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Initial reports by users at Phoronix say it's a "bad" port, as in crappy performance compared to Windows. Still very much playable (easy to get 60fps+ on decent settings), but it just does not run as fast as in Windows. Personally I wouldn't care less for that. As long as I can get 40-60fps and have all available graphics options is all good.Going to try it this weekend as see how well it runs on Mesa.
It just does not have the same vibe as KI and KI2. And I doubt any of those 6M players are among the original fanbase, since as you pointed out the original title have over 10 years. Also the fact that it's basically a free game.
Man, KI has really declined HARD.
I just use Linux.
The case is a Cooler Master Elite 431 with a beefy 140mm fan in the front and a 120mm fan on the bottom as intakes. Adjacent PCI covers are removed.
I got this card on my spare rig: Runs fine, but the problem is the cooling. These day my room gets to 29-30*C. Case temps. stay around 37-41*C under load. The card under gaming conditions (my kid brother usually plays Overwatch and Dota on it) reaches 80-82*C with 100% fan speed. Under Furmark and OCCT it reaches 94*C. No throttling as far as I can tell and the PC does not shut off until the card reaches...
They just want to know what kind of porn you like so they can launch their new pornVR service.
[/quote]For AMD maybe. They have the nasty habit of dropping entire generations of hardware from their drivers and moving them to legacy. However, I would expect different from the OSS side of things. The AMD rep. at Phoronix has been *****footing a straight answer on the issue, but basically he has said that they will work their way backwards and that all GCN hardware will be supported, just that they expect the community to do most of the work when it comes to...
This looks so generic.
It's compared to AMD's Linux driver, which in most cases is about 80-95% that of the Windows driver. But more importantly, this is the (open source) driver that will bring Vulkan support to AMD cards. Hence why everyone was pissed when AMD originally said GCN 1.2 and above would be supported.
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