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Well guys it's pretty much completed. I still want to build on some wall/shelf space but that will come down the road a bit. I need a break. Work has been crazy. What I started with... And now...
If only that were a blanket statement.
Even so, $100 savings is the trump card. Oh, and you don't have to put your CPU under the knife or hit it with a hammer either.
Even at $100 more for less cores/threads? I'd gladly sacrifice slight IPC for 2 more cores and 4 more threads at $100 less.
Hey all, running my Sig Rig @ 4.7 with 1.28v and it passes everything from IBT, to Realbench, to Cinebench but one core fails every single time with P95 2810. Since when is P95 so difficult to get stable. It used to be the other way around.
What kind of poly did you use? Oil, Water? I have MDF countertops coming for my basement workbench project. It's no reclaimed wood masterpiece but I want to protect it the best I can. Very nice work BTW.
Yes, 100% min and max Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
So do I have to turn off all C states or is there a certain one that is downclocking the CPU?
I understand that, but in the past I'm almost certain high perfomance locked the processor at max frequency (or disallowing it to idle) My gaming machine is also my minecraft server, unifi controller server, and a couple other things. I want it to be max perf at all times.
Maybe something changed with Windows 10 but I thought setting the power mode to High Perf in Windows locks the processor at it's highest possible clock (in this case 4.5GHz) Processor bounces around between 800MHz and 4.5 when sitting idle. I am using CPU-z to monitor this.
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