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could be worse. MMR for smurfs is capped at 4.5k so you get a lot of smurfs, and lots of them have under 50% winrate in ranked games and can't even play their main heroes well. Makes games hard to win even if you give your team the early advantage b/c of comeback mechanics.
95 minute game and i was 13 short of getting 900 cs =(
i hear there was some offlane zeus in DAC? Also where is pitlordddddd
nyx mid is about as useful as a rubick mid or a skywrath mid. Usually when I see one they get 4 reports and low priority b/c their team will hate them for wasting a lane/time.
just play party matches until you hit lvl 13, is the best way to at least have 1 or 2 other reliable ppl
had a support morph in my trilane against a dual offlane (veno/jugg). Outside of first blood it really didn't offer much during laning, but my supports were pretty bad. 0 tp's to help mid/offlane who had died around 10x in the first 10 mins (though my offlane was really bad and we had a sniper mid) also have had 5k'ers with under 50% winrate in 200+ ranked games, how is that even possible o_O.
yeah no it's definitely not a language thing
and right when i say that i win a game with void and pa lol. but other team didn't have any current meta heroes either so it worked out. went zeus and 12-2 mid against a 2v1 lane with no wards and my trilane lost to a solo abaddon 3-15 =D and my offlane fed too. great day. and for some reason i played again and my mid and safelane died 50x in 40 mins =D. still almost had a baserace going. good timesssss valve
Off Qop is doable. You can almost always grab the rune unless someone is camping it, and if someone is camping it, you can harass or get last hits so either way it works out. what a garbage day to dota. somehow ended up winning more than losing, but some truly awful games. People don't consider their lane matchups, lose horribly, and games are just so ugly. Stop going bfury every game if the other team is all midgame heroes and steamrolling yours!! And LC jungle. and 2...
One of those days when your team has 40 deaths in 30 mins every game lol. my favorite was when i was riki and my axe blinks in to where i just killed the gem holder (and died), uses call, refuses to drop his shield or magic stick or tp, to give them back the gem (this was their 3rd gem). the only private profile on my team of course =D
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