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Newegg is straight up not allowing 1 egg reviews to post. I wrote a completely polite and honest 1 egg review a couple days ago and it has still yet to be posted.
Wow, that one is clearly used.Review deleting is total BS and that's more disappointing to me than the not-new controller.
That's BS they are deleting legitimate poor reviews so they can continue scamming people into buying refurb junk posed as new....
I can't wait to not get the correct item a 2nd time around, then rub the chat transcript in their face when the rep assured I would be getting a shiny new retail product. Oh and I've submitted a critical review twice now and newegg keeps deleting it. Now that I have Prime, I don't see me being a dedicated egg customer like I was for the past 14 years.
I just got done with a 30 minute live chat with newegg. They are sending me a new one in advance and the rep guaranteed this time it would be brand new in retail packaging. I am still very skeptical on how someone chatting with me in a cubicle, miles away from their shipping centers could be so sure.
Anyone else get their controller yet? Mine came in a small brown box with no retail packaging and ZERO padding for shipping. It's arguably not even brand new, no batteries and guess what else... NO friggin USB receiver for PC use. Unreal.
So I enabled the desktop on SteamOS and here's what I got when trying to install STK...Code:desktop@steamos:~$ sudo apt-get install supertuxkartReading package lists... DoneBuilding dependency tree Reading state information... DoneE: Unable to locate package supertuxkartdesktop@steamos:~$Sorry not super great with Linux code.
Cool, thanks for that. I've been looking for kid friendly games to play on SteamOS. I assume this needs to be ran outside of the SteamOS gui? Controller supported?
Thanks for all the PM's so far. Would you guys mind including a ball park figure of what you're looking to get for your board? I'm just trying to save some time chatting back and forth about price. Thanks!
Thanks. The 3.6 is very stable and stays below 70c when stressing. I guess I'll stop there. I'm sure it's even staying under 60 while gaming. Just thought I'd try and squeeze some free power out of it.
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