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All my Jetflos died rather quickly and the LEDs were rather dim in my opinion. However, they are the best performing commercial fans out there (and best looking too) that are easily available. Shame we won't get 140mm Jetflos.
I guess you could try running a custom small FFT run using 90% or more of your available RAM. However, for me the large FFT test is the hardest to pass and the one that errors out more consistently with a bad OC. Run both at the same time (custom small FTT + large FTT)? Personally I just run all three (set blend to use 90% of my RAM).
Only way to know for sure is to test.
I got a NH-D15 with a pair of TY-143s, and yeah, it performs noticeably better over the stock fans (and crazy louder). Since both the D15 and the Silver Arrow are about even (give or take a few degrees), I say the D15 benefits a lot more from high rpm fans. I also had those fans on a Frio Extreme. On average a 5*C difference over the stock fans. Made that piece of turd cooler into a decent one.
Nice. Was going to get those but the red heatspreader turned me away. Tweaking my HyperX Fury sticks right now and have them at almost the same specs as the Savage 2400mhz sticks. Will have to dial it down a bit though, since it screws up my CPU overclock.
Legacy card users should be using the free open source drivers anyway. They work much better and are actually updated, unlike the AMD legacy fglrx driver (which may just get patched to work on newer xserver and kernel).
Well I was inferring the costs of more than the CPU cooler alone.
The longest I have run a loop in a continuous fashion was 6 years. Cooling performance did degrade a bit, but nothing too serious. I mean, running it like that is viable, but eventually you have to take it apart if you want to keep it in good condition. This is why I don't even consider CLC as a "long term" investment.
Yes, a decent custom loop can be had for $200 more or less. It's what most would spend on high end air anyway. That thing that turned me away was the upkeep needed. Sure it was a once every 2 year thing, but you still need the time and dedication for it. Personally I just can't be bothered anymore.
Meh. We get a few of these every once in a while. Same arguments over and over. "Tower air coolers are too big and ugly", "big air coolers are too heavy and will break your motherboard", "air coolers look too messy", blah, blah, blah. Big air is the best. If you want water, go full custom.
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