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Basically what I said and what you already said. I don't know why you keep repeating it.
Set all front fans as intake and any rear panel fans as exhaust. The rear fan on the top panel can be either intake or exhaust, or simply block off that vent. A fan there makes very little difference in overall cooling if you have proper airflow already. Experiment a bit and see what works for you best.
Don't have adjacent fans in the same panel going in different directions. If they are perpendicular to each other then it's okay. What you want is uniformity in airflow.
Use the top vents on your front panel as an intake, placing a fan in there if you can. That top rear vent can be either intake or exhaust, or just close it off. Negligible temp. differences with either three (assuming a front to back oriented tower cooler), so just do what you prefer.
I don't know. That's how I have it currently. Under full load I can feel a greater amount of warm air coming out not only from the rear exhaust fan, but also from the top most PCI slot. Obviously I wouldn't put a stronger fan on the top panel than either the CPU or case exhausts (all three are Jetflos running at the same speed). Since both the CPU and case exhausts are pushing air in the same direction, the air from the intake top fan will just follow that same flow. ...
The rear most top panel fan as intake. Provided you have a tower CPU cooler in a front to back orientation and a rear exhaust, with vented PCI slots. I found that this setup works a bit better as opposed to having that rear top panel fan as exhaust as far as VRM cooling is concerned. No, that top fan won't be sucking hot exhaust from the rear fan neither will it be pushing against your CPU cooler's exhaust. You will be forcing cool air down through the VRM's and it...
That.You really don't need a complicated setup for cooling. Another option would be a variation of this last setup and set the top rear fan as intake, just make sure you have your top most PCI cover vented/uncovered.
I got Jetflos for case fans and on my TT Frio. They work very well, though they can get loud at full blast. Louder still when strapped to a heatsink.
Thermaltake fans are known to be loud and so-so performers. I would avoid them if you can. They are okay if you can get them for cheap. Those particular ones would be a slight downgrade from your current Corsairs.
Crap article with some big errors. Won't even read. Anyway, Plasma 5 took some getting used to from me, mostly because I fear change and the awful as hell default theme Kubuntu uses. Going to try Plasma 5.3 this weekend.
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