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Thats the "spline" inside cat 6 cable to help separate the pairs for better cross-talk avoidance. For residential stuff you probably don't need cat 6. Just get high quality solid copper cat5e. Cat 5e is more than capable of gigabit speeds and I don't see 10gig ethernet in homes anytime soon. You also don't want to run stranded cable in the walls of your house. Strand should only be used on cables with a lot of movement, like a robotic arm or something like that. ...
Those cost an arm and a leg and are mostly for beginners who can't get the cables to go the entire way into their channel.
Just thought I'd shed some light on the difference in quality between a name brand (startech) RJ45 modular plug vs an eBay chinese knock-off. The eBay bag of 100 cost me $3.65 while a 50 pack of StarTech ends costs around $9. I was bending the contacts when crimping and wondered if my crimpers were going bad. A closer look revealed a duller, shorter, and thinner contact. Will I still buy $4 HDMI cables from monoprice instead of $40 monster cables? Heck yeah. Will I...
Comcast just bumped everyone on Blast internet and above. So people with 50/10 went to 100/20 and 100/20 people went to 150/?. Unfortunately they didn't give a free bump to performance or performance plus subscribers.
The main reason I stopped playing WoW. Blizz games have the absolute worst community I have ever seen. Ask for any legitimate help in WoW, Diablo, etc. and you get showered with immature, vulgar, "your mom" & "Anal-____" kind of stuff. Every once in a while someone cool with help you out but it's the most selfish and immature community ever.
I did end up buying it for only 39.99$ shipped! Comcast had it programmed in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately my speeds are identical to that of my DOCSIS 2 surfboard. But at least I'm ready now for when Comcast makes all 2.0 devices incompatible. 4 channel bonding goes up to 160mbit and I don't see myself needing that for a very long time. Heck, I survived 1 down/500k up verizon dsl for 5 years.
Man have they improved this game vastly! I haven't played for a year or so and hopped on recently. 10 time better and I haven't even bought the expansion yet! Can't believe they haven't fixed the micostutter crap yet. Disabling real time protection on my AV fixes it but still. What's the low down on the xpac? Pretty good/worth it?
Pretty lazy marketing imo. Their memory also carries the "optima" name.
Yeah. 120, 240, 480gb = SF 90% of the time. More interested if its async or synchronous/toggle. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
It'd be nice if we at least knew the controller and/or NAND type. Synchronous NAND and an average controller and this is a heck of a deal.
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