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Nice find there drmlordx. Doesn't say anything about FM2+, but I'm willing to give it a try..... The Stilt, Yea, in the spirit of, it's a shame to be running 3.0GHZ on these chips anytime the iGPU is engaged in any sort of viewport-render operation. I sure would like to find a remedy. I could just toss a discrete GPU in there, disable the iGPU, problem solved, but the tinkerer in me would rather go about this the hard but free way. Everyone always says...
Well bugger!! Yea I had a feeling cpufreq-info may have caused some confusion here. I appreciate you going back and trying this again for me. I'm going to keep tinkering with this issue. I'll let you know if I figure anything out. I did run across that K10CTL, but I wouldn't have a clue how to go about modifying that to work for this. I'm no software engineer. Thanks! Eric
Hey there UnderVolter! Long time! Thanks for the warm welcome
Hi there drmlordx, Sorry for the thread necro here. This is seriously one of the only posts on the whole of the interwebs addressing this issue from a linux perspective. I think its worth a bump. Perhaps I can pick your brain a bit if you have a chance.... Doesn't seem to matter what settings I use, I have not found any way to defeat the "3ghz" throttle when the iGPU is used for any sort of render/openGL/viewport operation in linux. I'd really like to find a solution...
Yep, there's a delay or some sort of double-cycling boot that takes place on many Giga AM3+ boards when they are running custom tuned settings. (and yes, seems to be related to disabling turbo for some odd reason). Probably nothing to worry about. In my recollection even with that weird startup glitch, my giga board was still faster to finish posting and moving along to booting than my Asus board.
Has nothing to do with the option to set it and everything to so with it not being able to generate that BCLK with stability.I can "set" 300mhz BCLK on the EVO, but it doesn't seem to want to actually run at speeds that high.
A thermal margin reading of 47.8, means, that you are 47.8 degrees away from the maximum supported continuous operating temp.
If the GPUs nvidia had shipped to review sites, are the same as the ones being sold to customers, then the 3.5GB issue should not be a deal breaker. Far as I know, the cards you buy are the same as the cards reviewed, and they perform just freakin dandy.
My $50 Biostar 770 chipset board could generate BCLK's at 300mhz. My Asus 990X EVO R2.0. Nope Luck of the draw maybe.
PileDriver does not have a traditional core temp probe. The temperature reading you are looking at is an inverted thermal margin reading. Depending on how the software has been calibrated to show you that, it's perfectly normal for it to read sub-ambient temps. It doesn't mean that there is an endothermic reaction taking place in your CPU. It doesn't mean something is wrong. It just means that you don't speak the same language as your CPU's temp monitoring system. A...
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