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just bought on newegg - 5% off hope it's good
ebates had 10% cb for black friday,should check that too
really hoping newegg matches this
checked NYC/NJ locations
so many good motherboards out of stock at several stores, even though some motherboards were shown to be stock in store (i checked 3) - settled on an asus sabretooth tuf 1, last one in the store
Hi, was planning on a build last year and got sidetracked, so I have some parts available and will need some help filling in the rest. I am planning on upgrading and watercooling my rig when the 1080 ti's are out and i have a lot more time to build it, but i am tired of waiting and would really love to play some games in the meantime Partpicker list here. CPU - i7 6700k MOBO - Asus Maximus VIII Formula Cooler - tentative Cryorig, like I said I will be WC in the future...
yeah a couple tech items i bought shipped from newegg, and they were acquired by walmart recently, so not sure what the skepticism is about
haven't played in 10 months, what have i missed? 140 characters or less
He did mention an interest in upgrading to pascal or adding another card in the future. I offered him a PSU i kept from a previous build, unused, and he said he'd take it if i built the computer for him. I was planning on giving it to my brother anyways so at least I get money out of this exchange.
thanks and repped - is there a reason you picked WD over HGST and Seagate?
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