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i spent an hour trying to work out why all monitoring software (CPU-Z, Aida64, HWInfo etc) were reading the BCLK as 99.8MHz. I ended up leaving it set at 100MHz in the BIOS but changing it in XTU to 100.2 (a bit over but as close as i could get it). Now it's reading 100MHz again.
I've tried putting it on the inside of the IHS and it made no difference to temps. So now I don't bother as it's just a waste.
I don't think your a troll but I can see why some are getting frustrated. Before you ask questions here, try googling things and see what you can find. If you still need help or need something clarified, then ask here. It will show that at least you are trying.To answer you're question about applying liquid metal, there are a number of youtube vids you should find and watch that will show you exactly how to do it.
Go here: Coollabs is the best
That's nowhere near long enough to claim your system is stable. Aida64 recommends between 8-12 hours.
How long did you run Aida64?
There's no point in delidding unless you use a liquid metal and paint the die. The TIM Intel use isn't bad so using a regular paste is not going to give you much better temps. This has been mentioned many times in this thread.
When OCing it's best to tweak your vcore first and leave cache voltage on Auto. Once you're stable you can then work on setting a manual cache voltage if that's what you want.
It's fine to use with copper. It's aluminium that you need to keep it away from
DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS! Unless you have the money for a new chip. Going bare die is fraught with danger and the risk of cracking the die is very high.The gains in temp is not worth the risk IMO especially using an H100i.
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