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You "should" be fine with a quad core but consider adding active cooling for the VRM's and be sure case has fairly good air flow.
It is 6+2
"webhito" Have you tried running the top case fan closest to the front of the case as intake (as you do now) and than the second one (closer to the rear of the case) as exhaust? This will feed cool air to the Noctura and in theory exhaust it faster preventing a build up of hot air just blowing around in the upper rear area of the case.
Please show us any kind of proof of this "Nice Stable Overclock".All I've seen you post is maybe a 90 minute run of small FFT and 10 runs of IBT AVX on only very high which with 6GB's of Ram how long did that run, 20 minutes?Please don't make claims you can't support. All you have shown so far is a minimum for a gaming stable OC at best and I doubt even that if tested properly.When you're able to pass 20 runs on "Maximum" (IBT AVX) you'll have a good start. Than try 12 to...
The difference/variation you see in GFlops IMHO is a sign of system balance, or lack there of.You can use GFlops to help find the "Sweet Spot" if you will, while running IBT AVX by making very small changes one at a time to CPU VDDA, CPU/NB, Vcore and so on and note the GFlops results. You may be surprised what just one or bumps of CPU VDDA can do. It's all about balance.Here is where I left off the other night while attempting to help fine tune my current setup. You might...
Might be time for one of these
Originally posted by MegaMan (how to apply TIM video)
Not until you can lower that socket temp a bit. With the cores running 55 tells me the HS is fine but add either more case fans and/or maybe even an old case fan mounted directly to the VRM's will help. It could also help prevent heat soak which can/will affect the socket temp. Some add/mod a 120mm fan to the back of the mobo tray if the case doesn't have an opening for it. The D14 should hold to 4.7 or so depending on ambient but you'll have to do some work to lower...
If you look under CPU support you'll see thisYou should be fine but definitely add some active VRM cooling and keep an eye on your temps (HWInfo64)
Seems high compared to mine which rarely breaks 39c As far as what to get off of auto here's close to what I run which should give you an idea but never just make a change without first understanding what it does right? [[SPOILER]]
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