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been using crimson guard on bristleback and seeing it on axe. Not sure how it interacts with blademail, I haven't bothered to check. My games run about 10 minutes longer on avg it seems... I'm also going to do my own version of the A-Z challenge, but with refresher orbs lol. Finally got one on bristleback the other day.
lol they finally nerfed void's chrono lasting .5 seconds longer, that's been there since...beta? and thank god tp's are cheaper being a solo support and trying to save a dying ally and getting the next set of tp's is so annoying in the early stages. also lol chen with ancient creep also lmao at new aghanims for timber/bane/phoenix/puck/sven/earth spirit
the game i wanted is on sale today too D=
I've been playing a lot of support pugna (especially when they pick tinker and illusion based carries) still get an aghanims at 20-25 minutes even in a trilane or a mek + euls or forcestaff into a bkb/BoTs/necro3. Tinker dagon eblade combo pretty much kills himself and he can't spam march without revealing his position in trees after rearm...but your positioning has to be really good because of how squishy you are. and if your team is stupid and you're under-leveled...
Well you're a guy so your experience will be different from hers...Also LoL has a much higher player pool and more server spread. So fewer interactions with the same players, and people from other countries ( I run into players I muted or reported very regularly on USE..). LoL also has the tribunal where you can actually see and punish bad behavior, and they've worked to actively fix the community behavior, which valve does not. I mean the fact that you get the same # of...
Yep. Windows Phone does something similar too.Lol from your link...Just going to add these links here..maybe you can learn a thing or two...particularly about metadata that shows how photos were accessed.
How is it my opinion that the hacker explained how the exploit works, which goes around passwords/2FA/Security questions? It's something he said in public, that i linked to several times that the commenter ignored while continuing to argue with me.And yes we agree about the blame.And in the US citizens are guaranteed rights to privacy in the Bill of Rights and against unreasonable searches/securing of personal information. Privacy and data breaches are becoming a huge...
I set facebook to everytime i visit so that I always get the chronological feed. Even then it will add things it thinks I need to know or take things out it thinks I won't be interested. It's really annoying. The chronological feed was the best twitter feature.
I agree with this - but companies really do as much as they can to keep the user out of the loop. Which is why you get 50 page terms of service agreements. Or why settings are always set to default to take as much information as possible (ie with icloud). What we need are better consumer rights/protections.
Yeah - but apple doesn't give you that option, you have to manually disable it. I'm sure most users would prefer to keep it that way, but Apple wants your data/information.
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