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Good choice. After this fiasco, as well as my own personal problems with EK, I'm never purchasing another product from them again. Vote with your wallet. Why should we have to jump through hoops when it is clearly their fault to begin with? Poor customer service, blaming the customers, and an overall lack of product quality has driven me away. I always recommend anything other than EK as other companies have superior products.
With such a high ambient those temps are fine. Sorry to say, but ambient temps have the most effect on your loop and there's not much you can do to improve it. I wouldn't worry about those temps at all. Also if you are looking for very good fans, go with gentle typhoons. They have several types (speeds) so go with ones you are comfortable with. Or you can get the max speed ones and get a fan controller. Up to you.
Primochill seems to have had a very bad batch of tubing recently as described in this thread: Very bad plasticizer build ups in a short amount of time. I've been looking like crazy today for good tubing that won't have plasticizer issues. Unfortunately it seems that plasticizer free tubing is extremely difficult to work with due to the stiffness and not many people have tried them. I really... I would go with something like that. Even though it is a "kit" all of those are products that you can purchase separately, but you get the best price with that kit. You can also just buy a GPU block and a motherboard block and put them in the loop as well. As for learning how set it all up. There are tons and tons of threads on this forum as well as youtube videos...
I hope you guys are trolling me. That big water kit has a weak pump that fails, poor cooling performance even compared to good air coolers, is prone to leaks, and comes with a bad block. It was a poor product 2 years ago and hasn't gotten any better with time.
Yes don't listen to me, nor do a google search and find tons of other people who have had that kit fail on them. Thermaltake is notorious for awful watercooling "kits" and anyone who can use google will find that out very quickly.
No one is sure as of right now. There have been rumors that it will come out during summer, after summer, soon, lol. As for price, there are currently rumors floating around that it will be ~$300-320. Honestly, this generation's pricing is so messed up thanks to amd gouging consumers while NVIDIA didn't have any new cards out. Prices started out high and are going to take a long time to come back down, especially with demand so high that NVIDIA can't even get enough...
Definitely get the raystorm kit, it has superior parts in every respect compared to the EK kit. EDIT: I believe the difference is one has a speed control while the other does not.
Tell him to throw it out. That kit is absolutely awful, the pump will fail, the cooling is miserable. If he wants to save himself a huge headache he won't use that.
Actually you only have to change the water every 6-12 months. 12 being on the long end and 6 being what people usually do.
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