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probably need ~2000-2500ft range, i was looking at the d-link dir-655 or netgear n600 because of all the good reviews and it's
havent posted in a while but this is just next-level, impeccable style and execution -- well done just one thing, i think the coolant is unnecessary especially with your colored tubing, never tried EK but using coolant will usually increase the need for maintenance in the future.. plus, when the frozenq res lights up it's hard to tell anyway
dont be so quick to judge, it's been 3 weeks now since i sent alex a pm (and email) about his offer to replace it out of warrantyhave not heard a word back
thanks for the input. the pump sits on an anti vibration pad/mount.. the vibration is very minimal when i touch for the endcaps, this res is not like an EK res where it unscrews, the endcaps on the frozenq are not removable.another issue i could think of is that the holders are pinching the res too tightly, but not sure how likely that is to cause such damage.
never use anything besides distilled water w/ biocide
it was good while it lastedalex quaintance is (was?) the owner of frozenq. i bought this via direct emails w/ him 3 years ago. maybe he's moved on, im not sure.
i bought this 250ml res about 3 years ago after frozenq's initial disaster with complaints about leaks... alex said the new version was improved and the problem fixed, so i placed my order this is what it looks like 3 years later.... pc has never been moved aside from dusting, no external stress on the res... im assuming it's just a structural failure i know it's out of warranty, but an acknowledgement or apology wouldn't hurt... alex has not responded to my emails...
i like it better with window, might just have to upgrade my 700d!
bump for my annual update... no maintenance needed so far.. all smooth sailing.. total uptime 700+ days running since feb 2011
Okay, it's not a paperweight but my Clevo/Sager laptop just came in w/ a GTX 670M. And this thing runs Diablo 3 worse than my previous $500 ASUS. I'm pretty sure it's a driver issue, but I cannot find any recent drivers for the 670M @ Are there beta drivers or ANYTHING that can fix this?? I guess I'll try calling support tomorrow although I'm not sure how they can help
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