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I don't know - I think after techies is out half this thread will turn into complaints about techies feeding on your team or going against it every game you play / I'm already not looking forward to it. Centaur offlane you just need shield rop and play careful until you get tranquils. If it's a trilane i get return + shield + 2 gauntlets/tree, and they can't sustain the harass very long - meaning they have to pull or roam(bonus if you're on radiant b/c you can also pull...
Just want to point out that DK picked void midas aghs and everyone is raving about it
There are lots of players in the 5k range who play nothing but Slark TB Lycan Phoenix Ember but are awful players, so with a combo of that and language filter abuse it seems like it's doable. Just play mid , offlane, or carry and will your team to victory.
TheyYeah I don't condone reporting players based on their ability to speak English, it's silly. Just noting the abuse that is already in place.
There are already language abusers in the high mmr brackets (you and your friends all set language filter, queue at same time, get matched on the same team) so i doubt this will happen. I mean this is above 5k where there are fewer players to queue with, I doubt this works as well below that.Also running into a lot of MMR abusers now- this weekend I ran into 5 3stacks with 2 players at around 4.6-4.8, and a 3rd player 1k below them, giving me teammates of 4k to balance it...
I'm glad i switched from support... wraith king is pretty fun right now, you just run at people and get kills. Sniper is super annoying though- I went blademail heart and he couldn't really do much. He doesn't lane well against slark though, and invokers that go EMP and necro3 and silencer are the only heroes i've had a lot of trouble with ( i mean besides when my team loses all their lanes). Also the ocn inhouse doc says Sep 7th?
nice - offlane void going aghs on BTS right now
Just have to play mid or high impact offlane/carry to get up. It works all the way up to around 4.5k (at least in USE) where you start getting all the lycan slark ember terrorblade pickers every game and you just have to hope your team has the more OP heroes.
Wait removing EVERYONE because I disagreed with you....makes me childish ?
- Yes every hero is situational. The sky is blue. The sun rises in the morning. Thank you for letting us know.- if you watch current tournaments you would know people stopped playing AM/Alchemist a long time ago, and that alchemist became a support hero quite a long time ago as well, and dropped off after the nerfs to him in the last patch, and that the games are generally shorter, faster, and favor damage items over farming items. So why is it hard for you to believe that...
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