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So, I did take everything apart, made sure to reapply TM, retightened, and my boot and pwr orange LEds are still on, with no successful boots. My pins aren't ben on the CPU socket, and the only thing i can think is that the motherboard Q Connector is causing an issue, as one of the pins fell out while I was placing it on the board, and forced it back in.
Parts below i7 6700k asus z170 sabertooth gtx 1080 strix seasonic gold 750 ddr4 3733 16 gb samsung pro 960 On load, all of my status LEDs (CPU, DRAM, VGA, BOOT_DEVICE) start orange orange (which means nothing is wrong but it's also not green), no bios loads, and the monitor doesn't read anything, there's no beep. After a few seconds, only the VGA and BOOT_DEVICE orange lights remain reset CMOS, only used one stick, only used GPU, nothing is working. Is my CPU maybe...
looks like my monitor has 2 dead pixels on the bottom right, and one in the middle. Going to test it out until january and see how i feel (newegg extended return policy in effect)
Does this monitor come with any cables, or is there one i should buy?
nvme SSD is the only part i need now, would like to build my computer before I go out of town next week...should I wait, or install on an SSD I have now and suck it up until stock/prices drop? Are high temps going to be a problem w/ every NVME SSD (seems like it)? Any other recommendations?
havent played in 13 months and i see its a completely different game now...well at least i just bought overwatch and a new pc
just bought on newegg - 5% off hope it's good
ebates had 10% cb for black friday,should check that too
really hoping newegg matches this
checked NYC/NJ locations
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