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As billbartuska mentioned never rely on mobo "auto" settings for "stock" CPU settings. The fewer settings left on auto the better off you'll be.These are found using HWinfo64.CPU VID (stock Vcore from AMD) is labeled Core #0 VIDCPU/NB VID (stock CPU/NB voltage from AMD) is labeled NB VID in HWinfo64. The CHV-Z usually sets the CPU/NB closer to 1.4v when left on auto.Over-voltage causes instability the same as under-voltage and the 83xx can be very sensitive at higher...
Just to get you started AI Suit as it's known to cause issues.Manually enter all Dram specs from the sticker on the Dram itself into Bios (not DOCP)DL HWInfo64 and spend a little time to rename values and rearrange to something usable [[SPOILER]] Explains values for the CHV-Z in HWInfo64...
I'm well aware your CHIII is a 790FX and was only trying to explain it will run 1600MHz (as advertised) if manually entered without issue.The CHIV has the 890 chipset it will run 2000MHz (advertised as max mem freq supported) the same way.Can't help with the crucial question sorry. Strictly GSkill here.
AIDA64 is my choice.
In that price range look at these
Phenom II can handle 1600MHz with ease (max around 2000MHz on the 890 chipset). If for any reason it's an issue you can always lower freq and tighten timings. I always go with the lowest Cas myself.
Asus and GSkill is what I recommend. With a 1055T these should work fine. Manually enter all the Dram specs listed on sticker on the Dram itself into bios. Stress with some Prime95 Blend and maybe some HCI Memtest.
Yes 4GB per slot. What CPU? This will help those trying to help you
Ever wonder why you don't see huge copper CPU air coolers? Copper bases maybe, but than aluminum is what transfers the heat to air.Copper absorbs heat better but aluminum gives it up to air more efficiently. Your comparison with radiators confuses me, H2O dynamics is a different animal. You must use a different science where you're at.Besides everybody knows Gigabyte VRM and Socket run cooler due to "Double Copper" right? (those who know will giggle)
If this is what you think too than why did you post the following on the last page?His cooling solution is listed in his sig rig in case you missed it.It really pays to thoroughly read (not just skim) when offering help.It wouldn't be a bad thing to try a little spellcheck every now and than as well.
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