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Friend got impatient and sold on ebay.
115X stock coolers have been in short supply around the shop lately. Found this old socket 370 cooler in the warehouse, lopped off the bracket and used some zipties to "ratchet" it down. It's cooling a first gen i3 and does surprisingly well albeit loud as ever.
I don't know that it will activate anymore even if you were to obtain the media and a product key.
I installed afterburner, tweaked some things and did a light overclock. It scored in the 57th percentile after that. I think it's just being held back by a non overclocked i5 and a low end system overall.
Thanks for those. Here are my scores. Keep in mind I'm doing 0 overclocking on CPU or GPU at this point. I feel like the 470 should be doing better than what it is.
Can someone with a RX470 run so I can compare some results. First 470 (RMA'd) from Visiontek scored in the 8th percentile and my new Asus Strix 470 scores in the 34th percentile. I'm not overclocking at all and I have a rather modest system. I feel like it's underachieving though.
Do you have a modern 1.4 or better HDMI? I think the cable has to support 4k @ 60Hz as well.
Both sold out but wanted to go a bit higher end than a 1050ti anyway. Thanks.PM me.
I can't get Heaven or Valley to work on Windows 10 lately. I get the MSVCP100.dll is missing error. Installed MS Visual C+ patch and still does the same thing. Haven't put much time into it though.I did process the RMA for refund already (newegg) and purchased the Strix version of the 470 on It came out to $144 no tax and free shipping. Pretty good for a 470 but I did use the 15% jet coupon.
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