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Why not consider Steelseries 9HD or 4HD? As much as I like Razer mice, they have ****ty mousepads in general. Steelseries has much better mousepad although I hate their mice.
Awesome idea! Time to break out the dremel tool and epoxy
I understand that it's a little skewed but seeing that this is an enthusiast forums, utilizing all the fan slots would be a better a fairer comparison in terms of performance but I guess different stroke for different folks. If you're just comparing at the similar/out of the box price point, the Corsair 350D would perform poorly out of the box(thermal performance) and only give a HDD+cabling management advantage at a expense of a lot of physical space, The stock fans on...
I've just transplant my rig from TJ08-E to the Corsair 350D. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. As most would have read many other reviews online, here's my comparison of the Corsair 350D and TJ08-E Corsair 350D: - Large size(easy cable management) - Below average fit and finish - Very well though out spacious interior(2x 3.5", modular 2.5"system) TJ08-E: - Smaller(mildy affect cable management) - Average fit and finish - Poor air flow design if you install...
It looks like a 4+1 in which the extra one would be for people who wish to have a pci fan controller. Similar to what Fractal always does. Stacking the extra 1 to the 4 may not be the most space saving but perhaps they did so to have GPU more breathing space. We will never know until we can have an interview with the engineer who designed it.I guess the 4+1 would be a hit or miss between the people who wants the smallest small case possible and the people who want a high...
I wonder if the SSD rack is modular... It would be awesome if you stack them like inverted lego bricks and remove them, should you use less.
+1 for Steelseries 9HD. My favorite hardpad so far but it's starting to wear out on me after 2 years(avg. of 6hrs of gaming per day). I've tried Razer Destructor, the tracking is great but it simply wears out too fast (approx. 6mths)
I love the Cooler Master Spawn but some minor improvements can make it far more awesome. Better paintwork/rubber and dpi button(feels cheap and sticks often)
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