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What good is this if the Technical Preview expires on the 15th of April? Does it automatically roll into the "official" version since it's free coming from W7?
Is it this card? These are Maxwell correct?
Hey all, I killed my 2012 Naga with ESD this winter and Razer was kind enough to replace it with a 2014 Naga. Unfortunately I'm not liking the non interchangeable side grip and it feels much larger than the 2012. The side buttons are actual switches now instead of rubber domes which is really nice, just not sure it's enough for me to hang on to it and get used to the size/shape difference. It's 1 week old and I guess it's technically a refurb since they don't give you...
If the OP's laptop has the sticker below on it somewhere, he can use this tool. Burn to a DVD and install without being asked for a product key and windows will activate guaranteed. It's that simple. I have done it on an Acer and a Lenovo T series with success.
I can never find detailed specs on mice. Omron switches? Sensor?
Plex has stopped updating on my server because I'm running server 2003 which is probably no longer supported by Plex. I have a spare 60GB SSD from my wife's old netbook that I hope to repurpose soon as my new servers boot drive along with some 1TB drives. Any suggestions for OS? Thinking of Linux but not sure how easy it is to do some basic file sharing.
In a nutshell Plex is pretty awesome. Just to note though, you will have to pay $5 for the Roku and Android app after the trial runs out. I paid for both and it's money well spent. You can also "cast" from the android Plex app to a chromecast.
I'm sort of in this same boat. I have a small file/media server running Server 2003 which goes EOL this summer. I have some simple file sharing for media and other junk along with Plex running as a server. I want to simplify things and combine a spare gaming machine in the basement with this server so it could do some very light gaming and run 24/7 for FTP and file sharing. I wish I knew Linux a bit more to achieve all these things. Afraid I'd be opening up a huge can...
I didn't read everyone's post but next time this happens there is a windows utility built in that can easily recover recently deleted data. Simply right click on your C:\users\desktop folder and click on the previous versions tab. Click on the time and date you want to restore to and voila. By default it doesn't let you go back too far in time. In my case it would have let me go back 2 hours.
Even if it's an SSD it should still show up under the list but instead of Defragment it should say "Optimize". Defrag is kind of a thing of the past. If using windows 7 or newer, de-fragmentation isn't all that necessary. It's done "on the fly" now. Unless you are using 75%+ of said hard drive, then it might be beneficial. Here is my work laptop, SSD and still at least gives the option to schedule defrag.
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