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After the OP is made for this every summer and winter, the thread should be locked. If you can't figure out how to do it or if you're eligible or not, you probably don't deserve it. Period.
10% off everything in the thread!... Need to start moving stuff again. Will probably throw everything in an eBay auction lot sooner or later.
Another thing is the overwhelming nature of the game since I played last. Pet battles, new crafting stuff, xmogs, etc. Sooo many things that I don't even know about. I liked it better when it was a much more simple game. Quest, do dailies, do heroics, get gear, profit. It was almost like an escape from the busy-ness of real life with work, kids, school, etc. Now the in game experience is just as "busy" as real life. Just my .02
^ This. I hate how the game doesn't really accommodate the casual player. Like let me pay $5 a month and give me some silly restrictions like no 25 man raiding or something like that.Another thing I really struggle with is the decision on what class to make my "main". I bounce around so much. Primarily played my Warr in BC, my DK in Wrath, and they Caty and MOP was a crapshoot. Sometimes I debate if deleting all my toons but one would make the game more enjoyable for me.
Once work settles down a bit I might buy a month or two to check out the new stuff. I have a bunch of 85's. If I re-up my subscription can I take one character to 90 right away? Any particularly fun classes to play? I literally have an 80+ in all classes but rogue and priest.
Not a lot of WoW love from OCN. I am debating trying the new expansion. I used to be "Mr. wait in line on launch night to buy the xpac" now I barely play WoW anymore and wait til the expansion goes on sale for $20 to upgrade. How is WoD?
Would like to start moving more stuff guys. Make offers! I will likely not refuse if it covers shipping costs and makes me a few bucks.
Even no VRM heatsink's should be able to handle even 4.4 with ease. Ivy gets power hungry and hot past 4.4
I have a 5400K and a cheap A85 board and I have yet to find a temp monitor that shows accurate temps.
Typically games are smart enough to clear out the temp install data after installation. If worried about this just clear out temp folders every once in a while with ccleaner or similar.
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