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Without starting a flame war, can someone rank the top few OEM's in their own opinion and why? I see all the different OEM's and I wonder who's really good and who's average. Superflower? Seasonic? etc. Maybe rank them in performance, stability, and longevity. Thanks!
I have tried HWMonitor, Speccy, and CoreTemp. HWMonitor and Speccy show my A6 5400K idling at 65C and 80C during prime95. No overclocking whatsoever. Core Temp just shows 0. I'm assuming the high reading by the other two is a false one? Anyone know a good program to monitor APU temps?
Should trim be enabled by default on Vista also? When I enter the trim command I get this... Code: C:\Windows\system32>fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify Usage : fsutil behavior set
That would be accurate as of late. 660's still cost well over $100 when a much better 7870 can be had for $80 (used pricing of course)
The one massive difference will be power consumption and heat. The android box will use next to nothing while the laptop with a quad core i7 will use a fair amount of power and create some heat. Android is great but you will limit yourself somewhat with what you can do.
One of the two Asrock boards pending... Zotac 640 Sold! Still have the DDR3 8GB kit of Laptop RAM, plenty of CPU's and Motherboards!
Those charts are bad examples. That's CS6. CC introduced full OpenCL support. AMD APU's apparently mopped up the floor vs intel iGPU.So does Ivy but we're working with Sandy Bridge here. What kind of performance jump do you see with no GPU vs dedicated GPU? Where is the performance jump seen? Rendering?
Yeah I saw that Turns out he is even more strapped for cash than once thought. Will need to scrape the forums for a 7770 or similar for less than $50. He plans on using the machine with just the Intel HD 2000 iGPU which according to Intel doesn't even support OpenCL.Will Adobe suffer with no openCL or Cuda GPU?
Of course the marketplace is bone dry on 7xxx series AMD cards. I think 7870 will be the best we can get for the $.
Sorry should have included that For the GPU I think $100 will be a hard limit. Up for buying used or new. The more I read the more it looks like AMD is the way to go with Premiere Pro CC if you're on a budget since it fully supports OpenCL. If you want cheap with Nvidia you have to go back to Fermi cards (yuck).
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