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and where is the pc box in that table? hiding behind the ps3,4 and xbone.?
If you have same bios in both GPU the clocks should be the same under load.Otherwise two different GPU brand with different clocks and vbios.If you don't enable SLI only the first GPU will be utilized.Two different clocks speed will not cause issue but performance will not be the same. if they work together on same speed performance will be better
Only if you set the GPU clock offset to match both cards or easy ways flash the vBios in the front page and all you GPU will run at same clocks and will dowclock when not needed.
I wondering how it can be done that so easy? or it is possible!?I know catzilla has 980 GPU support VC may provide it just to make sure.
How come I cannot agree with this? if is any more than 100% tell me cuz I'm still learning. Yah i know I want to agree like my vBios 200% Doors rules!
Just to you know watch dogs is broken search here at OCN.
And ppl think they are perfect try walking in water.PS: just to complete a bit what you posted above.
no hex
haha driving home now
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