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3DMark GPU + CPU and Valley GPU memory eater. you don't need anything more. just find you max OC core clock first then go for memory OC.
Yap, you missed the point of i said befor it only reads 13Mhz increments Now try it and post back you should gain some Mhz for sure.
vBios update 08/07/2014It may work or may not for some users. still in test. I had worked very closely with OP @melodystyle2003 @HOMECINEMA-PC we did found the hawk bios more flexible when tweaked the others bios got borked no matter the minimum change we did.@EDVandreas Now is your turn.
That one is what I got in acetal top. Yeah EK is the top notch. You can pull the trigger with no regreat.
@Moonmanovich Really nice work you put together. By the time I believe it time to upgrade my CPU block. I will going to keep my eyes on your work. +rep
I will get it done tonight.some 760 bios won't allow voltage increase when it does it mess others things up. I had a lot time working on it. We failed so much. MSI hawk bios is the only bios that let us tweek it a bit without issue. melodystyle2003 knows it.
I never saw that before . usually it does say Nvidia at least. But if you GPU works fine you have nothing to worrie about.PS: I just got my Ti back from RMA. Time to work on it again or borke it once more haha.
work on something and post evidence is one thing. spreading bad words around the forum and get banned it only come from you. did i ever said anything bad about you or any here? the answer is NO! when did I said I know everything? post # 1182 search and go one if you find it post back.I have friends I mean we all have friends and eyes everywhere. don't think you are hidden from this because you are not. Yap I'm human I do make mistakes I never said I don't.PS: don't even...
set the voltage to any voltage you want is one thing, make the voltage work is another state. 780 works fine, 780 Ti won't work anything above 1.212v registered 1.232v or around that gpu will crash or voltage will go up and down oscillate like hell. it has been prove before .BAT file cheat engine does the same Zawarudo voltage hack will fail also like any voltage hack on 780 Ti. the issue on Ti is onboard.I fail, we fail on 780 ti voltage hack ask any of those first...
Yap. I borked point lol
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