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1020m on Firestorm! I screeched like a little girl when I got the kill XD
Thanks for the products guys, I folded and went for a turtle beach, it was cheap and I knew it would work.
I have a pair of headphones with a microphone and I am so impressed with the quality, I would like to use them for my 360. The problem is, is that the 360 mic input is a 2.5mm jack whereas the mic cable on the headphones is a 3.5mm jack. Is it possible to get an adaptor? Does anyone know of one that will work?
Hello all, Just got this game and have been playing a continuous game and now I have filled up my starting island and need to claim another island. The problem is, I have no idea how to do it... I have tried to build on the island close to me but it won't let me. Do I have to buy it or something? Cheers
Waste of money upgrading from 2 reference 6870's to 2 7970's with aftermarket coolers? My current cards get hot quick which results in a much louder fan...
In Great Giveaway!
Hey all, I am in the position of having my computer case in front of an open window. The question I want to ask is, would it be beneficial to change the rear fan to intake and flip the two noctua fans around? Would I see a large drop in temperature? Cheers
Does this work with the steam version? Looks good
Infinity Ward will still claim that MW3 is game of the year. All they care about is money, not a single **** was given about the community.
I'm in! OCZ and FTW!
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