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Definitely a special fork all right. Places a lot more load on system. Check out the difference in temps/Gflops between the two versions!
You'll find the AVX version here your temps!I have yet to see any actual proof that running them (HT/NB) the same is a benefit. Additional NB does improve things but IMHO not enough to warrant the added voltage it may take. Been there and done that one. My 8350 at 4822MHz could run a 2700 NB but not this 9590 at 5117MHz. At least not yet Why under clock the HT?Leave HT higher and yes add in more NB it does help especially in...
IMC = Integrated memory controller located within the CPU. Adjust using CPU/NB voltage to control NB Freq.Always stress with power saving features disabled. You can enable them when finished stressing.I'd run P95 Blend again but I'm a stickler on stability. I also run 20 runs of IBT AVX version set to maximum before running prime, again this is just me.HT = 2600MHzNB = 2200MHz for stock settings.
Exactly.Here in the U.S. I purchased mine 12-1-14 from Newegg and it is a 1429PGS.If you read a couple pages into this thread you find a real comparison between the Pre and Post 1429's. if it's of any help.
No problems at all with my 9590 running 5117MHz with 1.488v in bios and 1.512 under load. 24 hr P95 stable! Appears I still have some headroom to play with. [[SPOILER]] My 8350 couldn't run stable at 5.0 regardless of voltage. The best it would do is 4822MHz at 1.520v 24 hr P95. This what I call a turd
It took another weekend but I now have 5117MHz 24 hr Prime95 stable at 1.488v in bios 1.512v under load. [[SPOILER]]
If I follow what you mean, Standard = chip only and 1 yr warranty Box = chip plus cooling solution and 3 yr warranty
When stress testing always disable all power saving features. Your fine to re-enable them after you reach your goal.What do you test with? How stable is your 3.7GHz?If you haven't seen it, this might interest you your brand of mobo but still has a lot of good info.I start by manually entering as much info into bios as I know.Factory/stock Vcore is found using HWInfo64...
Here's my Unless you have a golden chip 1.44v Vcore for 4.9GHz is most likely not stable to begin with. Most 8350's require closer to 1.5v to hit 4.8GHz and pass Prime95 and IBT AVX version set on Maximum. And to add fuel to the fire, you're ACing. I'd be checking to see if there isn't some throttling going on there by the sounds of things. Do you run active cooling for the VRM's? You can find IBT AVX version here Results...
My guess is the rad is out the window I'm liking my 1429 as well.
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