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Retro on GS3 CM Launcher
Hi guys, Looking at the M8 (android) and about 5 other VZW phones (S5, G3, Droid Turbo, Moto X, Note 4) and I'm more undecided than ever, even after going to the verizon store and playing with them all for about an hour. They're all so nice! I want to hear the argument for the M8 other than being unlocked with root. I don't find root nearly as important as it was 3 years ago. You can do just about everything on your phone minus root nowadays anyway. I'm coming from 3...
What are you wanting VPN for? Do you want to host your own VPN to log into remotely or you want to log into a VPN somewhere else for anonymizing?
Man, I can't believe the Moto X doesn't have SD slot but this budget $150 Moto G does. I was so impressed with this phone that I started looking at the Moto X for my work phone until I find out it doesn't have an SD card slot and only 16GB built in storage. What's wrong with them!? Is it really not worth the extra $5 manufacturing to accommodate for external storage??
My wife's came in the mail today and wow is this thing solid. I'm very impressed with the feel, size, and aesthetics of this phone. The white is beautiful. I opened it up and powered it on once just to check for the 5.0 update but it didn't have it yet. I'll check again next week before I wrap it.
PM sent.
Yeah looks like yesterday 5.0 was pushed to first and 2nd gen
Is lollipop currently available as an update?
I think we have a winner!
I look at speeds. I can get 10 down and 3 up on my wife's straight talk plan (HSPA+). True 3G could barely pass 1mb/s
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