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That's kind of poopy. Well, not the end of the world really - 8GB is adequate. Would really like to replace the HDD, however. Been looking for a parts list but, can't seem to find one...Cheaper to just buy the 512gb SD cards than it is to replace the SSD, I imagine? Thanks guys.
Good point! Ended up snagging it for almost cost so, very happy with the value. Would ultimately like to upgrade the ram to 16gb and the SSD to 512...Other than that, definitely a happy camper.
So, thread. Literally just picked up the new Omen about 15 minutes ago. I understand it's limitations for gaming but, for my needs, it actually suits me perfectly. - Also get a HUGE amount off of HP products so, saved big. Anyway - My one real concern at this point is the HDD...I could really only find the 256gb model...Now, I don't think I'll fill 256 THAT fast but, it's very doable with just a few games. - Is installing a larger HDD possible? Has anyone tried it? One...
Not that I'm condoning this but, your kidney sells for about $10k on the black market so, for the price of your kidney, you could literally actually have 4 of these...No other body parts required.Just sayin.
Actually, not entirely true...There are more than a few ways to purposefully "erase" your fingerprints...While Hollywood would have you believe it's as easy as dropping your hands into an impression on an orb (men in black), biting them off in prison (Smokin' Aces) or sticking your fingers in acid (John Dilinger circa 1930's) - There are a few, more permanent and very modern solutions that would easily "do the trick"...Just sayin'.
I'm incredibly fast, somewhere between a snake and a mongoose.So, I hit 291 last night but, haven't had the 2-3 hours to dedicate to the raid, yet...Will probably get to that next weekend considering I'm moving family out of state, tomorrow...Lol and next weekend I'm busy too.../facepalm...Bleh.
Welcome to the club...I just reapplied for new clearances too so, I'm probably on the top...The irony is that, after the previous breach, they upped the SSL's and "modernized" the entire system...Top of the line security...Then some moron downloads a trojan...Ugh.I loved the comment about, "we don't know what they want with our fingerprints..."We're supposed to feel safe now about NICS, too? LOL.
No, you can't run it anytime. - They confirmed that last night.Anytime that is the DAILY HEROIC, you can run it.
We failed too man...Took my 2 buddies in with me...Wow...That was a faceroll.We'll get it next time, not too worried about that tbh.Nerfed or not, it's still worth the effort!
It's been done by 250's already -- Really just need a good fireteam, honestly.Doing it when I get home.
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