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TJ07 if you want the most elegant case (IMO) or an 800d/700d. The 800d/700d mod is extremely simple like the poster said above. Also, when done very patiently, it looks terrific.
Sounds like your water is not circulating at all causing the water to be stagnate and just keep the heat in the same spot. It is weird that both of them should suddenly die like that, but I would definitely take apart your loop and check for any blockages in your blocks and to see if your pumps are running.
I believe it is something around 300W (could be 250 I forget) for every 1 degree of difference. Meaning that if your water passes through your GPU going at full power (let's say they are putting out 300W of heat) then the water that comes out of the block will be merely 1 degree higher than the water going in. The difference in temperature throughout your loop will NEVER vary by more than a couple degrees at most because your radiators dissipate the heat that is being...
I really can't justify it/do not want to wait a week for it to arrive. I would only be using it this once, and MAYBE in the very distant future, but to me that is not worth the $25 I would spend after shipping.
I absolutely cannot get the ATX pins out of the cables on my power supply. I do not own the tool, did not want to spend $20 on something I would only need for a couple of hours, so I have been trying with staples. I have tried the staples method on other cables and they come out no problem, but the cables on my PSU refuse to budge. Does anyone have any suggestions? It wouldn't be a big deal, but I need the housing on the modular cables in order to plug the cables back...
Yep all of that sounds just fine and looks like you know what you're doing. If you were willing to spend a little more money you could get the RX360 which would allow you to add that gpu block in the future without blinking an eye, but it's up to you.
Yes it will help, you are pushing more air through the radiator which will always help temps.Go for it
Actually, the faster fan will cause the slower fan to speed up due to the difference in pressure which will result in the slower fan being pushed beyond what it is supposed to be running at.This will result in extra wear on the slower fan and reduced life.All in all, I would not recommend it.
The additional RX120 will cool approximately 175W with 1500rpm fans. The RS240 is enough for just the cpu so if you add in the RX120 you will fall a little short of decent performance (10C delta), so I would definitely suggest another RX120. The other part is that if you want silence then adding in the extra 120 will do nothing but help you in that regard because it will allow you to run your fans at lower rpms. Hope that helps.
Sorry, but I'm not accepting the response of "well it seems like the pump is working" as the final word on whether the pump works or not. For all we know, working to him is horrible flowrates to us. Also, a tremendous amount of air would inhibit flow which would cause the water temps to increase dramatically which would cause the radiator to be hot. So that would be a potential problem.
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