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is anyone willing to teamviewer with me now, if yes pm me.
Every 900's series.
When you going to get one? I'm not forgetting no one don't worry.
I got some news for 900's owners we got NVflash working on GM204 so like I always said thank you for who helped me "I mean US" on this now vBios going to Role out Autobot's. Deceptcon's are welcome too.
He didn't used any vBios on the 980. The 980 was hardmoded to remove all the limitations and increase voltages. Is was a very stock bone bios. The 780Ti was the same thing on this bench
I reply you the way it should. Now wasting my time with you is something that not going to happen.
Well I'm not the guy was catch in the run cloning Titan bios and telling people that you did it yourself. You want me to bring down the Titan owners here to prove it? Allow me and I will do.Respect and honer is something that I care and it's not a weight it called responsibility of a MAN. clean your Mount when do jokes or if you are serious on the post above you must be just another that don't have nothing to do or help and start flames. Please don't replay back with such...
Best card evar and it going to be better after custom PCB it going to cool your room.Now is time to chooseTime to follow the green rabbit
Here if you guys want to compare KPE at 1126Mhz memory stock
@xeio GPU-Z link fixed you good to go.
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