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Tried 4.5GHz with up to 1.365v but no good. 4.4GHz at 1.312v is not too bad. That's with most settings on Auto. Need to play with the RAM a little next
vdroop is set by adjusting load line calibration in the BIOS
I've had Liquid Ultra on my 3770K for over 12 months and temps are as good as ever. I've had no reason to remove it. I also had Ultra on my test bench for about 8 months with a H100i. I changed CPUs a number of times and while it did stain the water block it had no effect on temps.
No..I set it to 100. I think Aida64 was not displaying everything 100%, like it shows the Memory Clock at 3 for example. I just re-installed it which looks like it fixed it
Got it back to 1.306v... So it wasn't degradation that caused the need to increase the voltage nor was it due to a "break-in period" which I don't believe is even a thing. It was caused by the fact that I left Overclock Mode on Auto. I changed it to Manual and options to set Boot Strap, BCLK and a few other things appeared. This is what happens when I start playing with the BIOS at 2am. As for Aida64 not displaying Start time on the top, I just re-installed it and it...
Made it through 8 hours. Now to set the RAM and tweak some of the other settings again.
Thanks for your input guys. C-States are all auto Input voltage is 1.79v (auto) Aida64 is the latest version. I have not re-installed but thought about that. Aida64 running for 2.5 hours all defaults except CPU ratio: 47, Cache Min: 8, Cache Max: 44, vCore: 1.316v, cache voltage: 1.265v
A couple weeks ago I had my 4790K stable 4.7GHz 1.306v. Today I went to make some changes in the BIOS but instead of saving the current profile, I loaded an old one. Now I can't get it stable again, Aida64 keeps finding a hardware failure and it's never lasted more than 4 hours. Been trying for 14 hours! Currently I've got it at 4700MHz 1.316v CPU Cache 4400MHz 1.268v everything else is at default. Aida64 is saying the CPU Package is drawing over 90W. Take a look at the...
You got a bad batch. Doesn't mean all Liquid Ultra is bad
That's not correct. I connected the CEO of Coollabs and Liquid Ultra is rated higher than Pro (see link in my sig)
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