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Hi, Windows loves to do this. To fix it do as follows: Right click on the audio icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and select recording devices. Then, select the communications tab and select the do nothing radio button, like this: Hope this helps
When I get mine, I cannot wait to use it for XBMC!
Just got my email, saying it will be delivered on the 24th July!Source(Edit: Can a mod put the link in the title, for some reason, I cannot edit it...)
Hi all, I just received a dremel as a gift and now I need ideas on what to do with it . I have a 650D which I could mod the front intake fan slot to reduce noise. Any other ideas? I also have an old 690 II that is not in use, which I could mod but I need ideas. Cheers all!
Thanks! I have added the items I think I need to the basket taking into account the fitting sizes. I have not included the Mayhems coolant I will be using. I have also generously over estimated the fittings I will need and will review it when the time comes to buy. Is that looking good?
Hi all, It is now time to delve into the depths of watercooling. I have read the stickies and I think I know my stuff. I need help now with what to buy. My case is the 650D so I am thinking a 200mm rad for the front of the case, and a 240mm rad for the top of the case. I have an i7 2600k and a AMD 7970 which I would also like to watercool. I already have the fans (Scythe GT's). The rest of the specs are in my signature. Can someone recommend me the parts for the...
I see you only have the SSD, where do you store all your data?
Really tempted to pre-order this because my 690 II is getting cramped. Would it be overkill for my system though?
Cheers all! I will go down the i3 route!
I have started to buy the parts for my HTPC. I want to be able to play Blu-rays and HD MKV's smoothly and also play games including F1 2012 and Dirt3. All I now need is the CPU and Motherboard but I am restricted to a budget of £200 - £250 for both. AMD or Intel? So far, I have: GPU: AMD Radeon HD6850 RAM: 4GB G.Skill 1600Mhz RAM Case: Bitfenix Prodigy PSU: BeQuiet 530w PSU Storage: 120GB Vertex 2 SSD 500GB Samsung F3 2TB Seagate I am thinking Intel Core i5-3330 &...
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