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Hope this means lower ddr4 prices just in time for skylake! I really wanted the klevv ddr4 sticks but they are so damn expensive so now I'm leaning towards these and dominator platinums
Same. I feel so lost at times. I'm also too used to pub that it's hard to break some bad habits. Learning the names of all the small spots in the new maps is also an issue for me, because people keep using different words for the same spots in my comp games
the one with the most flashing LED lights and macro keys and says GAMER on the top of the keyboard
Does playing with friends in competitive penalize you in any way? (Less mmr gain, harder teammates) If they are within 1 or 2 ranks of me.
i have 30 fps on dota reborn lol and its less responsive
I had some awful games this weekend where my ping jumped up to 200-300 for the whole game (i have max limit set to 80) it was so depressing went 1-7 this weekend dropped back to MGE, most of my game losses were 16-2, 16-3, 16-6, etc...I kept going against LE's and LEM's with MGE's it was does ELO work when teams are that imbalanced? I also got kicked once by a stack that was messing around about 14 losses in, any negatives to that? I think I need to play with...
Yeah i noticed T side there are some really tight chokepoints that you can't get to even if you rush with a knife. Also I'm shocked so many people in my mmr still spray nonstop and don't use sound...I guess I need to rank up faster =( Is there a page that lists all the names of all the parts on each map so I can memorize them? also, anyone i should watch on twitch?
I'm curious too. I'm planning on buying two monitors and am deciding on whether i want 1 27" ips 144hz/2560x1440 and 1 34" curved (for single player/video watching) or double up on the 27"
i didn't even know kz servers were a thing, ill have to check them out. I keep finishing 3rd or 4th in every game i play, and I'd like to refine some aspects of my play. HS only servers helped me immensely in source but that was a while ago
Woo ranked up to DMG after 2 more games since calibration=D
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