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Just the quad radiator mount and the single rad/ddc pump mount? I'm thinking of doing that and still have to decide if I want that reservoir or to buy a larger reservoir. Looks great.
This is a huge bummer. I only got to play with him a few times but he was always very friendly and fun to play with Videos on youtube are very helpful too, if you haven't seen them.
Not yet! I am following that thread closely, but I also don't want to completely copy that build (not that I could, anyways). i had a feeling I shouldn't post here, people really have strong feelings against the case.
this patch is so unenjoyable for me i think i'm playing mostly cs now. last patch, with a few hero nerfs and maybe a couple new items wouldve been great.
^I'm planning on an 34" LG curved and a 27" 120Hz display. I just need help on water-cooling options, as I mentioned. I have my parts mostly figured out, but am buying those closer to skylake's release date
If you had no budget but limited time to work on a computer, how would you spec out the MBX MKII? Me personally- Going to add: Topgrill, Floating Reservoir Holder, Luminous Panel- white, maybe black Considering: Single Rad&DDC pump mount (I'd love the bay option, but it's not available right now), crossflow fan assembly Undecided on dual/quad rad/reservoir - depending on the products I look at. I want to lean towards EK products, since they contributed to the MKII and...
I'm not too sure, tbh I see it at B&H for $999, which was the sale price of the UC97 a few days ago. I just started looking at parts for a new build, and I'm looking for a curved 34 inch for casual games and a 120-144hz monitor for FPS/moba games, if that helps. Also considering the Acer 34 inch Gsync curved monitor that was announced, since I'm not looking to buy until the summer.
Yeah I'm on sandy bridge witha 560m. Surprised Ive been able to game on it for 4 years without too many issues - but now it takes 20 minutes to turn on and crashes when browsing regularly dota and CS still work, though
I've been leaning towards getting the MBX MKII so I am really looking forward to seeing this build. Skylake needs to come out now!!
what's the likelihood of getting skylake Q2 2015 and not Q3? My laptop is slowly dying and i need an upgrade sooner than later
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