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Wow, radioshack is still listed as eligible? I got a letter in the mail on how Radioshack was going to be cut off from this. I used to work for Radioshack and used to be part of this program. Sucks the deal is same as winter.
Power consumption/noise the reason it was yanked from htpc?
What card are you coming from? oops, skimmed over it... I'd say a GTX960 would be a massive upgrade and I don't see much of a bottleneck with that CPU if any.
Hey guys, Anyone know of a tool that will pull health data of individual SSD's in an enterprise Intel RAID 5 setup? The Intel raid web console reports drives as healthy and online but we wanted to dig deeper and see how the Intel 520 SSD's were doing in a server environment as far as endurance goes. I know with consumer level Intel RAID I've been able to see individual drives with crystal disk info but can't seem to find anything to penetrate the Intel raid cards.
Just keep trying different power supply's but these are $30 for a reason. Not a whole lot to troubleshoot when things go south.
What good is this if the Technical Preview expires on the 15th of April? Does it automatically roll into the "official" version since it's free coming from W7?
Is it this card? These are Maxwell correct?
Hey all, I killed my 2012 Naga with ESD this winter and Razer was kind enough to replace it with a 2014 Naga. Unfortunately I'm not liking the non interchangeable side grip and it feels much larger than the 2012. The side buttons are actual switches now instead of rubber domes which is really nice, just not sure it's enough for me to hang on to it and get used to the size/shape difference. It's 1 week old and I guess it's technically a refurb since they don't give you...
If the OP's laptop has the sticker below on it somewhere, he can use this tool. Burn to a DVD and install without being asked for a product key and windows will activate guaranteed. It's that simple. I have done it on an Acer and a Lenovo T series with success.
I can never find detailed specs on mice. Omron switches? Sensor?
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