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Seriously, when are they going to realize I don't need all these crazy features. How do they sell a million MacBook Pros @ $1200 a pop? Because they are simple! Well and brand recognition of course.
I'm pretty sure that's the same chip that's in a bunch of budget smart phones (Moto G) clocked @ 1.2. Maybe not. Throw a little memory heatsink on there and go for 1.5
You use any heatsink or just bare chip still?
Was $39 several times in January. Still not a bad price.
Also debating on holding off a month or two. It seems broadwell mobile sku's are starting to trickle out there. Would be nice to get HD5xxx graphics which I hear are pretty good. Really hard to find a decent 12-13" laptop that doesn't have some gimmicky 2 in 1 feature or touchscreen that isn't a chromebook or have non upgradeable RAM & HDD.
Here's a random bench from a quad bay trail... 3 times better ipc and almost 7 times better multi thread
Just an FYI what I'm dealing with now...
What's the deal with Windows 8.1 "with Bing"? Is it like buying the cheaper kindle that has ads? Not a bad deal but this is basically an HP stream with a 15" screen. Non upgradeable RAM is a bummer.
Yeah, If I were closer to $500 I'd make sure it wasn't a lowly bay trail or celeron.Good to know. Even playing with the HP stream 11 @ staples with only 2GB of RAM seemed light years faster than her netbook. I think it's a win win as long as I get something current gen 22nm.Yeah, portability is important too. I forgot the netbook does have an Nvidia ION gpu. Not sure of it's horsepower but I'm sure Intel graphics would blow it away nowadays. I didn't link any Acer's...
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