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@parityboy Not sure to be honest, but if thats the case then both my z71 and the WD have the same problem. @MightyMiroWD Good to know, I'm hoping this drive never dies its on a good streak I silently fixed the S/N issue.. shh don't tell anyone
@MightyMiroWD sorry for the delay. I ran the extended test last night and got this result. Test Option: EXTENDED TEST Model Number: WDC WD10EACS-00D6B0 Firmware Number: 01.01A01 Capacity: 1000.20 GB SMART Status: PASS Test Result: PASS Test Time: 12:09:32, October 16, 2016 Also ran a quick test and it passed as well. I guess the drive is fine then ?
thanks MightyMiro for the detailed response..I was not expecting a WD rep to be here Just gotta say this HD has been a beast, will probably get another WD as well as an SSD (surprised you guys aren't in that market yet?) As a comparison I decided to run HDTune on my old Asus Z71 laptop. I know this isn't a fair comparison because this is a laptop hard drive and a different vendor but its been used almost every day since 2005 and is still running fine. Notice the...
Lately my PC has been failing to boot into windows, it just sits at a black screen before the windows logo comes up. I have to hard reboot and usually it then starts up fine. I've owned the hard drive for at least 6 years and it never had any issues. Wondering if its time to get it replaced? I ran HD tune and go these results. I'm not sure what the Reallocated Event Count affects.
Running on an outdated system, and I'm getting 30 - 55 fps. does dip into a slideshow when I'm in the batmobile and buildings are blowing up everywhere. Otherwise 90% of the time its very playable.
screw Microshaft. I'd love to know how they are going to convince businesses to trust them, when many require utmost privacy on the work they are doing.
dont be such a wimp and give in to consolitis. Cmon now! Heve ho.
What do you need to run supersampling on at a decent fps? I can't do it with my 670
oh man..this is making want to just stick with my 670 for another year.
I don't even care for GTA 5. Seen it on consoles and it didn't impress me. The world looked boring and desolate, unless maybe on PC they add more NPCs. Are they getting R* Toronto to port this over? If they do, they might as well not bother.
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