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Nice.So if you have one of the Rosewill's with the busted mini usb socket, is the thing in the last 3 pics what you would use to repair it?
Am I crazy to think someone might trade a Ducky Premier for a Shine 2 or a RK9000 + cash?
$65 is still a deal for all 3 of those.
Like the one on the left. How it rounds up to the surface...
Guys what do you call they key cap type that comes up at a sharper angle leaving slightly less surface area on the top of the key? Almost like a retro look. Maybe I just answered my own question.
That's okay, I was looking for 10+ anyway, cheers!
What's the phase count on that board?
PM sent, I have several options that would work with that CPU.
Just a heads up ppl... There's a Rosewill bundle for $39.99 on newegg right now that includes the RK-9000 with Blues. Headphones and Mouse also included. Head over to online deals.
Holy deal! Jumped on this one for sure
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