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Wait for e3 well get more thenwitch is a cople days from now
maybe they will hax there e3 presentation to that be bad. Why sony though there's way worse evil company's out there
If my cheap kingwing old at u no what 485watt can hadle my sytem i think u be fine ?
When this happens to me i just take everything apart clean it and put it back together and it always works lol.
Looks sick still like my gigabyte board that was 59.00 and still ocs like a champ. Good too see another mobo company i dont remeber sapphire making boards but gpu's
look at my suig rig and i dont bottle neck i now the 570 is mych stroger than 465 but i get 100% usage from cpu and gpu all the time. So i dont think u would be bottle necked i do have mine runing at 4.0 ghz too. Edit we got my brothers ph2 x4 955 at 4.1ghz easy so over clocking that to 3.6-3.8 should be possible
hopefully i can go to the strip club still and watch video game boobs bounce
it wouldent be called the internet n0 more. It be like having all the internet on your hd all that porn wow!!!!
I had my old 5000+ be at 3.0ghz from 2.6 anything higher wasent stable.So u should get a bit higher then 3.0ghz id think.yea mine was a brisbane great chip
now its shuttering again uhg but it say 90-120fps now
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