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Most just follow the guide. I know I did. Anyway, lots of other options too, like just pumping your vcore until it pops.
Planning to retire my old beat up HAF912 and move my current build to a new case. Since I hate decisions (and I'm rather bad at them), I would appreciate some cons and pros for both of the title cases. Both I can get with free shipping from Amazon. The MasterCase is about $20 pricier than the Enthoo. I'm on air cooling and plan to stay like that, so radiator mounting options are of no importance to me. What I do care about is proper clearance and space (the HAF912 is...
Test it and see, and as already mentioned, the position of the side vent is key. I stopped using side fans a while ago, and never was a fan of bottom fans either. Side fans to be effective need to be large and slow. For bottom fans you need a case that's raised quite a bit over the floor (4" minimum I say), otherwise you just get a noisy fan that moves close to no air.
I love those Ultra Kazes. I can actually stomach them at full speed. More so than say a TY-143 or a FF5-120. And they push lots of air, even when behind a couple of filters. They still remain strong even when lowered to about 1200rpm. Unfortunately Scythe seemed to have lots of QC issues with them. A couple I got from a vendor in the U.S have this horrible and annoying ticking sound (more like scrapping) that is even noticeable at low speeds. Only one of all my...
On air. I have no AC, so room temps get to around 40*C during spring and Summer. It's killer. Had to swap the stock NH-D15 fans for a pair of TY-143s.Yeah, 4.6 is the sweet spot for me. Pumping nearly twice the volts for 100mhz is not really worth it in benches or games. 4.8 does show gains, but I'm at a temp. wall. System shuts down once CPU temps. hit 85*C. I decided instead to OC the NB (2.6) and my RAM. RAM does 2133mhz at 1.65v, but I really don't want to push...
Same with mine as far as voltage. +0.075 offset lets me clock all the way to 4.6, but anything after that it takes +.15 offset (with LLC factored in that's 1.52v under full load). I can do up to 4.8 like that, but Prime load temps are crazy at those levels (46-50*C over room temp). Granted under normal usage temps. are not that high, but still. These things are pigs.
I would imagine all the industrial grade fans (Deltas and stuff) have better protection against dust and heat (yeah, heat reduces life expectancy on bearings too). The industrial grade Noctuas specifically state dust proof and water proof certifications. I guess it will be the same for all other industrial grade fans, it's just that Noctua likes to spell it out so they can charge you more .
Probably dust. Do you have dust build up inside your case? Too much dust will kill any fan regardless of bearing type (some less than others, but still). Even worse if you let it stick to the fans. Clean them up once in a while. Don't just blow air, but get a soft cloth and wipe of the blades and frame.
LLC affects your load voltages. The main function is to reduce vdrop under load. You will always have vdrop no matter what, and just increasing your base vcore will not reduce it. You would have to increase the vcore a lot to overcompensate, which in turn may make you run hotter even when idle or at light loads.
More like an extra 65€ for peace of mind. As I said, my advice is if you're that conflicted go with your gut and just F it. However, neither of those will have a significant advantage over the other when it comes to air based overclocking.
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