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Get a head start here seriously consider upgrading the cooling solution if you're planing to OC. It's also a very good idea to add a fan to blow directly onto the VRMs.Good luck and have fun!
As long as temps are kept in check 24/7 is perfectly fine at 1.5xxv. I run mine at 5117 (check sig rig) without issue and yes you can see a difference.
Myself I don't run P95 till I can pass 20 runs of IBT AVX set to Maximum, I'm one those type IMHO 20 runs of IBT AVX set to Very High = gaming stable.Some might tell you 10 runs would be enough.It all comes down to whatever fits your needs.
HWInfo64 works pretty well on a CHF-Z as it shows all the sensors [[SPOILER]] If you want to uninstall AI Suite (it's known to cause issues) this may help
hcn: I wonder if I could trouble you to post a few pics of that Elysium?
If you haven't tried yet I would start to raise the CPU/NB voltage a little (1 bump at a time) and retest.Keep good notes of what you changed, from and to, as well as how long before test failed. By doing this you'll start to see a pattern form with the failure time. It will either decrease which means a step in the right direction or no change/worse obviously means it be time to look at another area. I do this a lot! Bare in mind this may take more than just a couple runs...
Sorry for the delay, life Do you have AI Suite installed (don't remember) If you do use this other wise you end up doing it manually.Remember to run only one monitoring utility for best results. Not saying this is the problem at all, just good practice if you weren't aware. AI Suite is not a good thing to have, causes too many issues.Do you see the same issue with the Bus...
Nice job!What were the temps? Just curious.
As drmrlordx said the newer (1429PGS and later) which is the second line of text etched onto the CPU itself seem to be doing better.I have a 1429 that I purchased from the egg Dec 1st of 2014. Be sure to rip that packaging open and make that the first thing you look at You might want to look at the top link below, the 5GHz club and see for yourself who's running 5GHz and with what.Take a look in my rig sig and you'll see how this one runs. (5117MHz without issue)
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