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wow such a wide range - i wish we had panel dates too.
how is the return/exchange policy for ncix?oops just saw someone else askedalso, how has newegg's been? I'm not going to have premium by the time i buy this monitor so a little worried.
whoa i7 6700k prices are FINALLY dipping again, was up to 399, now at 389! lol...
its $399 now =D
Prefer a clean looking board to one with LED's and words like "GODLIKE" or "GAMING" in all caps
Yeah, I should've bought when it was $319.99 before discount. It went up to 349, then 379, and it's out of stock at a lot of the locations i checked. This is ridiculous.
they raised the price at microcenter and it's still out of stock too =(
The store I saw it at had it for around $1100 USD. I haven't had good wifi so can't upload for a while - hopefully some reviews will come out shortly. I have to say though if it was GSync I'd have no hesitation in buying the monitor. I guess since it's freesync i can save the money by going AMD instead? But I wanted to upgrade to pascal..
Just saw one of these right after demoing a PG279Q and I have to say it was very nice. I took a quick video and I'll try to take a screenshot. The store was very bright so I kept trying to move to find a good angle to highlight it. The monitor was running through an unreal demo showing off the smart light tech and how it improves lighting in dark games
newegg has for 279. plus they have the $25 off visa checkout. I also used $50 in GC's, and amex cashback so I got it for 175 =)
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