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I ended up putting everything on the SSD and all my media/data on the old Seagate. Still have like 180GBs free. Have no idea what to use it on .
I still have an old 790FX DFI board rocking a 3.0GHz overclock on a Phenom 9650. That board is almost 8 years old, 4 of them were spent in some cold dank storage unit. Still works, all it needed was a new battery. Loved DFI. All my boards since the nforce2 days were DFI. However, I got to be honest that gimmicky brands like Asus and Gigabyte (gimmicky in those times) often provided boards with better value, specially true near the end of DFI's foray into the enthusiast...
Damn. Reading that name brought back memories.
It's a 8320. Going to push for 4.6ghz these days and see.
The one on my sig. It will depend on the game.
1200 core 1500 mem @ 1.26v. Card in an Asus DCII HD 7850 (non top). Of course, I ditched the DC unit and installed a AC Twin Turbo. My CPU holds me back, since I see no noticeable difference in scores and in game fps between 1000 vs. 1200 core.
Trying to keep power consumption low. The 750 seems like the best bet, and even comes with some coupons down here. Too bad the mb can't hold an OC anymore, because that CPU is capable of 3.0GHz easily.
My old HD4850 running in my kid brother's PC is finally giving out. Plan to buy him a new card on a minuscule budget. The rig he's using now is an old AM2 machine with a Phenom 9650 and 8GB of RAM. With what I plan to spend I can get either a GT 740 or a R7 250. Maybe if I convince him to help out a bit I can go for either a GT 750 or a R7 260X. Don't really want to spend much and don't want a "big" card either since it will bottleneck like crazy and I don't plan on...
Downloading IWD:EE right now. Supposedly it's a much more polished game than the BG:EE ones.
Finishing installing Kubuntu 14.10 on my new SSD. Just forgot how to get Steam working properly on 64bit.
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