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Hey Sean, do you know anything about the "self encrypting" technology in drives like the Sandisk X300s? Doesn't any old hard drive or SSD support 256 bit encryption?
Photon is newer and different OEM. First gen Capstone's were great units IIRC, based on Super Flower OEM but I think they're discontinued. Now you'll find a lot of Capstone-G models.
Rosewill Photon-650 80+ Gold Full Modular 650W Promo Code EMCAWNW42 OEM is Sirtec JonnyGuru review
Enhance Electronics is a step down from Super Flower, no?
Probably around the same price as 7870's so $80-90
Thanks for the nudge. I was being really patient for once.I called and they said to cancel the order and then reorder it with 2 day shipping and they refunded me the price difference and the 2 day shipping.Amazon rocks!
Bought the Sensei Raw (frost blue) when it was on sale last week on Amazon for $36 however it was out of stock and still has not shipped yet. I hope it's similar to the Microsoft feel
Amazon shipping for non-prime members is an absolute joke...
Is it true that you cannot fit TPU style cases on the phone after one of these are installed?
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