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I swear Amazon goes out of their way to make your shipment slower if you don't have prime, I wait well over 6 days sometimes for packages. Newegg sometimes gets me my order in just over 24 hours with free shipping, no dumb "membership" required. Oh yeah, and newegg= no tax still.
With Sata 4th gen on the horizon, I didn't want to be 2 generations out of date with a brand new computer. The G3258 is priced nicely but I won't be overclocking since stability is #1 priority here.I still like the idea of a dedicated card for a media machine. H81 boards are pretty low end and to go with that Z97 board was only $10-20 more. A no brainer imo.
Well the lack of quality micro ATX AMD boards was a big turn off and I didn't want to go the FM2 route so here's what I ended up with... 1 x ($124.99) Intel Core i3-4160 Haswell Dual-Core 3.6GHz L $124.99 1 x ($99.99) Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit - OEM $99.99 1 x ($89.99) PNY Optima SSD7SC240GOPT-RB 2.5" 240GB SATA III In $89.99 1 x ($84.99) MSI N740-2GD3 GeForce GT 740 Graphic Card - 1006 M $84.99 1 x ($76.99) G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR $76.99 1 x...
I was tasked with building a PC for my brother in law's church for very basic tasks. It really needs to do a few main things, support a 1024x768 projector, two monitors, and not crash in the middle of service like the current one does . The budget is tight ($500-600) but again it doesn't need to be a powerhouse. What I'm currently set on but I can be swayed... FX6300 GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 (lacks sata 6.0 which sucks) 8GB of DDR3 240GB PNY SSD Nvidia 2GB 740 GPU...
I stream to my Roku and Chromecast using a Plex server with a dual core Pentium (ivy bridge). So no, a dedicated graphics card will not help at all. The HD4600 graphics are more than capable of that task, even some light gaming.
I have a TP-Link wdr3600 flashed with DD-WRT running rock solid for 2 years. I have several firewall rules in place, routing, filtering, guest wifi, QoS, etc. ZERO issues in the two years running. I never have to reboot it, nothing, it just works. I run two desktops, a file server, tablets, smartphones, laptops, the works, and it doesn't miss a beat. You guys realize routers are like power supply's, They're all just re-branded Atheros, Broadcom, Ralink, & MediaTek...
Make sure you install all motherboard drivers. Even if windows auto installed some of them and device manager isn't showing any missing. I'm running windows 10 preview on an FX4300 and Asrock board and mine won't sleep either (I don't want it to) but I'm certain it's because I didn't install a single driver other than graphics.
What do you want out of the server? obviously file sever with those HDD's but what else? No CPU listed? You'll want a dedicated RAID card for your drives if you want serious performance and less issues.
The program is loaded into RAM before it runs so highly unlikely an SSD will show a difference. If so it's likely a coincidence
Great price for an entry level dual band AC router that has Gigabit ports and DD-WRT in development. Newegg Amazon Edit: I've seen conflicting sources on whether the ports are gig or just 10/100. Newegg is likely incorrect in their specs and it's probably just 10/100 ports making this a luke warm deal. Sorry for the confusion. I should have known full gig, dual band AC from a good name brand for $30 was a little too good to be true.
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