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I've had real good luck running HWInfo64 with the three APU builds (2x A8 6600K's and one A6 5400K) I've recently put together. All three have a Hyper 212 EVO with reduced fan RPM's controlled by mobo.
Look here DL the manual. Yes I am positive.
Page 5-1 of the manual reads as followsRaid 0, 1, 5 and 10 are supported which is common for most Asus mobo'sTo view snip full screen click image, than in lower right click "Original"
Consider running some IBT AVX It will give you a better idea of when you're actually stable enough to get into those longer runs of Prime95. Not intended to replace P95, just helps to speed up the process a little. I always aim to pass 10 runs of "Very High" followed by 20 runs on "Maximum". Than I move onto Prime95 where the real fun starts Watch your temps closely!
As others have mentioned no way will it run stable at 4.9GHz with only 1.41v. Most take closer to 1.5v even at 4.8GHz. 4.8GHz is where most find a voltage wall. Read the guide linked above and start low and make small increases and semi stabilize each step before proceeding higher. You'll have much better luck. At 5.0GHz many need closer to 1.6v and this requires a very capable cooling solution (usually WCing). The more items you manually enter into bios the better your...
Always OC from the bios, never with a utility.AI Suite is known to create issues . You'll do much better to uninstall it.Give this a good read as it will get you where you want to be
I like it!Perhaps this will help you figure out air flow'm in the same boat and thinking of adding another 360 in the front of mine
One thing I've learned is when a fan is advertized as silent they may be but, at a cost of power. I have not heard or seen the brand you linked above.I tend to go a little over kill and dial them down for everyday things. This way if ambient room temps climb it's so much nicer being able to simply dial up above everyday rpm's to off set the change.
Not 1.15v.What you have posted is the "System Summary" on HWInfo64.You need to click the "Sensor" tab/view at start up (the other selection) and it will look something like this [[SPOILER]] Notice the very top entry, Core #0 VID of 1.325v. This my 8350's CPU VID or factory preset stock voltage for this CPU for the Bios to work from. Each chip can be/is different and you'll need to know what YOUR's is.When the value is known scroll down to CPU Voltage in bios and manually...
Not sure what you want to know about the CPU, but for the extra fan connections take a look at these's always a fan controller as well that would run off the 12v molex connection (same connection as the 1st link above)I can now understand why it's running so warm,...
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