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It's a decent performer...No complaints.They decided to do a custom OS, so of course the APP store is extremely limited...It's essentially a smart-phone without anything smart about it.
Yeah...Friend got one for "fun"...The App store IMO, is really what killed it... If they had launched with a droid OS...Gotten in bed with Google -- Could have been something great...But, alas...It's basically just at your fingertips.
Nah, that's the norm these days.I bet if you added up each patch from day 1 Halo to now, it comes out to about 15 -- Then you have the normal patch ontop of it.
We attempted it on Sunday but he walked up invisible stars and then killed us all...Where are you guys knocking him off?
No, need 6 but, I got legs last night so, I'll be 30 by tomorrow. Not anymore.The bumpers were ninja nerfed in on Sunday/Monday.It's actually been done with 2 people though -- The door is semantics because you can just step in a box and follow another group in...The only hard part of the entire event are the oracles...Rest is cake.
I'm a little late to this party but, this is incorrect.The firmware in and of itself could load a limited spectrum per those keys and then use that spectrum of color for that use, thus, only instancing the use of that color in and of itself, therefor, no hardware limitation is placed on the board, itself.That's entirely possible and more than likely what Razer is doing as well.
If you guys on the PS4 need some help raiding, doing strikes, etc -- I can carry you through easily. Just started my 2nd Titan and leveling both my Hunter and 2nd to 20 in the next few days...So, there's going to be an abundance of crap I need to do, daily. PS4 - CommunistShovel Save me from my boredom! Weapon re-balancing is being re-addressed and Mytho is getting buffed.
Lol.They said in the patch itself, last line, they were revisiting and re-balancing all weapons...Deej has also said, per Reddit, that VM and PI would be receiving some scrutiny from the dev team.Quite frankly, as the owner of a PI, it was very OP. So was the VM.I think the nerf on the VM went way too far but, as far as PI, you can't even hide behind the "not OP" wall, because we all knew it was.Was what they did, the "right" fix? I don't think so but, it is what it is.
I can name games going back to the Atari that shipped incomplete, for the very reason they changed things mid-development.ET...God, I even had the Jaguar CD-Rom...Want to have a discussion on broken and incomplete?N64 - Super Mario...MAJOR changes and areas you could explore that were unpopulated.Skyrim - Again, what we played at E3 became Dawnguard.They pulled 1/3 of the content from Bioshock before launch and pushed it as a reduced price DLC...So, actually, it's always...
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