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what's cause violence is all those guns they made legal over there. now anyone with ID can get it. so make things easy for the violent ppl and ppl they think they a more man with any disarmed man walking around.
Bump this sale for our friend @dpoverlord
Looks like we need a new Nvflash update it won't recognize the bootstrap . Golden Tiger has tested it and cannot get it flashed I already sent out some emails so we can have it done. PS: I'm still looking in more contents to add in the first page, also those tree first reserved post is for ASIC chart i may integrate it on the main form. also those best benchmark I'm going to post there.
Yes. send your bios. I want to have each GPU with they own bios manufacturer.
Alright Garls and Girls. Owner's Form is live, you can go ahead and sign up Sig Owner's code. place it proudly █▓▒█▓♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 980 Owner's Club ♦█▓▒█▓ Code: [CENTER][URL=] █▓▒█▓♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 980 Owner's Club ♦█▓▒█▓[/URL] Rules: You must have GPU-Z Validation or your form will be auto deleted. Google Spreadsheet. Form: GTX 980 Owners GTX 980 Owners List Info.
Have you notice any throttling during the bench?
you tell me The New PX 16 can put my KPE to 1.3v the old version only 1.212v. looks like EVGA has done a very good job on this one. also the interface is a bit smaller than the previous version looks a bit compact and fast access to everything.@OccamRazor will post a article about the 980 and 970 voltage controller it not long but explain what we need to know.
EVGA Precision X 16 is out ready for Download
Someone need to take care all of you. HahaLet's see how it goes
EK Water block added @ OP
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