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we still have hope on that. by the way the gained 15Mhz was nice huh. if i can get the BD fixed it may increase 26 to 39Mhz more with low voltage. you cannot add more voltage above 1.275v twinking bios because Nvidia restricted drivers to stop it and also hardware. but like we know if the front door existe the back door always going to be there too.Hey Gab have you read OCN rules? i don't think you did! P0rn is not allowed in here this is so much tit's
just call sick . I wish i was in UK for this event
thanks bro. you got incoming check your PM
hiding from your cyclops eyeslife bro got me in the corner now we are even . I'm finishing up a Tx bios now let's see how it goes.
got get into this LOLnow you judge
Very alive. Hey Sling I still have two of your CC# which one has enough to get me a TX. good to see you around bro.I just started to cook a bios since last regarding the TPD and some other settings to get some of your OC go a bit higher. Like I said no promises but it will be up maybe tomorrow night. I grabbed some evga bios also I need a nvidia stock bios from a stock TX. both need to be study before I can blow some TX LOL. jk in my last line "but it may happen" .
Haha. Well I need to rust of my rig first and see what I can do no promises but I may able to help if I can.
We are thank good thanks. So how's things going here?
Well first I need to rust off my rig and if I can turn it on. It may need a jump haha. Ed send me a text about a day a go. I had not reply him but I will . I'm good Gab thanks for asking but wife is not I broke her foot with my rustler mm at 65 miles lost control tire blow out and she got hit while recording. Tomorrow she going to see a specialist. Besides that we all good and yeah after 30 years this is the first time she got a broken bone.
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