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Those charts are bad examples. That's CS6. CC introduced full OpenCL support. AMD APU's apparently mopped up the floor vs intel iGPU.So does Ivy but we're working with Sandy Bridge here. What kind of performance jump do you see with no GPU vs dedicated GPU? Where is the performance jump seen? Rendering?
Yeah I saw that Turns out he is even more strapped for cash than once thought. Will need to scrape the forums for a 7770 or similar for less than $50. He plans on using the machine with just the Intel HD 2000 iGPU which according to Intel doesn't even support OpenCL.Will Adobe suffer with no openCL or Cuda GPU?
Of course the marketplace is bone dry on 7xxx series AMD cards. I think 7870 will be the best we can get for the $.
Sorry should have included that For the GPU I think $100 will be a hard limit. Up for buying used or new. The more I read the more it looks like AMD is the way to go with Premiere Pro CC if you're on a budget since it fully supports OpenCL. If you want cheap with Nvidia you have to go back to Fermi cards (yuck).
This totally depends on if you're still on a single 1080p monitor. The junkiest 28nm cards could churn out decent FPS on 1080p. With 1440p and 4K becoming more and more popular you'll see way more people go through with second cards and not just for e-peen.
Maybe I should have put this in "Graphics Cards - General" since I'm technically looking for a GPU suggestion. Mod can you move?
Helping a friend build a PC using mostly used parts for an Adobe Premiere/Photoshop PC. He is on a very tight budget so please no "just buy a titan". We get pretty sweet employee pricing on used (off-lease) computers from a local school district... Sandy Bridge i5 2500 3.7GHz (probably can't afford a bump to an i7) Intel DQ67SW motherboard 4GB RAM (plan on upgrading to at least 8GB) Single 500GB hard drive (plan on adding at least a 120GB SSD) Windows 7 Pro Junk Power...
Yes all prices are shipped. Ram usually goes out via first class for $3 or so, so it's pretty cheap
If you would have read 2 post behind yours you would have gotten your answer.
I did end up buying a Sapphire 7970 OC Dual-X on craigslist dirt cheap. Got the card, installed, ran like a champ, temps were incredible however, it had some significant coil whine which I'm not used to. My Windforce 7870 doesn't make a peep. Ended up letting it go to another member's folding rig project. I'll keep my eye out for a 280 or another 7970.
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