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dont be such a wimp and give in to consolitis. Cmon now! Heve ho.
What do you need to run supersampling on at a decent fps? I can't do it with my 670
oh man..this is making want to just stick with my 670 for another year.
I don't even care for GTA 5. Seen it on consoles and it didn't impress me. The world looked boring and desolate, unless maybe on PC they add more NPCs. Are they getting R* Toronto to port this over? If they do, they might as well not bother.
The country doesn't operate on your tax dollars or personal income tax. It operates on the tax dollars of corporations and businesses. Therefore where does your tax dollars go? Probably in the pocket of some corrupt politician.. Merry christmas!
more than likely its due to the fact that Watch Dogs was going to be compared to GTA V , whether anyone believes its a fair comparison or not. This will give people time to get GTA V out of their system and let the Ubi improve on the game itself. I'm not really anticipating the game but for people that are waiting, I imagine its a blow for them.
Hope so. Red Dead Redemption was skipped on PC. I really really wanted to play it.
I guess they're moving into their Cyberpunk franchise next
^nice rig! congrats on getting a 2nd one. I just got my first one to replace my Asus gtx 580 DCII. Its only been a few days and I'm so happy with this card..worth every penny. I would actually consider later on getting a new mobo just so I can SLI two of these.
anyone know a online store that sells these but in the $300-$350 price range? I don't mind if its used or open box as long is its working normally.
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