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You can go in-between with something MLC based as well..All of these are 290ishPNY XLR8Crucial MX200Kingston Hyper X Savage
It would be nice to see a GPUz to make sure it's actually Kepler based and not a re-badged 550 or something.
First time I've paid full retail price for a game in a long time. Was super impressed by the beta.
Pretty sure that warranty will be null and void by this point. It's when the card is sold/manufactured, not when you take it out of the box.
Wine is built into Zorin OS. Zorin is debian (ubuntu) under the hood so they should be pretty similar tbh.
PM sent
Are you running the cable to jacks in the wall or will it have RJ45 ends on them? Two things you should make sure of when running Cat5 through ceilings/walls... 1. Make sure you use solid cable instead of strand. It's better suited for termination. 2. Don't use cheap CCA cat5. CCA is Copper Clad Aluminum. Find stuff that's 100% copper, it's only a few bucks more. PM me any questions. I'm a network tech
Would take 10 minutes to fix with a "Fox-Hound" tone device. Plus in an infrastructure like that, I'm sure everything is labeled properly.
Yep,1st Gen i series processors didn't have SATA III yet.
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