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Is there no way to claim a free game from the browser without having to install steam?
By high end do you mean good overclocking, SLI support, etc. or just higher quality in general?
Looking to bump up a spare system to an FX 4300 or similar I'll consider 45nm chips but 32nm is preferred. Thanks!
Surprised how big the gap was between the 960 and this. Tempting but the 3.5GB thing bugs really bugs me.
I'm in the same boat. I'm leaning towards 1440p. I'd look for freesync or 144Hz as well but it usually tacks on another $100
I always liked Zenny, even when he was squishy. Just sit back, heal, snipe with orbs and debuff.
Is there any benefit to flashing a SSC with a FTW bios? I have the 4GB SSC
Honor 5X This is a steal 8 core cpu 2GB RAM 400ppi dispaly Dual SIM slots up to 128GB SD card Fingerprint reader Unlocked GSM. Works with AT&T, Tmobile, + several other GSM based MVNO's (Straight Talk, Cricket, Net10, etc.)
Where at in SE PA? You can PM me your response.
Need a 240ish gig SSD for an old iMac. It's only SATA 2 so doesn't have to be cutting edge, just needs to work. I have a Silicon Power 240 in my cart on Amazon for $52.99. Make me change my mind!
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