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Precision X is right you are in idle stage this is why its showing 324Mhz with the low voltage, GPU-Z read the default clock set from factory. if you switch GPU-Z to the Sensor Tab it will show you the same clock as Precision X.
Have you guys see this? I may be too late on this video but i like to re-share it here. I was asleep till my brother woke me up with this video link. @JayzTwoCents sorry I really forgot your OCN name bah.
I will have look at tonight.
@mflieger open GPU-Z if you don't have download here click on Validation tab Your Name: box type you OCN name there. down below click Submit Your validation ID is: xxxx in blue click on the link to see your validation copy the link and PM to to so i can update the owners club.
you won't see because your GPU is clocked above it. +52 is increment each +13Mhz you add up your GPU goes higher according to the table.if you have a vBios os a stock bios with993Mhz +13 = 1006Mhz993Mhz +26 = 1019Mhz993Mhz +39 = 1032Mhz993Mhz +52 = 1046Mhzthis is just a you can see those numbers in the table.
because 52 is +13 x 4 in the boost table.take a look here on How to OC and understand the increment of +13
this is happen when ppl don't read the small letter's. I had a issue with EVGA long time ago when they start the company was no t so big but they did honored they warranty. keep in mind warranty only works if you have proof of your product. a month ago I borked my 750 Ti modding my own bios before sent out. but hey EVGA was there for me once more and they will stand again if it does happen. "as long i can proof it I'm safe." wish you best to get you RMA going but keep in...
go ahead and flash it. the new revision with AB support going to take a bit time this 80.80 is very complex. it will need a lot of work.
I was going to read the next 3 pages but after this post I could not agree more than this ^^.BIG LOL for all those DS chip and gent's. peace out.yeah I'm not even going to respond those quote above tompsonn.
Haha so we got a good info here and good result well done guys.
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