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I follow this without any issues like a charm!
this is how it was setup @ 1.468v CPU/NB voltage [[SPOILER]]
1.475v for default is most likely the default "Auto" setting for the mobo.You'll find the actual stock CPU Vcore listed in HWInfo64 (free) as CPU #0 VID.It's very common for the Bios to over volt when left on auto.DL and read the maximum header in HWinfo64 as stated above and I'm sure you'll see a value a lot lower than 1.475v.That's the same CPU VID as my 9590 . (look at top value) [[SPOILER]] My 1090T's CPU VID is 1.325v (read second value listed) [[SPOILER]] And just...
Voltage monitoring disabled in Bios?
It may be true for some, but not for all. (1429) [[SPOILER]] I too had an early 8350 in the can (1236) and got 4822MHz @ 1.514v 24 hr stable but nothing higher that was stable 24 hr. [[SPOILER]] Anyone who thinks you can just turn these on, dial em up and see 5GHz stable has another thing coming lol.I wonder how that chip would perform on a Z.
Just to verify, the 64c you mentioned is the Core temp correct? Hows the Socket temp holding out? It's never hurts to add active cooling for the VRMs and CPU Socket if you haven't already. Thinking heat soak? Overall I'd say yes, a 1GHz OC @ 1.525 is fine but does depend on how those temps hold out.
I rarely use AOD myself but it looked like this under load with IBT AVX [[SPOILER]] As far as the higher TM at idle, all power saving features are disabled and all Demiflex filters are in place and in need of cleaning Ya without a doubt you better have lots of cooling for a OC'd 9xxx.
Here's a snip of my 9590 with AOD displaying the thermal margin which indicates max of 70c. Just throwing this out there. [[SPOILER]]
Oh the memories, I thought I was the only one that did this lol. Case USB lead into the Firewire (1347?) oh ya. Doesn't hurt anything till you plug in your favorite flash drive and watch it start to glow That was on my CHIV-F.Yes if you made the same mistake I did above and toasted your drive. (JK)Be sure to use a USB 2.0 port and not a USB 3.0. The 3.0 drivers aren't loaded with Bios.Unpack Bios and mount to FAT32 formatted flash drive
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