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yeah a couple tech items i bought shipped from newegg, and they were acquired by walmart recently, so not sure what the skepticism is about
haven't played in 10 months, what have i missed? 140 characters or less
He did mention an interest in upgrading to pascal or adding another card in the future. I offered him a PSU i kept from a previous build, unused, and he said he'd take it if i built the computer for him. I was planning on giving it to my brother anyways so at least I get money out of this exchange.
thanks and repped - is there a reason you picked WD over HGST and Seagate?
Been out of the loop for a while, am looking for recs on a few parts. Monitor/peripherals not needed I could either buy an i7 6700k and ~$150 mobo through microcenter, or buy online w/ one of those budget mobo's i see on sale in online-deals. Win 8 - free and upgrade to 10 SSD - buy a 256 gig one for under 100 HDD- looking for recommendations, been out of the loop here GPU - GTX 970 from the next deal i see RAM - DDR4 3000+, under $100 PSU - already bought Seasonic...
been looking for a z170 board around $150 or under, any thoughts on this one?
Oh wow, all of their KLevv is out of stock. I wish i paid attention - i actually wanted this ram but the prices were so unreasonable they mustve lost a lot of money on them
in stock on amazon now, anyone else getting it?
still seeing this deal
Microcenter finally dropped their prices so I can buy my CPU/motherboard - I was planning on getting the Asus Z170 Deluxe since I wanted a black/white color scheme, but I noticed the newer VIII Formula includes a VRM waterblock, backside plate, and RGB lighting, i'm leaning towards that one, since I'm already planning on watercooling. Does anyone have experience with either/insight? Basing most of my information off of overclock3d's and bit-tech reviews.
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