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FX Is fine even today, especially if overclocked. Of course if buying for a new system going for such an old platform is silly, but if you're already on AM3+ there is nothing wrong and it will handle most games fine. 1440p here and I have no problems with games.
Totally. Most big air coolers are in that ballpark ($80-100). A competing CLC would be in the +$100 range, and it would be worse in all aspects.
I have only used the 14cm one. It's good, but the white blades don't go with the overall color theme of my build, which is a bit of a rainbow right now but I won't make it worse by sticking a white bladed fan there .
The real ones (Amazon was practically giving them away a few weeks ago). The stock fans are gathering dust in a box somewhere.
The Cryorig R1 Ultimate/Universal are probably the best looking ones. Cooling performance is comparable to the NH-D15 (I say better since they are quieter).
This is on my Enthoo Pro...Currently I have 2 PH-F140MPs as intakes in the two top-front positions. The smaller holes at the sides I just cover with duct tape. The fans do end up drawing much more dust than the front or even bottom fans, so I had to put some extra filters on them. The top filter on the Pro is not removable like the other ones, so I will have some fun cleaning it once it gets all chocked up with dust . Still, that's the only way to provide direct...
Yeah, if you put fans on the top you will have to cover up all the extra holes up there. Intakes can be problematic too, since usually they will draw more dust.
I think I may have "resolved" the bothersome humming of my PH-140MPs. Normally I have PWM set to 20%. Went ahead and set it to 40%. The Phanteks fans still hit their minimum speed (510 rpm for me), but now they don't hum at their lowest setting. Unfortunately my TY-143's run a tad faster now, but I find it hard to hear them over the Phanteks regardless.
If stress tests are failing then there is something wrong. Prime failing even at stock is a bit worrying too. How is the stability of your RAM? Are you certain your cpu/nb speed is stable?
As few as you can while still maintaining good airflow and temps (and noise levels). Not hard to understand. Sure, you can put lots of fans all over the place, but not all of them will be cooling your components directly, and while they will de adding to the overall cooling, they won't be as effective and just generate extra noise.
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