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just filled out my rma request about this booster plate. thank you +rep.
I hope my profile pic can help do something.
that's where Asus fail once more. No 4G. even if they have a lowered the cost on this cell like they said but skipping 4G now is dumb. They lost tons of money.I need someone to send me a invite to buy the OnePlus, money is ready. anyone?
This what they did with the 780 Ti, crimped the GPU and drivers at the same time and to make it worse no voltage hack work with it. so the "Z" will be another crimped GPU that will never worth that kinda money. I bet anything with anyone about downfall "Z' thing.Nvidia shame on you. the same time you give you take it from us. I may be ignorant on this but this GPU need to stop before it hits the shelves. For who got the money and want it on RiG SiG good lucky. It may look...
25k sold to frederickv 3225 sold locally
for curiosity and I dropped 9c
next time use my method it is 100% fail proof.Guide - i7 3770k / 4770k get's LapPeD & DeliddeD.
Gonna jump on thi. Too much dreaming makes ppl think and live in virtual word. He/she can make themself believe in theyown virtureality.Off topic.
You are wrong! I may never asked you anything but I read a lot of you replays. So it does count and you got my vote.Bump for PontiacGTX.
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