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sell pipe and lothars for guinsoo and eblade =Dand if you have 7th slot, buy a necro3 to keep on courier
lol where is the gamergate outrage over this
Zeus is really fun offlane. Especially when they have a spell spamming support like a skywrath that tries to zone you out. You just sit back and kill their clarities, get a fast bottle, and just collect the runes to harass (though thatll require some coordination with your team). Youd probably want fast boots too so i find it better with a dual lane or a roamer. I went from an 80% to 70% winrate this week though (turns out you need a carry that won't feed all game and/or a...
Well I lost most of my games against TB DP and Omni this patch so I won't miss it. (On my team I have like a 80% loss rate this patch with death prophets, they all seem to like going bottle straight into bloodstone lol). Two games this weekend I had one go for bloodstone before euls against skywrath and another bloodstone when we had a timbersaw who got it in 15 minutes (the DP never completed the item and died 15 times)
I dropped 175 points this weekend lol good stuff highly recommended I lost a game where we were up 60-35 and had a 30k XP advantage lol. My mid windranger refused to get a disable and spent his last gold on a satanic. and then didn't have enough for buyback. So many bad carries this weekend. Quite a few single digit kills double digit deaths carries. REally makes it hard.
yeh i pllayed support and went 2-8 during calibration it was...not good.
when valve lowered limit for ranked games to 40 a bunch of people just played zeus spammed ult to get 5k mmr. and now they are plenty and plenty awfullol . i have yet to see one on the other team, 5 on mine so far tho
Man I wish these zeus exploiters were restricted to ranked until they hit lvl 13 again because they always end up on my team
so happy for the omniknight love. but they need a better way for him to get that assist gold b/c his kda is awful and it's hard to get much if your team isn't coordinatedi had a game a month or two ago where the other team had a 5k hp centaur and a 5k hp pudge but we won. centaur with blademail mjolnir heart shivas blink BoTs is pretty cool if you're going late and need to clear waves. and then sell the blademail for either another heart or SnY or halberd or BKB depending...
yeah offlane PA ftw
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