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just call sick . I wish i was in UK for this event
thanks bro. you got incoming check your PM
hiding from your cyclops eyeslife bro got me in the corner now we are even . I'm finishing up a Tx bios now let's see how it goes.
got get into this LOLnow you judge
Very alive. Hey Sling I still have two of your CC# which one has enough to get me a TX. good to see you around bro.I just started to cook a bios since last regarding the TPD and some other settings to get some of your OC go a bit higher. Like I said no promises but it will be up maybe tomorrow night. I grabbed some evga bios also I need a nvidia stock bios from a stock TX. both need to be study before I can blow some TX LOL. jk in my last line "but it may happen" .
Haha. Well I need to rust of my rig first and see what I can do no promises but I may able to help if I can.
We are thank good thanks. So how's things going here?
Well first I need to rust off my rig and if I can turn it on. It may need a jump haha. Ed send me a text about a day a go. I had not reply him but I will . I'm good Gab thanks for asking but wife is not I broke her foot with my rustler mm at 65 miles lost control tire blow out and she got hit while recording. Tomorrow she going to see a specialist. Besides that we all good and yeah after 30 years this is the first time she got a broken bone.
are those KPE still rocking or what !!??..
im back again
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