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The hyperthreading from the G4560 can have some benefit for media streaming. Otherwise either should be fine. Most consumer NAS cpu's are trash.
I saw this advertised on reddit and grabbed one. I mostly play overwatch anymore so this is perfect for my RX470. I'll likely take a step down color wise with a Dell Ultrasharp IPS but I hear that 144hz and freesync is amazing.
Personally I'd stay away from combo modem/router devices. Get a plain modem (16x8 or so) and then get a decent router. "Combo" devices usually suck. I'm a network technician by trade
My Hynix LPX 3200 kit wont do a MHz over 2933 without instability. 2933 is pretty stable however so I'm (mostly) happy. I'm still on the previous AGESA update not Still nothing since May 4th for my board BIOS wise.
The article I linked is a different but similar issue linked to Intel issues with SOHO and SMB networking equipment. Why not just find a Modem not linked to the Puma chipset?
Intel is in hot water for the C2000 bug bricking commercial grade firewalls and switches from Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, etc. 2017 hasn't been Intel's year so far.
What Geekbench score do you guys get with the 1600 and 1600X. Here's mine at a modest 3.75 OC
Except they didn't this time. The same video, just at the right time
Absolutely cannot wait to see the 18c36t temps with another TIM job on the die instead of solder.
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