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Nah, not bothering with water cooling. Did that in my earlier OC days, but these days I can't afford the luxury. I'm happy with big air coolers and loud fans. My room is usually at 30-32*C, so I guess I will be looking at around 76ish *C or so with that cooler. I get around 70*C with my Twin Turbo II on a 7850 (1.3 core voltage).
What were you room temps? Down here it gets really hot and I have no AC, so I need a really good cooler.
Thinking of joining soon. Deciding between the Nitro and the GTR (regular GTR since the no one here has the BE). At first I was planning on getting the cheapest (as of right now that would be the Nitro) but I've been reading the cooler isn't that great and the card ends up not hitting boost speed most of the time. Hear good things about the GTR (BE) and its great cooler. However, then I remembered I have an old Accelero Twin Turbo II that I can use on the Nitro (if it...
Yup, library mismatch (in this case it's for your 3D drivers). You probably had performed a fix before (renamed a library or made a symlink) and when Steam updated itself it undid your fix. Usually it's enough to rename the libstdc library so Steam uses your system's library file instead of the one Steam comes with (which is outdated). On my Kubuntu system all I have to do is rename both libstdc++ libraries inside the...
Launch it from a terminal and see what shows up. Most likely a library mismatch/missing.
The Jetflos are rather quiet at 1000 rpm. Not silent, but quiet enough. Wouldn't be able to tell you how they compare to the nf-f12s, but the are a bit louder than my nf-a15s at the same speed (not by much but the Jetflo sound signature is a bit more "rough") and seem to push a bit more air than the mentioned noctuas.
I recently got one to blow on the back of my board. The one I got had a slight ticking sound when around 20% PWM. It stopped doing it after a few weeks of use, so I don't know. Seems decent, and according to dvtests the specs are pretty accurate (in free air at least).
Meh, Windows updates also break things. Generally if you update using your distro's repositories you will have no problem, especially if it's a fixed release model. Problem comes when you use software outside your repositories (like ppas in Ubuntu) and you get different software revisions. Nearly all distros have easy to use installers that automate the process so that the user does not really have to know every single detail. Sure, you have things like Arch and what...
I got the Sabertooth too. Pretty old board. This whole RGB craze is rather recent (I say a year or so?). Everything now is RGB this or RGB that. Look at most of the non-budget boards coming out these days. Most of them have some level of RBG lighting.
Personally I hate LEDs, period (excessive use anyway). The fact that all hardware now comes with some level of lightning has me a bit pissed to be honest. I'm a computer enthusiasts and a tweaker, but these days to be one you apparently need to like LIGHTS all over your rig. Currently I have an old LED strip inside my case, but I have it off most of the time. It's all preference, yes.
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