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Both my core and socket temps. end up about the same under full load (socket ends up a couple of degrees higher). The core temp. on AMD CPUs is basically a bs reading anyway, so pay more attention to your socket temp. If you have a good and proper cooling setup and a decent board, those temps should not be that far apart anyway (when under full load).
It always bugs me to have empty DIMM slots on my motherboards, so I always max them out regardless.
Why not just connect the cooler fans with a straight up molex? Those fans are silent quiet enough even at full blast.
They are great fans, possibly the best LED fans out there currently. I have heard of people having problems with the hubs leaking oil, but none of my 8 Jetflos have that issue. As I said, not the brightest LEDs out there.
Will these be case fans? Jetflos from a pure performance perspective, but they are loud. They are PWM fans, so if you plan to hook them up to a PWM header or hub they will work nicely (I got 4 right now as case fans). You can also voltage control them, but they don't quiet down until around 1000 rpm (5V). Also the fan LEDs dim out if you lower the fan voltage (at least mine do), and the LEDs on the Jetflos aren't the brightest out there to begging with.
I have the M5A97 too. Only the CPU_Fan header is PWM capable. The rest can only do voltage control, even if the headers are four pin. You can plug both 4 pin and 3 pin fans on these, but you can only control them with voltage. The CPU_Fan header in turn can only control 4 pin PWM fans (plug a 3 pin fan there and it just runs full speed). And yes, the bios itself will only let you run voltage controlled fans at 60% minimum. FanXpert I think allows a bit lower.
What's the model of the mobo? Usually only the CPU fan header is capable of PWM control and the rest only do voltage control (even if they are four pin). The Asus software should let you control regular DC fans too.
Got this mouse for my kid brother's birthday. To be honest, I prefer this one to the g502 I have. Sure, the g502 "feels" a bit better in my hand and the braided cable is nice, but the g402 just seems more no nonsense. The buttons on the g402 are lower profile which to me make them more comfortable. Both are about the same in "grippiness" since they have that rubber stuff on the sides and the thumb rest on the g402 is adequate. The mouse wheel on the g502, while nice in...
+1 for psensor. Very nice realtime monitoring program that can stay in your system tray. Even has a graph and stuff. Make sure you have lm-sensors set up. Fancontrol if you want to control fans like in Windows (it can control both PWM and regular DC fans provided lm-sensors detects your fan headers). For CPU stress testing mprime. For GPU stress testing Furmark works well under Wine and the Unigine benchmarks can run natively on your fav. distro. PTS can handle all...
Seems pretty stable for me. Running the latest Kubuntu.
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