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How well will this board OC the dual core Pentium K?
That second video the guy produced from the street was unbelievable how easily he bent another 6 plus...
I love how they say Samsung and other companies "cheap" out using plastic. I think plastics have a huge advantage. Not bendable, drop you phone? scuffed instead of dented.
Can anyone shed light on what NAND type the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR480GB uses? I have found sources online that say 19nm rebranded Toshiba toggle and a site that claims Intel 25nm Asynchronous. It's $165 right now for the 480 and would be a nice replacement for my sub-par Monster Daytona 240GB.
When were they purchased? Warranty left I assume. The oldest they could be is 2 years which sounds crazy the 7xxx series cards are already a little over 2 years old.
What pin type do they take? 6+6, 8+8, 8+6?
Hey guys, are these any good? $20 with FS for a full set seems really good. 4 colors to pick from.
Nice.So if you have one of the Rosewill's with the busted mini usb socket, is the thing in the last 3 pics what you would use to repair it?
Am I crazy to think someone might trade a Ducky Premier for a Shine 2 or a RK9000 + cash?
$65 is still a deal for all 3 of those.
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