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^ Problem solved. Also try Newegg refurb and open box GPU's. Nvm, they are pathetic.
At that price, it better be all of the above
The new board (advance RMA shipped) is still in the packaging. I'm debating even opening it. The system has been fine for almost a week. Could I chalk the instability up to early 200 series chipset bugs? I should mention I've updated the BIOS, Intel ME, Chipset, & AMD GPU drivers.
So my sig rig was recently built. First day had a random blue screen then again a day later (both just windows kernel error, no specific hardware/driver to blame). Tested RAM overnight without issue. Checked smart data on all SSD and hard drives, again no issue. Had a game hard lock up the system twice where control+alt+delete didn't respond (had to hard boot) Power supply is less than 4 months old 80+ gold Rosewill Valens. Worked fine in a previous system for 4...
Nah, not possible. It wasn't a surprise. The little thing is a beast without an OC. If you're not heavy on AAA titles (which I'm not), it's really more than enough.
That lineup dances around CWT and Enhance for whatever reason. The only review on the CWT model is from HARDOCP on the 550W model and it get's Silver.
That's a pretty good price. No reviews on that unit that I can see. I do see that the OEM is CWT which is above average typically.
What other hardware are you working with? You should populate your signature with your rig so people can better understand what to recommend.If accurate, you can't go wrong with this chip.There are several 100 series ones well under $100 with wireless built in. The problem is that you will not be able to drop in the G4560 on those. They will need a BIOS update out of the box with a skylake CPU.
I think the 1060 3GB and RX480 is the highest card that should be paired with the 4560 (long term). Otherwise you'll be bottlenecked at CPU (likely still pushing 60+ fps average). Most people are aware it's pretty silly to spend $60 on a CPU and pair it with a $390 1070. It's interesting to see what this thing can do though. Very impressive for $60.
DDR3 re-sorted out and listed!
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