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Who's going to be the guinea pig for these? They are very new and don't have any major site reviews yet. FSP OEM, should be at least average.
You can lose the whole "ebay scares me" thing by ditching boost and going with a GSM based MVNO provider. There are tons of good ones out there just as cheap as boost and better networks. You can virtually choose any unlocked phone under the sun and it WILL work with the provider. Some good ones... Air Voice Cricket Straight Talk H20 Red Pocket Boost stinks tbh. Look at the pickle you're in right now for example. You can go on Amazon and get a Moto G for $100, slide...
I have noticed after benching that my clock will get stuck around 500MHz. Usually fine after a reboot but yes it's definitely a known bug.
I've never shipped outside of US48. Would a flat rate envelope cost the same shipping to HI as across the street?
JG review gives it a 9/10 on performance. So if you don't have a busted PCB because of the corner screw mount, you should be fine. What's the big deal?
G. Skill desktop kit SOLD! Please note. I am adding another G.Skill Kit. It's another 8GB kit but it's Ares 2133 @ 1.6V (blue) I will take a pic and list price soon...
Thanks. Grabbed the AA, AAA, & 9V combo pack for $24.99. Did the math and would have been just as expensive going with AC Delco and Maxell's on Amazon. Surely the Duracell's are a better battery plus they have 2021 expiration date. I'm sure mine will be used well before that anyway.
G.Skill desktop kit pending...
You've seen a Samsung Evo 250GB for .24/GB?????
Price drop on the Team kit since Newegg has them back in stock and at the same price. Now $30
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