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Are you running the cable to jacks in the wall or will it have RJ45 ends on them? Two things you should make sure of when running Cat5 through ceilings/walls... 1. Make sure you use solid cable instead of strand. It's better suited for termination. 2. Don't use cheap CCA cat5. CCA is Copper Clad Aluminum. Find stuff that's 100% copper, it's only a few bucks more. PM me any questions. I'm a network tech
Would take 10 minutes to fix with a "Fox-Hound" tone device. Plus in an infrastructure like that, I'm sure everything is labeled properly.
Yep,1st Gen i series processors didn't have SATA III yet.
This may be true but I hear new Xeons won't work in Z170.
Cat 5e can run 100 meters (328 feet) along side hundreds of other cables without crosstalk. Just stay away from florescent lighting and power cables.
Will this particular Xeon support DDR4 with the right board or is that only Haswell-E?
Why even have them then. Why not drop non-K 4770's into servers?I think I know the answer to that. Desktop CPU's wont support any ECC ram I think.
What are the caveats of Xeons? Can they be thrown in Z97 boards or do you need a workstation board? What about RAM, can you use regular DDR3 or 4?
Thanks.Here's a killer deal today guys...I can't speak of the drive's reliability or performance. Assuming it's TLC.LinkyWow, never saw an SSD get perfect 5/5 stars on Amazon
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