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nice to see they posted highest mmr players on each team now, makes picking a little better. now for a better report system and a better system to avoid smurfs/mmr abusers...
I don't like dire offlane with the new map, which is probably why i don't play offlane as much as i used to. Have had a lot more success this patch than the last one playing support/carry...not having to deal with troll jugg axe 100% every game at least makes things slightly better...15-5 this month with 10 heroes played.
With all the sniper trolls jugg and axes in every game now venge seems like a good pick again! Save your carry or swap their carry, probably die, repeat.
could be worse. MMR for smurfs is capped at 4.5k so you get a lot of smurfs, and lots of them have under 50% winrate in ranked games and can't even play their main heroes well. Makes games hard to win even if you give your team the early advantage b/c of comeback mechanics.
95 minute game and i was 13 short of getting 900 cs =(
i hear there was some offlane zeus in DAC? Also where is pitlordddddd
nyx mid is about as useful as a rubick mid or a skywrath mid. Usually when I see one they get 4 reports and low priority b/c their team will hate them for wasting a lane/time.
just play party matches until you hit lvl 13, is the best way to at least have 1 or 2 other reliable ppl
had a support morph in my trilane against a dual offlane (veno/jugg). Outside of first blood it really didn't offer much during laning, but my supports were pretty bad. 0 tp's to help mid/offlane who had died around 10x in the first 10 mins (though my offlane was really bad and we had a sniper mid) also have had 5k'ers with under 50% winrate in 200+ ranked games, how is that even possible o_O.
yeah no it's definitely not a language thing
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