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Your very welcome, glad I could help.Why is your HT set to 2400 and not 2600MHz which is default speed? Just curious.You'll find the fewer items in bios left on "Auto" the better things will be. Especially voltages, be sure to try "OffSet Voltage Mode" for both CPU and CPU/NB.Give me a shout if you'd like more help.
Try to remember, Vishera is Vishera (8320 to 9590) it's just different binning.
I have not seen one specifically from stock to turbo as this is fairly easy to do. This is where I would recommend you start It is more for overclocking in the true sense (pushing things farther than what you're originally asking about) but it will give you a good starting point to learn from. Don't let it intimidated you as we have all been in your shoes when we first...
My is that anyone wanting to run a Vishera 8350/9590 to go REAL big on a custom loop to keep these animals cool when OCing right from the get go, otherwise you'll be wishing you would have. I've run both and can say from experience they are like nothing else when it comes to producing LOTS of heat at 4.8 to 5.0GHz and above. My current setup handles temps very well to give you an idea (see rig sig) and while you might get away with a little less it will probably leave you...
I agree with BOYD that running at 4.3 should be very doable with a proper cooling solution as it should only take CPU VID voltage to obtain (maybe slightly higher). Things to bare in mind would be it only has a 4+2 Phase count and a 140w CPU TDP. This should hold to around 4.5 to 4.6GHz but you'll want to add a fan to blow across the VRM's to OC much above 4.3GHz. It may not be easy to OC much above 4.3GHz so keep this in mind. Run HWInfo64 to monitor volts and temps....
This should shed some light on Prime95 usage in case you haven't come across it yet. If I can help you any further don't hesitate to post back or feel free to PM me as well.
CPU temp = socketPackage = core tempPersonally I find HWInfo64 less buggy and is known to work better on Asus mobo's
When I purchased my 1866MHz kit they were slightly lower in price than the 2400MHz kit and I read they usually OC quite well (which they do) but if the 2400MHz is cheaper where you are I'd go that route and if for some reason your system won't run at 2400MHz you could always lower freq and tighten timings to match that of the 1866MHz or 2133MHz.
My 1866MHz Trident-X kit love 9-10-10-26-40-1T @2143MHz with a 267MHz BCLK
These are what I run They OC all the way up to 2400MHz while stable (stock 1866MHz). Very nice kit.
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