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I don't know. A lot of popular Linux distros end up with smaller install footprints. They also have widespread hardware support (more often than not better than Windows), full desktop usability, and usually come with a lot more bundled software than Windows. Windows, starting with XP, has always been a hog in this regard.
AMD already does this, and we still have ways of getting our vBIOS tweaked. Nothing will change much from this. Not in the Windows and proprietary worlds. Nvidia already said they will talk with the nouveau team to work something out. Not that the nouveau devs. can do anything about it though.
Well, the signature would prevent any "illegal" and "unauthorized" changes, so in order for whatever program you use to modify vBIOS files to work it would have to circumvent the signature. There would be also the problem of drivers not recognizing cards without the signature. Of course, the internet is a great place and I'm sure someone will come with a hack of some kind eventually. Yes, this is mostly a form of IP protection and to curtail all those "fake" GPUs, and...
Yeah, but AMD has AtomBIOS and actually helps out in Mesa. No surprise that they are doing this. Nvidia as a company has always given the impression as a control freak. This won't really hurt them, since the bulk of their Linux driven sales are from pros, who just use the blob anyway.
Thinking of getting a new monitor. Quality screens in Mexico are expensive and most are 16:9 panels. Been eyeing this 24" Samsung: Anyone has experience with PLS panels? Supposedly they are comparable to IPS. Not that I need IPS/PLS anyway. Uses are light gaming (mostly RPGs), web browsing, ocasional movies, and some coding.
Check your mount? Also, what are your room and case temps?
Hey, I still dig small phones. I found my old walkman, wish my mom's old tape recorder still worked though.
Holy crap man.
I think that's rather hot for the cooling setup you have. I peak at 65*C (30*C case temp.) with my CPU at 4.4GHz and 1.4ish volts (load voltage). I'm using most of the settings suggested in the FX OC guide for Asus boards (give it a read). Granted I modified slightly my Frio and have a slim 80mm fan blowing on the back of the board, but your H100 should still be pushing better temps.
Anyone have experience using Office 365 in a business environment? I'm looking at Office 365 for mid-size business right now and it looks like it will work for us. We are in the process of expanding our small office and need extra PCs for some new employees coming in. It will be 2 desktops and 2 laptops for now. We all depend heavily on Office (tried to introduce a change to Libre Office and Google Docs but did not work well with the old boss) and the cost of 4 extra...
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