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this may help ya. look for videos first before you stick the prob's into any powered wires
He was taking care of all my 700's thread while I was out. He almost everywhere too. I used to have a lot free time but life catched me in the corner. I'm not saying he doesn't work he has more flexible time than me. anyways all those Rep's belong to all of us.
love the part I'm a wonder boy Haha. and yeah the reference 980 not going to have overvoltage the upcoming 980 with custom design may have a chance of it if they come with i2C command in the buck controller or Chil chip on it so doubts and question we all have we just need to see if we going to have those chip in our future 900 series.
Only one. gonna sell the other PSU.Now I'm screw. MDPC is taking a long vacation while moving to a new facility.
just installed the G2 in my system, cables has a good length I'm happy now. I just have to improve the pump cable and fan controller cable. I changed the molex connectors to the Evo Galaxy connectors headers to have it directly on the PSU. like the picture show belowthe mini Jr pin's connects perfect into the 4 pin molex so for now its going to run like that will i get more sleeve to get my cables done right.
@ENTERPRISE can you give us a honor in make this thread official ?
Thanks for the heads up. I was just worry to not have my rig after remove my EVO galaxy and replace it with my G2 . I had to extend my cables on my EVO and sleeve it cables was a bit short.
anyone with Corsair 800D and EVGA 1300 G2 running all the cables behind the mobo tray? just need to know if ya needed to extend the cables or if is long enough to route it
I have that one but it give me error when i try to extract the bios from my KPE. thanks for the vend file. open Nvflash and type nvflash --display cope the offset line and post is a "CODE"/Code:.
Tiger I need a favor can you post what is the vendor ID of your 970. you can find it at C:\Program Files (x86)\EVGA\PrecisionX 16\Profiles or ABProfilesI need the whole line.
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