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Stat-wise it looks good, but If I'm not mistaken the stats on those tables are for free air. CoolingTechnique does test fans under restriction and they do provide in some of their tests nifty p/q curves (which is why I love them). You will have to find out how they perform with filters or on a heatsink, since that often throws numbers obtained in free air tests out of whack. But hey, cheap fans (that perform well) are always a good thing.
I really wish Thermalright fans and heatsinks where easier to get. My TY-143s cost me a small fortune to ship them here.
Some chips just need much higher voltage and generate more heat than others. My FX8320 needs insane amounts of juice for anything over 4.6GHz compared to what is needed for anything up to 4.6GHz. Some can go to 5.0GHz with the same voltage I need for 4.7GHz for example, even with the same motherboard and settings.
I'm deciding on fans for my new case too. Been researching and deciding as well between Noctuas and Phanteks. Going by stats alone from Thermalbench and CoolingTecnique the PH-F140MP and NF-A14 are very similar, thought the NF-A14 does a bit better on radiators. NF-A14 FLX and NF-A15s should not be that different. Going by CoolingTechnique's Youtube sound tests I would say the fans are similar in the noise front. The NF-A14 does get audible at 1000rpm and beyond (I...
Unfortunately no. Amazon does not have them and my go to place for importing from the States (performancepcs) does not stock Thermalright products. The only other place that can import the fans for me charges about double, and that is before taxes and shipping.
Having a hard time deciding on new fans. Choices are NF-A14 IPPC 2000 or PH-F140MP (it's what I can get down here). Plan to get three for intakes. Normally I would just go for the higher speed Noctuas, but what concerns me is that I have been reading that they have audible motor noise even at low speeds. I don't mind loud fans when they go full blast, but ticking and humming fans at low speed tick me off. I have a pair of TY-143s on my NH-D15, so my rig is not silent...
Will try, but I'm going to change them anyway and leave the Scythes on the HAF912 I just replaced with this Enthoo. They only do it when horizontally mounted.I was thinking either getting four PH-140MPs and set them up as intakes, or get two 2000rpm NF-A14s and re-purpose the NF-A15s from my NH-D15 as additional intakes.
My Scythes are ticking like crazy now that I have them on the top panel of my Enthoo Pro. Was a momentary thing anyway since I was planing to get new fans. Choosing between Phanteks and Noctua. Right now Amazon has the PH-F140MP for cheap.
Question. Can the PH-140MP be mounted horizontally?
Recently got the Enthoo Pro, but have been procrastinating and not done the swap yet. First impressions just by looking at it are good. Very pro looking compared to many modern cases out there. Bit small for a "full tower", but for the price this is better than any mid tower out there. So far the only disappointment is the laughably flimsy motherboard tray; my current HAF912 is a fricking tank in comparison. Hopefully all goes well when I swap in my parts. Anyway,...
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