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I just heard from the retailer. They are sending it to the distributor to fix a bent pin in the socket. They'll then test it and either send it back to me or ship it to ASRock in Taiwan. This could be a while.
Have you tried following the guide here: I just had to RMA my board. Too many problems. OC settings not sticking, the VGA LED always on and sometimes it would boot but nothing on the screen, when I reboot the board shuts down for up to 5 seconds before restarting, adding turbo voltage does nothing. I hope they don't keep the board for over 2 months like they did the...
Too easy. Thanks
I just installed a Liquid Fusion X4 Quad but broke the cathode. A replacement is on the way but is it a simple matter of just inserting it or is there more to it?
Expanded my H320 but got the wrong waterblock for my Sapphire 7950 (it actually has a 7970 PCB) I've arranged to swap so I can finish the loop...
Finally got my loop in. Problem is I bought a Swiftech Komodo HD 7950 for my Sapphire card only to discover that my card has a 7970 PCB. I've arranged a swap but that means draining the loop to finish...bummer. Can't wait tho it all looks pretty good for my first attempt.
The SKU is 11196-10-40G. I read a post somewhere that it's actually a 7970 PCB. Can anyone confirm this for me? I need to order a waterblock. Thanks in advance Never mind, I just confirmed it is. I matched the PCB number so I'm golden.
Expanding my H320 tomorrow. Adding a GTX Gen Two Xtreem 480 rad, a KOMODO 7950 full cover water block and Liquid Fusion 250mm Red res.Very happy
Does it BSOD if you set the UEFI defaults?
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