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I don't have any calibration software nor would I know how to do it unfortunately hah. I just loaded a few ICC files floating around the web which helped but still not close. Actually I was pretty satisfied with the picture until I did the side by side w/ PG out of curiosity. There was some content where I thought it was pretty close like a few UHD wallpapers but when I started playing 4K UHD/HDR clips side by side is when I was pretty heavily swayed.
I like the Omen curve much better since I sit fairly close, it's much more aggressive and immersive. The PG is barely curved. I really like the Omen a lot more than the PG in almost every aspect, but I realized colors matter too much to me. I'll stick w/ IPS until more OLED monitors come out.
Yes the PG stand is terrible, I wall mounted mine.Never seen the MG24UQ but to me it's night and day vs the PG348Q. I tested both for over an hour side by side w/ DP inputs from a 1080. Mainly playing 4K/HDR content on Youtube simultaneously.
Today I picked up a PG348Q from Fry's to compare, it's my first time seeing one in person. The colors are honestly night and day better, it makes the Omen look very washed out like a veil over the colors, even w/ ICC profile, not even close. I genuinely tried to justify keeping the Omen because I think the bezel and curve is so much better, along with the blacks and BLB. But no matter how I thought about I just cannot live w/ washed out colors, the colors trump everything...
Just got a BNIB Seahawk EK X off eBay for under $500, cheaper than buying a EK block + card so I went for it. Love how quiet it is, idling mid 20s and mid 30s under load. Using it w/ the PG348Q. Will probably do a conservative OC since 3440x1440 is so demanding.
Do you guys use Racing Mode? If so, what brightness/contrast?
I've been using mine for a few hours now. Tried a few different color profiles floating around but coming from an IPS, I do feel like the colors are a bit washed out. Viewing angles don't bother me as much as the lack of vibrancy. I absolutely love the design though, the bezel is clean and the monitor is built like a tank, it feels premium. To me it's much better looking than the PG and X34. At this point I'm very on the fence about keeping it, I'm not sure I want to play...
It dropped again to $965
Anyone know when the Seahawk EK X is coming out?
Well it's under $1K on Amazon. I bought it over the PG348Q, just curious to see for myself after reading all these polarizing comments. Worst case I'll return it and go for the ASUS.
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