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Check this price out if you don't live near a micro center and you have a aftermarket cooler this price is great. LOL didn't see you were in the uk sry.
wow i haven't laughed that hard in a while.
This looks so fun!
Pics of the motherboard please?
I'm exited for this card cant wait to see overclocking reviewd, just might have to buy one.
Just turned my settings down to high from very high and no more artifacts, not a solution but the game runs so smooth now and still looks amazing.
Honestly this is the first game i have had trouble with, since buying a 7970, tomb raider, bioshock infinite crysis 3 have all been flawless for me hopefully amd gets new driver out or we get a patch soon.Fingers Crossed.
ugghh artifacts everywhere even at stock on 13.5 betas, and 24 fps with veryhigh settings and no aa.
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