, avoid GBs software. It's a nightmare even when it works correctly. Speedfan is much better. Just take the time to learn it (it takes some trial and error).
What do you guys think will be better? RAM at 1866MHz with 10-10-10 in 1T vs 2133MHz 11-11-11 in 2T.
With the latest git patches, Deus EX: MD is finally playable with Mesa and amdgpu. Instead of 12fps I get 25-33fps. Nitro+ RX480 @ 1440p, 2xMSAA, Ultra textures, other settings a notch below max. Loading is still painful, but the necessary patches are on the way.
You won't get much of a performance difference between radeon and amdgpu since they are only kernel modules (unless their is a regression for your particular card). Mesa is the 3D driver, and this is what will give you varying degrees of performance levels depending on the version being used (or how it was compiled by your distro). LLVM versions will also affect performance in 3D operations. AMDGPU-PRO is AMD's new proprietary driver and it's often referred as a "hybrid"...
Coil whine is a luck of the draw. All electronic devices will suffer from it in certain degrees of severity. If it really bothers you then best you can do is return the card.
No coil whine on mine either. And yeah, loud fans.
You can fit a slim 140mm fan on the back, like a Cryorig XT140. It covers the whole CPU cut-out area. Right now I have one simply tapped to the side panel, but I plan to cut out a hole there.
Good looking case . I find it hard to get rid of mine, even if I feel my components have outgrown it.
Not all non-reference cards make use of the 8 pin plug. The XFX cards, for example, still follow the reference power delivery design, despite the card having an 8 pin plug. If the VRMs are located between the I/O plate and the GPU die then its reference. If the VRMs are on the other side then it uses the 8 pin plug (Asus, Sapphire, MSI). Check out the Actually Hardcore Overclocking videos on Youtube.
Asus has yet to fail me. Would have gotten a Strix card, but they were super expensive when I bought this Nitro. Only one Asus motherboard has crapped on me, and that was a budget board and mostly my fault (pushed to hard on the OC). The previous video card I had was Asus and it has lasted more than most of my previous cards (and I always punish my video cards). They will always be one of my top go-to brands.
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