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My ASUS Z97 Deluxe doesn't like my Mushkin RAM @ 2666MHz. I had to lower it to 2400MHz to get it performing properly. It runs @ 2666MHz but not very well. The same RAM ran brilliantly in my Z77 ASRock OC Formula.
it's not regular paste. it won't come off when securing the block.
You won't gain anything by using it on the block. It's just wasting the CLU really
You don't need to apply it to the block. If you are putting it on top of the IHS, that is sufficient
If you want to re-use it then make sure you wipe it off the block. Then use the brush to smooth it out over the IHS and as long as none of it is stuck to the IHS it should be good.
Good job!
VCCSA, VCCAIO, and VCCDIO are the ones to focus on. Start at 1.1v and work your way up as needed. 1.3v would be the max you would want to go.
I just checked my files and I actually first applied it December 2012, so it's been over 18 months now.
I doubt it. On my main rig, I've had CLU on for over a year and temps are still as good as ever
i spent an hour trying to work out why all monitoring software (CPU-Z, Aida64, HWInfo etc) were reading the BCLK as 99.8MHz. I ended up leaving it set at 100MHz in the BIOS but changing it in XTU to 100.2 (a bit over but as close as i could get it). Now it's reading 100MHz again.
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