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/Sigh - I love it when people pretend to be admins.It's about the immediate demand.Twitch requires bandwidth on each server to essentially host over a few hundred thousand people, live, hourly...Not to mention, storing if they're actually recording...Etc etc etc.Youtube functions on google's backend thus, even the encoding/decoding are entirely different processes...EDIT: Edited out an errant e...It bothered me.
Erm Twitch is live...Which requires 2-3x the support that Youtube does due to viewers actually watching a LIVE HD STREAM in congress.1 million people watching a 480-1080 video a million times a day at random intervals is less stress on a server then 100k people watching HD streams, live from HD streamers.Twitch hasn't been there for a long time.
No. There are no negotiations with twitch on the sub %'s...It's a set amount and that's it...You also have to remember that Amazon owns Twitch so...It's rather important for Twitch to be self sustaining at this point...Which it wasn't really there yet...Thus the bits etc.
A donation is a donation. Period. We're also speaking of a TIP not a donation.Two very different principles.Charging back a TIP to anything is bad form.Because nobody is begging for your donation. You donate freely of your own will.I'm not asking for your TIP but, if you choose to TIP me, just as you tip your waiter/waitress than, you've appreciated the service I'm offering you.
Okay so...Streamers essentially Stream a game for an audience to watch while interacting with them.Things like Dark Souls 3 no-hit game...LoL Pros that offer advice to their communities...Dota 2 pros...Also, you get a first hand look at betas/alphas...Dead by Daylight was/is a big one...Then there are people that are just entertaining to watch so on and so forth.Some make a living doing it...Some don't.I listen to Cohh at work because it's interesting, he's always playing...
Nobody really knows.Like I said earlier, this is a double edged sword and Twitch is trying to get some skin in the game by making donations easier.There's no doubt, it's easier to donate through Amazon/Twitch...But, like most of you pointed out, they're essentially skimming 60%.I don't think it's going to change anything until the % drops down into the 20% range.At 20%, most subs will choose convenience...But, right now? No way.Cohh just got a $500 donation through 3rd...
Erm, no.The only way to donate to streamers currently is 3rd party and Twitch doesn't see a dime of it. That's the issue at hand.
Yes, there are quite a few streamers making 60-70k/yearly with a couple thousand viewers.I bet you Cohh pulls in the 100k/yr mark.The issue is again, they're all accepting tips 3rd party - This now allows Twitch to benefit from tips...I still think it's a bit steep but, it's a step in the right direction.
The issue is that Paypal doesn't go through Twitch...It's 3rd/4th party.Amazon/Twitch are direct.Thus now when you "tip" someone, you're actually supporting Twitch.It's really actually a double edged sword and Twitch got tired of being left out... of those products were "cheaper" on the last day...It's day 1 bro. Day 1.
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