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This seems like fun. I will have to try this one out. I don't have a nest but I have plenty of PC's and other gadgets. I do have a couple Belkin wemo light switches.
I think Hyper-V is the only thing that supports GPU processing in a VM. All depends on what OS you're working with.
ESXi is free now for even robust servers. You just cant use Vcenter which isn't necessary.In a nutshell, you just need to create a vmware account, download esxi, burn to cd or usb, install, and use vsphere to manage. Vsphere will be downloadable when you navigate to the esxi IP address.
Server is a loose term. A Core 2 duo with 2GB of ram could be a server. VPS is also a loose term. Are you referring to a machine you could remote connect (RDP, VNC, etc) from anywhere?
I've got quite a few options for sale. Nothing really overclock friendly. But priced well...
All items for sale are 100% working order. No HSF will come with CPU's. I/O shields WILL come with all boards. Most items are running in systems. More pics to come... Paypal is preferred method of payment. Shipping is free for all items. Socket 1150 i5 4460 $120 i5 4430 $105 Socket 1155 i5 3450 $75 i5 2500 $70 Socket AM3+ FX-4350 (Lapped for fun, still works 100%) $45 Socket 1156 i3 560 $30 Sold Socket PGA988 (mobile) i3 370M $9 Socket...
PM sent
Not really a great deal considering Woot has a shipping charge of $5. Newegg and Amazon have frequent sales on 6 foot HDMI cables for $2 usually with free shipping.
K sku isn't required but I won't turn down a good deal. 22nm or better (trying to stay Ivy or better) i.e. 3770 3770K E3-12xx Xeons Thanks!
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