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Real problem with my Deluxe. I changed CPUs and fired it up. It booted into Windows (I was expecting it to notice the new chip and have me hit F1 to configure the BIOS) I rebooted so I could get into the BIOS and everytime I get an A2 error and the boot device LED is lit. It will not POST. All I have attached is the RAM, keyboard and mouse. I'm using the onboard HDMI. Up until now, everything has worked no problem. I've reset CMOS a number of times. Any help? UPDATE: I...
it's not that the TIM is no good, the issue is that the glue they used creates a gap between the die and the IHS. Lots of testing was done back with the 3770K and this was found to be the problem
there should be no reason to change the liquid metal on the die. Having said that tho, i don't think anybody has used it like this for more than a year or so, so there's not really any long term testing.
There's a basic guide in the OP of this thread
The big drops in temp come from using a liquid metal between the die and IHS. Also, IC Diamond is not a good idea because the tiny particles can scratch the die.
Ran XTU for 8 hours. 4.8GHz 1.36v. Temps are pretty good. Ambient 20c
very nice. you're the first person I've seen with a Costa Rica chip. Where did you get it?
Running Aida64 for 2 hours 4.7GHz 1.35v. Not bad considering 4.7GHz took 1.3v
Yeah, I posted similar earlier. My Mushkin RAM is slower at 2666MHz than at 2400MHz in Aida64 benchmark
It doesn't bond to chip or anything but it will stain the block permanently.
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