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I think you need to differentiate. I use a G9x at home and it's amazing for the gaming I do on it, but I have a G500 at work and I love it for productivity. The hyper-scroll button being on top of the mouse is great, I use that constantly. It's also a palm grip, which I find more conducive to reading/working/etc. Mice and keyboards alike, there aren't really any one-size-fits-all models out there.
I think you'll want to look towards a mini-itx build. My HTPC uses the E-350 fusion platform. Check it out: The one linked has built-in wireless/bluetooth, and passive cooling on the APU - great for saving space. Build upon that - you will add in some 1066 or 1333 ram, maybe a few F3/F4 drives for storage, a slim DVD/Blu-Ray drive, and a PSU. The power supply is tough - I went with a fanless 400w seasonic...
I'm sure it's something easily fixable. Post on GeekHack about it and I'm sure someone will be able to help you out.
Ask some of the guys over at Geekhack, they will be more knowledgeable on the subject. How about the LED, is that still functioning?
Your dad is kind of a retard. Port 3074 is a common gaming port that is being used by your PS3/xbox etc to enable communication - UDP communication - between your system and the others on the internet. If he has suspicions, tell him to set up your PS3 as DMZ - basically this puts it outside of the network, and then he can shut his trap.
H100 comes with 2 fans, you will need to buy the other 2, or replace the original fans with a new matching set of 4 (recommended) I have the HAF-X, H100, and RIVE too - great fit for air cooling, not so much if you plan to go water down the road - it's simply not as accommodating as the Silverstone offerings. That's my next step. Everything will fit great for you in the HAF-X though for sure. Make sure you replace the rear exhaust with a high RPM fan if you plan on doing...
Haha, keyword being 'most!' It would be nice if they were all hidden away. I have a Black NZXT Phantom at work and the power/reset buttons are very close to the IO ports on the top, I sometimes almost hit them when going for a USB port. Not fun.
I'm looking to upgrade to some higher frequency memory (possibly) I have 4x2gb Corsair Dominator 1866 in my Rampage IV Extreme right now. I'm looking at this kit right now: or anything else that someone might recommend - preferably someone with experience with a kit. I will need 4 modules to take advantage of the quad-channel memory controller, and I would prefer 4gb + sticks. Any advice is appreciated.
Haha, I don't think you can even press it with your finger unless you are a talented individual. I kind of like it hidden away.. I covered that in my review btw
I wrote up a review of the Define R3 and thought I would share it with the community: Great case, and was very happy to use it for a client of mine. I built a very modest file server to house their OCR'd documents on and it was a perfect fit for the deployment. I think the silent computing niche is still somewhat in need of some more competition to keep innovation alive, but I think the R3 is a great start. Are...
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