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No, but you might get a way with calling it "Bench" or "Game" stable. It depends on what you do/want from your pc.If the possibility of a corrupt OS (meaning re-imaging is required) or perhaps you don't have personal items that you would be concerned about loosing you could run that way but it will come back on you someday.Stability is a very subjective topic. Rather than post a long drawn out reply give this a good read...
AIDA64 is weak as far as stability tests go.These are two of the more common testsIBT AVX (Work up to 20 passes on maximum)or Prime95 BlendIf you're going to spend the time testing, might as well do it with tests that are worth while.Be warned both of these WILL create more heat than AIDA64.
With a 25 to 27c ambient room temp you can expect temps to climb running a H100 but at only 4.4 OC?I'm thinking a lack of case air flow.I'd be adding a fan to blow directly onto the VRM HS as this will help with mobo heat soak.Any chance you could post a snip of HWInfo64 showing useful values like this [[SPOILER]] This would give all of us a better idea where your OC is at.Also how are fans oriented?
Here's where mine run 24 hr Prime95 stable
I'm liking both XSPC rads in my rig (check rig sig photo) RX 360 and EX 140My first setup ran a 360 mounted externally on the back side of case. External mounting is an option.IHMO you're fighting too high of temps causing instability. ACing usually hits the limit about 4.6GHz.I believe you'd have better luck if max was under 55 to 60c.Indirectly it could be the use of four Dimms if they're OC'd, but stock and under 2400MHz shouldn't be that big of issue on the IMC.Yes two...
Make sure to run "Offset Voltage" for both CPU and CPU/NB.
I OC/tighten the ram last after reaching my goal in other areas of OCThis can lead to a few more tweaks to "Optimize" the system but that's what it's all about right?
This should help you get a basic understanding of the path required may be somewhat dated but the basics still apply.Secondary timings could be left on auto as bios will adjust them as needed.Be sure to leave Dram Driving Control on auto as well.As you tighten timings you will see a need for additional Dram voltage. Make small voltage increases and re-testIf you look at my rig sig you'll see I...
Thanks guys!I'm just sitting on the fence with these 9590's and was wondering about this very topic.Mega Man: I don't know if I can wait too much longer, you know where I was the previous weekend and this week is the second one (two daughters, two weddings all in two weeks) it doesn't get any better than this let me tell ya lol.
Am I following you guys? Are you both saying the 95xx doesn't seem to clock any better than 5.0?
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