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ok just finished the patch notes, is this garbage? really just needed to nerf a handful of heroes, and add a couple of items, maybe? half of the changes are literal garbage.
can't wait to see more leshrac games, fun hero, was legit before, possibly OP. and lina hasn't been nerfed too much, unfortunately...
Lol Lina is such an easy hero...I had to go mid after my mid got mad at my safelane and they all went top to harass each other and flame each other and i had a huskar zone me out and an SB ganking, but i could just wave from tower to cs with bottle....
when does starladder end? looking fwd to new patch. even though this patch has been pretty easy even if it's annoying having troll lina storm sniper every game
Lina needs a nerf too, but I've been playing spirit breaker and running at lina/sniper/storm and my games have been pretty easy.
you could say that about any hero really, but troll is pretty broken right now.
Troll leaves every hero behind lol.
i don't remember the last time i lost to a bfury void, and i don't remember the last time i won with a bfury-goer on my team. if you're playing riki to farm, you're doing it wrong. the meta heavily favors midgame teamfights and if you're going bfury you're putting your team at a disadvantage unless you're already ahead - and if that's the case why add another 10-20 minutes to your match?
nice to see they posted highest mmr players on each team now, makes picking a little better. now for a better report system and a better system to avoid smurfs/mmr abusers...
I don't like dire offlane with the new map, which is probably why i don't play offlane as much as i used to. Have had a lot more success this patch than the last one playing support/carry...not having to deal with troll jugg axe 100% every game at least makes things slightly better...15-5 this month with 10 heroes played.
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