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Yeah I didn't feel like starting an argument over that but I'm pretty sure if you whack your IHS off with a hammer or cut it off with a razor your warranty goes poof.
Will this drive a 4k fairly well? Sorry I have been out of the loop a bit but what's the feeding frenzy all about with the 9xx series cards? They are still 28nm aren't they?
When I get some spare time I think I'm going to lap my IHS and clean/re-do the CLP. Not really having heat issues other than a wide margin from hottest to coolest core. Warranty is clearly voided since the de-lid so I figure why not lap too.
This.I remember doing a heatsink because it was concave. After 800 it was crazy smooth. I brought back the 1000 and 1200 grit I bought from autozone
Biostar FM2+ board removed (for now). Seemingly defective. Was showing temperatures all over the place while idle. A6 5400K still remains! Still some good stuff guys, G.Skill 8GB DDR3 Laptop Memory kit somehow still exists! $20 cheaper than brand new!
So I took off the heatsink, re-did thermal paste again. Used an older heftier AMD stock heatsink this time. Booted up, same thing. Idle temps were anywhere from 50c to 70c. It would just jump to 68c from being 50c while the system is sitting doing nothing. So I reached down and felt the heatsink and it was ice cold. Figuring there was no way I messed up the cooler installation 3 times in a row having over 200 system builds under my belt (my job for 2 years) I reached...
Did that a few days ago. Re-applied with some Shin-Etsu. Strangely enough, the motherboard comes with a bloatware temperature sensor utility that reads the CPU at 0c at idle and 17c at load. This board is borked imo.
I don't know. I still see 70c while playing WoW. My 3770K @ 4.4 doesn't get above 50c while playing most games. Is this the nature of APU's? I guess the cpu does share the heat with the GPU. Either that or it's just the result of buying a cheapo board.
Without starting a flame war, can someone rank the top few OEM's in their own opinion and why? I see all the different OEM's and I wonder who's really good and who's average. Superflower? Seasonic? etc. Maybe rank them in performance, stability, and longevity. Thanks!
I have tried HWMonitor, Speccy, and CoreTemp. HWMonitor and Speccy show my A6 5400K idling at 65C and 80C during prime95. No overclocking whatsoever. Core Temp just shows 0. I'm assuming the high reading by the other two is a false one? Anyone know a good program to monitor APU temps?
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