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System is listed in my rig sig (Bruce). Basically a media server/nas. I'm running one 128GB Samsung 840 Pro (OS) in Raid mode due to storage array. I'm currently expanding/changing my storage array and have always been curious if it wouldn't be better to run the SSD in AHCI mode. Would it be worth the expense to add a raid card to run 3 x 2TB WD Red drives which would allow the SSD to run AHCI mode? Trim says it's enabled but does it actually function while in raid...
I'm right in line with Red and saw 6 degrees when changing over to IC Diamond from AS5.Here's two approx 20 min runs of Blend. 1st is with AS5 and 2nd with IC Diamond.
DL and run HWiNFO64,The CPU Core #0 VID will be the stock voltage for your chip.Be sure to look under the "Maximum" column.My 8350's is 1.325 [[SPOILER]]
7/16 ID x 5/8 OD tubing here [[SPOILER]] with a few rotary fittings can go a long ways.Maybe this is more what you're asking about?
I used a infrared thermometer to compare against sensor reading till I located the hottest spot between the VRM WB and actual VRM and simply wedged sensor into place.A little trail and error goes a long ways
The stock thickness on my CHV-Z is a 0.5mm.I would have to imagine the CHIV being the same.
Welcome to OCN!It takes a lot more than 15 minutes of Prime95 to be calling it stable, or to gauge temps.Most consider a minimum of 12 to 24 hours of Prime95 to be stable.Prime95 hits only the first maximum spike temp reading at the 15 min mark. There's another at the 1 hour make followed by a few more after that.For better temp check stressing try IBT AVX on max for a minimum of 20 passes. warned, the 212 may not hold under...
I just noticed you're new here, Welcome!Thank you for filling it out! Now we all know your system is capable with your current mobo and cooling solution. It's up to you to find those limits. This takes time if you're looking to optimize your setup so be forewarned.You tested using Prime95, was this the first failure you've seen? If so how long did P95 run until you saw this failure?The previous test you ran that hopefully you passed, how long did that test run?It's not...
Please fill your rig sig so we all know what your working with.4.8 stock voltage? Prime95 is probably failing due to instability. This is what your seeing with the two cores dropping off. They're no longer working because they failed the test.I can't help further without more of your system info.
What is happening is not enough heat is being dissipated and bottle necking at the base of the HS creating the higher socket temps.You might try re-seating the HS but I doubt very seriously you'll see big gains at all. It's only a four pipe HS. You might want to look at a Noctura D14 as something more suitable if you're hoping to OC and maintain temps.
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