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Perhaps you're already aware and I'm not reading your question correctly but CPUID shows this under the "Tools" tab, click "Save Report as .TXT" and save to desktop etc. Here is one from my 1090T on my server  
None that I can think of.I would recommend comparing the Probelt Points (page 1-45 in manual) to values listed in monitoring utility such as HWInfo64 etc. On my second mobo I find a moderate variance in a few voltage values which can be very helpful to know early in the game Hope to see a few pics when it's completed You may want to give this a read'll save everyone from asking what your rig consist of.
That's right in line with how I would have gone about it too Have you had any luck with raising the ref clock instead to try a different multiplier combinations? My original 8350 was this way. It loved the ref clock! (if you haven't check spoiler above) My 9590 (rig sig) doesn't like the ref clock much at all so far but who's complaining Remember the kitty only supports (officially) up to 1866MHz memory. Not saying it can't be done just something more to consider. The...
Thanks +Rep Good on the server but win10 on main
css, please tell me about the red line in the task manager under cpu.Where did you run CPU/NB freq and CPU/NB voltage?Hoping at least 2400MHz.HTT or multi only, snips?Iwamotto Tetsuz; My GSkill TridentX 1866MHz cas8 kit can run 2400MHz (cas10) with less than 1.77v with my 8350, just saying. [[SPOILER]]
You did say biggest right? With 200mm side fan? You can google a real informative review under elysium. I've been adding to mine for a while now and preparing to add a third rad. There's a few pics in my rig sig if you're interested. There is also a Elysium thread here at OCN.
We all know how each chip is different. Here's my If it helps give you a better idea of what to "possibly" expect (and I use the term very loosely) remember your chip has a CPU VID of 1.513v set by AMD for default clock of 4.7.You're currently in the 4.8GHz range at only 1.48675v If stability is a high priority (always is for me) I would ask you how stable is it at these settings.What I did/found with my chip was to start with its CPU VID value as mine is 1.475v and know...
I'm curious if either of you have played much with the CPU Power Thermal Control.I haven't seen too many discuss it.Came in very useful at 5.0 and 5.1 on my chip.It might be worth the time (the learning curve took me a while lol) but worked out real well in the end.Yamie: please give this a read as it will help those trying to help you
What is your plan for air flow if using the 3 rad configuration shown in the pic above?Looking good btw
Bin # ? Just curious.How are you cooling this? Big I hope It'll be interesting for me (rig sig) to see some results.
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