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Combo sold to ozlay
I think even the most die hard Intel fan has to think long and hard on what $200 processor to buy. 4c4t with good IPC vs 6c12t almost as good IPC. Dell/Lenovo/HP business machines will probably still sell a ton of i5's but from an enthusiast standpoint, you have to wonder if the i5's days are numbered. Not trying to start a flame war, just a civil discussion on the future of i5's. Not trying to discredit them either, even a 2500K with a 750ti would make a wonderful rig...
The Amplifi system I mentioned earlier is made by Ubiquiti. Yes, some ubiquiti AP's would do wonders as well. The AC lite model is only $76 and it blows away "space ship" looking home routers.
Take a look at the Amplifi
Nice deal here. Using the same combo except I have the Mortar Arctic mATX. Latest BIOS things are rock solid.
Use a voltage meter if you have one and test the red and yellow lines when you do the paperclip trick. The fan might not kick in like others have said.
Do this except when the power cord is unplugged, hold the power button for 30 seconds or so, then plug back in, wait 10 seconds and try again.
Overheating possibly. Something still too hot to just turn back on. CPU cooler mounted well?
Great combo deal here! Only a few months old. 7600K (only ran a very light OC, can't speak on 4.8GHz+) I did run a quick boot @ 5.0 1.39v that was able to run a quick Cinebench no issue. ASRock Z270M Extreme 4 (nice mATX with a boatload of features) Cryorig C7 low profile cooler (probably somewhere in between stock cooler and a Hyper 212 or similar) It's aesthetically pleasing and super quiet. As a bonus, I can't find the Windows Sticker (I don't like sticking them to...
Do R3's have an eta yet?
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